Ted Lasso – Season 3 Episode 10 “International Break” Recap & Review

Edwin Akufo Returns

Episode 10 starts with the sports commentators discussing Richmond’s success which seems creditable to Sam. We then realise that Nathan is no longer the manager at West Ham, though nobody knows why. They then move on to discussing the international break and wondering which players will represent their countries.

In the locker room, Ted announces that the international break means there won’t be any matches in the next week. Jamie Tartt will be playing for England, Van Damme for Canada, Dani Rojas for Mexico, Bumbercatch for Switzerland and Colin for Wales. There’s an obvious silence when Sam’s name isn’t announced for Nigeria. Jamie, the transformed man he is, checks in with Sam and asks if he’s alright.

In Rebecca’s office, the boss, Ted, and Trent discuss Nathan’s situation. Leslie enters to announce that Edwin Akufo is back in town to create a Super League where the wealthiest teams would play against each other. Just as Rebecca wonders if Rupert is involved, she gets a phone call from him but immediately declines it.

Jade checks in on her boyfriend and we find that Nathan quit his job. Jade offers some kind words and then heads out for a trip to Poland. She leaves the premises amidst a small group of reporters who are trying to find out about Nate.

Keeley comes to work to find she may not have work anymore. Barbara reveals that the board of VC has decided to shut down her company. Jack ‘meant’ to send her an email about it. She goes to her office and breaks down.

In an aeroplane, when Van Damme sees Dani Rojas and offers him some chips, the latter crushes them instead. It seems the latter is taking Mexico’s match against Canada quite seriously.

The three coaches discuss Sam’s situation and Ted tries to perk the player up in his usual fashion. Beard reveals he and Jane are going to celebrate the bad karma that hit Nate. Ted is more conflicted about it.

Rebecca comes across Sam and offers sympathy as well. Her good mood from seeing him doesn’t last long as Rupert is waiting for her in her office. He surprisingly invites her to the meeting for the Akufo League. She asks him about Nathan but he’s vague about it as usual.

Meanwhile, Roy finds a party hat on his head as his sister and Phoebe celebrate Uncle’s Day. And who turns up but Jamie, invited by Phoebe. Since Roy spends so much time with him, she comes to the conclusion they must be best friends. Jamie even gets Roy his original England kit from the 2014 world cup as a gift. I think Roy actually got a bit emotional there. Phoebe gifts him a bright tie-dye t-shirt.

Sam comes to his restaurant to find it empty except for Edwin Akufo, accompanied by a food blogger from the Times. Sam is on the receiving end of several insults from both of them and then finds out Edwin paid the Nigerian government to keep Sam off the team.

In the night when the reporters are gone, Nathan goes to his parent’s house.

Rebecca goes to Leslie for advice on the Akufo situation. Leslie encourages her to go and see what it’s all about anyway.

While drinking alone in the bar, Keeley gets a text from Jack who says there was nothing she could do. She then chats with Mae about being a boss and its challenges.

Roy enters the Richmond office and all eyes are drawn to him thanks to Phoebe’s red, orange and yellow tie-dye shirt that he’s wearing. Everyone, including the coaches and Trent are at a loss for words.

Later, the team watches the Mexico versus Canada match. Dani kicks the ball straight into Van Damme’s nose, breaking it.

In her office, Rebecca takes out the green matchbook and the little toy soldier on her desk. She tells Rupert she’ll be there at the Afuko meeting.

On his way out, the bus driver notes that he and Roy are wearing similar tees. Roy takes it off and throws it on the ground in frustration but drives back to pick it up.

Meanwhile, Nathan stays holed up in his room.

When Roy drops off Phoebe at school, he meets her teacher Ms Bowen. She claims he seems less ‘stuck’ than the last time they met. She makes a comment about Roy previously being a mess and wonders if he messed things up around him as well, which seems to make Roy come to a realisation about something.

Keeley visits Barbara and gifts her a Richmond snow globe, appreciating all her work.

Rebecca arrives at the meeting venue and is soon joined by Rupert. She notices Rupert has a new assistant. They join the others and Edwin soon enters. He has food brought in for all of them.

At home, Nathan goes through his childhood photo albums. He even finds a violin in the attic and tries his hand at it.

Once the meal is over, Edwin introduces the idea of his league and marks it as a hugely profitable strategy. Of course, that means not everyone will be able to afford it. When Rupert asks for Rebecca’s opinion, she dresses them all down for being greedy and taking football away from those who love it. She even narrates the story of a boy who sneaked into a stadium to watch a game and got kicked out. He came back years later to buy the club. It’s clear she’s talking about Rupert. Edwin does not take her speech well. He leaves and we see all the members of the meeting with food all over their clothes.

While the team watches the international match, they see Jamie wearing the number 24 on his Jersey as a tribute to Sam.

Nathan’s father catches him playing the violin and says he missed listening to him play. They talk about how his father expected too much from him and put pressure on him. He admits to doing so and apologizes for it. He just wants Nathan to be happy.

After everybody leaves, Rupert and Rebecca find themselves alone. Rupert tries to kiss her but she stops him.

Roy tried to sneak a letter under Keeley’s front door but she catches him doing it. She takes the letter but can’t read his handwriting. So he reads it out — he admits he was the one who messed things up and apologizes if he ever made her feel like she wasn’t enough. He ends by saying he loves her.

Nathan plays cards with his parents, in a much better mood than before.

Rebecca visits Keeley to celebrate the fact that she convinced a room full of old men to back out of the Akufo League. Keeley then opens up about her own woes and Rebecca very generously offers to fund her company instead. While Keeley then freaks out about Rupert trying to kiss Rebecca, Roy walks out from the room behind in a bathrobe. He and Rebecca nod at each other.

Will turns up to the locker room to see all his kit man’s work is already done. He finds an apology note from Nathan.

Keeley is ecstatic to be back at work, thanks to Rebecca. Barbara comes to see her and returns the snow globe. She quit her job with Jack so that she can be Keeley’s CFO instead. Keeley hugs her tightly.

All the players are back in Richmond and things seem back to normal, even Dani and Van Damme. Although, Roy wears another tie-dye t-shirt.

In her office, Rebecca tells Ted she’s had a change of heart. She wants to win but not for Rupert, for all of them.

The Episode Review

There were some really heartwarming scenes in this episode like the Uncle’s Day celebration for Roy, Rebecca encouraging a younger version of herself in the mirror, and Barbara quitting her job to work with Keeley. The last one in particular shows how Ted Lasso is a show that can make some unexpected characters develop some truly wholesome relationships (case in point, Jamie and Roy are now best friends).

But on the other hand, some storylines were relatively mediocre. Rebecca’s was an intriguing one and the actors playing her and Rupert pull it off so well, but honestly, her final speech felt a tad too preachy for the show. Keeley and Roy getting back together is all I’ve wanted since Episode 1, but their breakup never made much sense to me and their reunion feels flat as well. I think it comes down to the fact that this entire storyline lacked narrative cohesion. Even Sam and Akufo’s rivalry felt like it lacked a punch and never actually came to a conclusion. Edwin’s entire involvement in this episode is a bit random as well.

Overall, a mixed bag!

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