Taylor Acorn – Certified Depressant | Album Review

Track Listing

Sticking Around 
Certified Depressant
I Think I’m In Love 
Good Enough 
Famous Last Words 
Everything Sucks 


Intelligent wordplay and rousing instrumentals come together seamlessly on Certified Depressant, an album by the enigmatic songstress Taylor Acorn. The young musician doesn’t bask in ignorance or any agenda. She tells us that she’s quivering in cold rooms, and feeling that rush of self-deprecation, pushing herself into the wreckage while singing her heart out.  

Certified Depressant is a heartbreaking album, with 8 songs that push the limitations of love. It depicts so many unhinged moments. Acorn has seen her world cascade quickly without the notion of a rebuild, and she’s stumbling through the darkness, patrolling for truth and redemption.  

Her reflection makes her cringe, the world makes her wonder, and she feels she needs to alter herself to fit in. It’s a sobering record this too, and Acorn has done well to keep herself above the line, though she knows she can fall into the void so easily.

‘Sticking Around’ explores depression and demons. The rousing guitar riff increases the tension, and the lyrics describe the difficulty of coming out of the misery unscathed. It’s a pop-punk song with rock undertones.  

‘Good Enough’ is a track that hits hard. Acorn craves validation and love, but she feels like a victim of rotten lust. That guitar riff offers stability, and the song really paints a picture of Acorn’s mental health issues.

‘Coma’ begins with commanding vocals. Acorn is lost in a room, sweating, and crying for a release. It’s a song of ingenuity and sheer vividness, and Acorn sings heavily about her life and its pitfalls.  

Taylor Acorn is a talented musician fighting horrendous demons, and this LP doesn’t cover over any cracks.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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