Taxi Driver – K-drama Season 2 Episode 11 Recap & Review

The Late Kim Do-gi

Episode 11 of Taxi Driver Season 2 starts with the funeral of Kim Do-gi. Go-eun is sobbing her heart out at the memorial service while Kyung-gu can’t seem to accept that the taxi driver had passed away. Jin-eon breaks down while Ha-joon is at the service observing the reactions of the revenge crew.

A flashback shows how Ha-joon ended up finding out about Do-gi and his involvement with the failure of his businesses.

After Do-gi’s car had burst into flames, Ha-joon paid a visit to the scene of the crime to see if the taxi driver had escaped by any chance. Now, present-day Ha-joon is hoping that Do-gi reveals himself because he is sure that the ex-military officer is alive. Ha-joon thanks the police chief, Hyun-jo, for his help in planting the bomb under Do-gi’s car and threatens to expose him.

He asks the officer for a record of all the people that come to pay their respects to Do-gi. Hyun-jo sends out civilian investigators to test out the evidence collected from the trash at Do-gi’s memorial service. Meanwhile, back at the Taxi Driver’s secret headquarters, Go-eun, Kyung-goo, Jin-eon, and Sung-cheol are sitting in silence waiting for Do-gi who was going to arrive by 9:00 pm.

Do-gi’s taxi begins to roll in and a flashback takes us back to the night of the incident. During one of their conversations in the taxi, Go-eun detected some uncanny noise and altered Do-gi about the signal before the bomb could be set off. Do-gi had then gotten alert and driven off to an abandoned street. While the others were initially shocked to see the taxi burst into flames, Do-gi had already managed to escape the moving vehicle with only a few scratches.

The group manages to get back to the headquarters with no one hurt and Sung-cheol is relieved to hear this. The group uses a drone to examine the kind of bomb that was used to burst the taxi and learn that a TNT explosive, one that is used by the military, was attached to the bottom of the taxi. Do-gi infers that someone had learnt about their revenge business.

Kyung-goo claims that the person hated them and tried to kill Do-gi. Do-gi claims they need to find out who that person is by holding a funeral and asks the group to make a huge scene where the culprit could come pay a visit and make their intentions known. The group starts taking spy cam photos of all the people at the funeral home who were unfamiliar and sends them to Do-gi who is running a search on them.

Go-eun wonders how Do-gi was feeling taking on her role while she was on the field this time around. He claims that he was very worried for her and understands how Go-eun would feel about him being on missions in the past. Do-gi gets a better look at the car to which one of the men had delivered a secret folder to. He recognises the ring on the driver’s finger and runs a check. Do-gi follows the vehicle in his van and ends up at the Black Sun nightclub.

Sung-cheol puts Do-gi’s fake ashes to rest in order to culminate their fake funeral plan. Hyun-jo gives the confidential folder to Ha-joon and reports that the funeral had successfully ended. Ha-joon feels that something was off and wonders if he should kill another member of the group. Hyun-jo reveals that the ‘bishop’ was about to arrive anytime now and that Ha-joon should prepare for that.

He mentions that the bishop had said that Ha-joon should focus on his real job instead of playing these games. Ha-joon is pissed that the police chief was trying to make a mockery out of him but someone interrupts them.

A meeting with the bishop takes place via video conference and the other executives join alongside Ha-joon and Hyun-joo. All these people are wearing the same ring that Do-gi had noticed the driver wearing.

The meeting seems more like a ritual, one in that Ha-joon is not participating. Ha-joon goes back to the Rainbow Taxi agency and hands in his resignation to Sung-cheol without a discussion with him. Before leaving, Ha-joon thanked Sung-cheol for being genuinely nice to him despite him causing an accident on his first day on the job. He wishes Sung-cheol well and wishes him a long life.

Before leaving, Ha-joon claims that his act of kindness had saved Sung-cheol’s life. Before leaving, Ha-joon wonders how the role he was playing was fun and that he understands how Do-gi’s absence really made the Rainbow Taxi agency feel empty. He leaves his coffee in the taxi before leaving and claims that he had wished he could be friends with Do-gi.

Back to the present day, the group is greeted by Do-gi in his new revenge taxi. Go-eun shares a list identifying all of the unknown people at the funeral service and notes that all these men worked for the same night club – Black Sun from Gangnam. Kyung-goo thinks that this was because they somehow provoked someone’s nasty business.

Sung-cheol shows the group Ha-joon’s resignation letter and claims his behaviour over the term definitely made him a suspect. Sung-cheol claims that he run a background check on Ha-joon’s former employers while Go-eun tries to reach his phone which had been turned off. Jin-eon wonders if Ha-joon was behind Do-gi’s accident and the group is pissed that they had a spy right under their noses.

