Taxi Driver – K-Drama Season 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

In Episode 2 of Taxi Driver Season 2, we see Do-gi being taken to a remote location where he and the other two men appointed for the fake job are asked to study how to make online games as part of a phishing racket. Sung-cheol is helpless at Go-eun’s desk and debates about calling her for help. She calls him instead and learns that Rainbow Taxi is indeed back in business.

Kyung-goo and Ji-eon try to get police to help in the matter of Dong-jae’s father finding his son. Ji-eon sneakily takes photos of the police records while Kyung-goo creates a scene to distract the cops. At the same time, Do-gi is put into a room and thinks of ways to escape. One of the new recruits runs away from the gangsters but Do-gi is confused when they make no attempt to stop him.

The man ends up finding a Korean restaurant away from the location they were kept in. He asks them to call the embassy but as it turns out, the hotel owner was in on the scam and hands the recruit over to the gang leader – Sang-man. Back in Seoul, Sung-cheol is in a fix trying to get the computers to work when he accidentally presses a button causing a short circuit just as Go-eun rushes to help out.

Kyung-goo and Ji-eon are on their way to Vietnam to help Do-gi while Go-eun works with Sung-cheol to get in touch with him. Do-gi manages to sneak out of his room and finds his spectacles in the room the gangsters are seated in. As Do-gi takes a look around the place, the gangsters punish the recruit for trying to flee away. Do-gi tries to connect with Sung-cheol but is shocked to hear Go-eun from the other end.

They catch up and then chat about the case. He tells Go-eun that the gangsters are trying to create illegal games in order to scam money out of people. Sung-cheol worries this would be dangerous and asks Go-eun to return but Do-gi is determined to find Dong-jae alive.

Kyung-goo and Ji-eon make it to Vietnam but are shocked when they see that Bok-ja is in the same city. The two men ran away without their luggage worried that Bok-ja would recognise them. The next morning, Do-gi manages to charm the gangsters after showing off the amazing online game he designed overnight.

The gangsters show the game to their boss and the man seems impressed. Meanwhile, Do-gi shares images of the gangsters with his team back at home and Go-eun runs them through her database to find who the main gangster is. Just then the game suddenly crashes and Do-gi blames it on the gangsters causing chaos and infuriating the men.

The men are going to cut off the recruit’s leg in order to make an example out of him for running away but Do-gi manages to help save the man. Do-gi manages to impress the main boss and convinces him to refrain from cutting the recruit’s leg off. Once they return to the room to make the online game, Do-gi promises the recruits that he will ensure they safely return home.

Back in Seoul, Sung-cheol thanks Go-eun for her help and she mentions that Kyung-goo and Ji-eon were both aware of this case. In Vietnam, both men are trying to hatch a plan to help Do-gi but are unaware of how the man had his own thing going on. While the other two recruits were busy working, Do-gi is snooping around.

The main gangster – Sang-man tries to sort out the game that Do-gi made and uses Do-gi’s flash drive on his own device giving Go-eun full access to his system. She begins a data sweep while Do-gi sneaks out of the abandoned building the recruits were held in and arrives in the main city.

He beats up the taxi drivers and takes the taxi away. Go-eun is not able to find any leads on the men but Do-gi picks up the guide in his taxi. The guide was holding onto the passports of his and the other recruits. He calls up the Korean embassy and cooks up a lie about the men fleeing from their Korean families due to domestic abuse.

Do-gi drives the guide to a remote location and ties him up to the front of the car. He threatens to kill him in order to get more information on Lee Dong-jae. The man manages to get some information on Dong-jae but runs into Kyung-goo and Ji-eon who are wandering on foot. He takes the two to the city for a meal and runs into Bok-ja.

He hatches a plan to woo her and use her as a ploy. Do-gi disguises himself again and manages to catch Bok-ja’s eye. He slips an address to a young man and Bok-ja’s men take hold of the location. On his way back, Do-gi manages to attack the restaurant owner who had informed the gangsters about the recruit fleeing.

The next morning, the gangsters are forced to take all the recruits away to another location when Bok-ja and her men arrive at the abandoned factory in search of Do-gi. Sang-man takes the men to their location where their head boss has kept all the other recruits and flees just in time before Bok-ja and his men find Do-gi. Meanwhile, Do-gi and the other men are taken to a much remote location where the head boss is placed.

Tens of other Korean recruits are together when Do-gi sends Go-eun a picture of the head boss. Go-eun runs a search and learns that he is the Captain detective who was in charge of Dong-jae’s case in South Korea. Sang-man makes the men write suicide notes to their families. Dong-jae is brought to the same location and is in terrible condition.

Do-gi is irate and decides to fight the gangsters and manages to tackle them. Do-gi goes outside and fights off all the other gangsters before running after the head boss. Kyung-goo and Ji-eon arrive just in time, dressed as Vietnamese cops and give a motorbike to Do-gi allowing him to run after the head boss.

A chase lands both Do-gi and the head boss in a remote location where Do-gi confronts the head boss about abducting innocent men despite being a cop. The cop has a gun and threatens to kill Do-gi but a gunshot comes out of nowhere killing the head boss. Do-gi wonders who the person was that helped him is as cops arrive at the crime scene.

Back in South Korea, all the gangsters are arrested and Dogi drops Dong-jae off to meet his father completing the mission. Do-gi watches the father reunite with his son and drives off taking the taxi out of service. Go-eun resigns from her job as a cop and the deluxe taxi service is back in business with all five employees.

A new employee makes his way to Sung-cheol’s cabin as the episode comes to an end. An epilogue shows that the shooter who killed the head boss was actually going after Do-gi.

The Episode Review

Oh wow, I am definitely sure the person who killed the head boss is Bok-ja. There is no way it could be someone else at this point. I love the intensity between these two characters and Madam Lim knows the man is not Wang Tao Zhi but someone else now.

It will be interesting to see her looking up the infamous taxi driver and learning what he does for a living. Meanwhile, the entry of a new employee will surely change the dynamics of the group and I hope there is some romantic tension between Do-gi and Go-eun with the introduction of a new young character.

I just love how Kyung-goo and Ji-eon are always at the right place at the right time but I want to know how they made out from the mess they were in. This episode seemed rushed towards the end but I hope future episodes give us a slower and more intense exposition of the revenge.

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Expect a full-season review when the season ends!

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