Ted – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

Episode 2 of Ted proves one thing, at least at this phase of the show: the show paces like a sitcom without any real linear plot line. But boy, are these characters fun to watch. The second episode of the Peacock original deals with a school bully named Clive. The episode starts out as a prank and ends up going too far, in a comedic way, of course.

As Johnny and Ted are pushed around by Clive a lot at school. They decide one night, after smoking a ton of pot, that they should push back. They prank Clive, pretending to be his dad. Little did they know that Clive’s father left him when he was little, and he has no relationship with him. What’s even worse is that Clive yearns for a relationship with him.

The B plot of the episode has to do with Matty refusing to go get his colonoscopy done. He has to twist Blaire’s arm to go with him. As a matter of fact, he offers to give her 300 dollars if he will. He’s nervous that the process is going to trigger some PTSD from what he did in Vietnam. There is a payoff to this strange plot point that is humorous in a way only Seth Macfarlane could pull off.

As Ted and Johny continue their joke of pretending to be Clive’s dad, a strange dynamic begins to take shape. They start to care for Clive’s well-being. They encourage him to do well on his next test in class. Clive is not necessarily an honors student, and he usually fails all the tests he has to take. However, due to Johny and Ted’s behind-the-scenes stunt, Clive actually gets a C+ on a test. To him, that is 100 out of 100.

The pair start to act like parents to this child, even though they are pulling the wool over his eyes. Clive invites what he thinks is his dad to his birthday party. So they go try to steal a Sega to give it to him.

A security guard busts them, but then a weird meeting between Ted, Johnny, and the security guard, who, rather than having them arrested, begins to reminisce on his time as an actor when he was younger, takes place. It’s here that Ted and Johnny get the idea to have the guard play Clive’s dad, whom he has never seen before.

Matty gets his coloscopy, and he’s cancer-free, but the joke of all this is that not only did he want Blair to come with him, he wanted her in the room while it happened. To do that, he forces her to sneak in, against her will, on the bottom part of the gurney, where she can’t be seen. She sits through the whole process down there, hearing what the doctors all say about Matty’s colon. It’s bathroom humor at its finest.

The actor that Ted and Johnny get ends up going back into his routine from a previous acting role and blowing his cover at the birthday party, and then it’s exposed that he isn’t Clive’s dad. Luckily, Ted and Johnny get away unscathed in episode 2.

The Episode Review

Ted kicked off slow in its premiere; the laughs felt cheap and like this was just another attempt at a comedy show, sticking it to cancel culture or something. But once you settle in with Ted, you start to feel nostalgic about Family Guy episodes and Macfralane’s comic timing.

Episode 2 of Ted kicks things into high gear and shows you that you can still turn your brain off and find things hilarious. A solid bounce back from the premiere of this 2024 show.

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