The group decides to visit the Black Sun nightclub to find the truth behind Ha-joon. Go-eun offers him a change from his regular clothes to go into the club but Kyung-goo and Jin-eon – who are dressed in funky outfits – claim that they will be going inside the club since Do-gi is supposed to be dead. The two middle-aged men try to make it inside the club but are stopped from entering.

Both men are dejected when they come back to the van and Go-eun tells them that the distraction Kyung-goo and Jin-eon created allowed Do-gi to make his way inside. At the roof of the club, Do-gi finds two men beating up a journalist for trying to expose them. They are about to throw the man off the roof but Do-gi intervenes and beats them both to a pulp.

The journalist runs away looking for his secret camera and yells at Do-gi for ruining his plan. Go-eun is shocked to see how the man reacted to being saved while Do-gi manages to escape before more of the employees enter the rooftop. Go-eun claims that the journalist on the roof was Kim Young-min, who lost his reputation after being fired from his job.

Do-gi is now wearing a suit to be appropriately dressed for the club. There, Windy, an agent at the Black Sun club escorts Do-gi to a table. Go-eun claims that the cheapest table in the club was $3000 and that the richest of the rich were at the nightclub. Windy advises Do-gi that he should wear a designer tracksuit to the club the next time because the guards at the club wear a suit.

Do-gi is greeted by the CEO of an Entertainment Agency named YN Entertainment, Madam Yang. He laughs because now he is sure that just like him, Go-eun has never been to a club. Do-gi looks around the place and Go-eun lists how the different tables at the club cost from $3000 to $10,000 for a night.

Do-gi finds two men in the club who were at his funeral service. Windy gets a drink for Do-gi and the two start chatting. She tells him how the social hierarchy works at the club and claims that the nobles never hang out with the lowly people, pointing out that the richest of the rich are not even here for the night.

A huge scene takes place on the dance floor where a group had ordered an $180,000 worth of meal set. Do-gi is shocked, but looks around and finds Guard Jang, who was at his funeral service handing out the confidential document to the person in the car. The guards are all looking for someone. Do-gi follows the guards and tries to enter the VIP section but is stopped. Go-eun suggests that Do-gi should befriend a VIP to get in and the taxi driver sneaks into the VIP room to greet an old friend – Victor.

Victor is an idol and leader of the K-pop group GET. Go-eun looks him up while Do-gi makes it seem as though Victor has forgotten an old friend after getting famous. In order to save himself from embarrassment, Victor plays along.

Do-gi uses the information Go-eun was narrating to him in order to build a backup story and Victor pretends to recognise his old friend Do-gi. Everyone but Do-gi in the VIP room takes a drink and cheers to Victor reuniting with his old fired.

The VIPs are doing their thing in the private room as Do-gi looks around the place and finds teenagers at the club. He sends a report to the police about minors being at this club. Do-gi hides in a room when Guard Jang comes inside with other inferior guards and punishes them for losing the journalist. The guard gets a call from the cops who report Do-gi’s text and Jang asks for Do-gi’s number.

Windy enters the room to use the toilet and Do-gi, who was hiding inside pretends to have lost his way. Outside, Go-eun notices that the cops had arrived at the club but were not going inside. Guard Jang calls Do-gi to ask him about the tip he made to the cops about minors being at the club. Do-gi is kicked out of the club and the guards beat him up.

The cops leave their vehicle after Guard Jang instructs them to and they arrest Do-gi for obstructing a business. At the same time, Sung-cheol is meeting with an explosive expert to discuss the fingerprints on the taxi that Do-gi’s driving. The expert ascertains that the anti-terrorism unit was involved in the incident claiming that a cop had something to do with the accident.

Sung-cheol remembers that Pil-seung’s death was also covered as suicide proving that the cops were involved with whatever Ha-joon was up to. At the police station, Do-gi asks why he’s being arrested when he was the one who made a truthful complaint.

The cops are pissed that Do-gi is asking all the right questions instead of complying with them. As a result, they put him in lock up as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

I was certain that Do-gi would not have died just like that but I must say that the elaborate funeral, as well as Go-eun’s acting, caught me off-guard. I was hoping that Do-gi had caught on to Ha-joon sooner but it feels as though Ha-joon is still a ploy and the bishop is the one the group will end up chasing after. 

This Black Sun case resembles the Burning Sun Scandal that turned the K-pop industry over and we even have an Entertainment company and a popular idol group member involved in this case. I am sure the next few episodes will focus on this in a lot more detail, and I have a feeling that Ha-joon is not interested in the cult business. He could turn his ways and help the revenge crew after seeing how he reacted to Sung-cheol’s kind-heartedness.

With the way how Do-gi ended up in jail, framed for molestation, I can’t wait to see what happens in the next episode!

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