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Taking The Videos Offline

Episode 7 of Taxi Driver begins 5 years ago with Go Eun being greeted by her sister at school. The two get along well, eating food and taking selfies together. Unfortunately this is all a pretense for Go Eun’s sister being taken away by paramedics on a stretcher.

As we soon come to learn, this was a suicide as a result of what Chairman Park and the others have done at U Data. With blood staining the sheet and the audio muffled, Go-Eun is forced to face this horrible truth. She promises to kill those responsible for her sister’s death.

This catches us up to the present, as Go Eun takes off into hiding. Do-Ki hurries in hot pursuit but Sung-Chul pleads with him not to see her right now. In fact, this gives us a good chance to jump back and see more about Jung-Eun and what happened to her preceding the girl’s death. The adult video posted online completely changed her life and made everyone shun her.

Trying to delete the video ends up becoming more difficult than she thought too, with the police unable to help. Instead, they simply tell her to file a statement.

For the months that follow, Jung-Eun tried her best to stop the videos but it all became too much. Eventually she commit suicide.

To prevent this happening again – and to save all the other girls affected by this – Sung-Chul implores Do-Ki to work with him to take down all those videos no matter what.

As Do-Ki heads out into the hallway, he finds Ha-Na there waiting for the same elevator. Eventually she confronts him outright, believing his job is legit and annoyed that he’s making money off U Data. Do-Ki scoffs, pointing a finger at the police and claiming he wouldn’t be in this position if they actually did their job.

Meanwhile, Do-Chool’s escape from his cell causes headaches for Chairman Baek. It turns out he’s got hold of a card for Blue Bird and now he knows Sung-Chul is involved.

The next day at work, Do-Ki attends a group lunch with the goons from U Data. Talk of jackpots and videos eventually merge together to bring the chat around to Jung-Eun.

Chairman Park demands they all capitalize on the girl’s suicide and start hash-tagging the video and uploading it again. That way they can increase sales. Even worse, it turns out the boy from the videos is actually part of this whole scam. Do-Ki grits his teeth and hides his clenched fists as he listens to this. The boy is currently in the process of finishing up another video too.

With the video shoot underway and the girl coerced into wearing next to nothing, Do-Ki arrives wearing a motorcycle helmet. Now business is about to pick up. He makes short work of all these different men, slamming the motorcycle helmet straight into the boastful boy’s groin.

Do-Ki’s disguise is shattered, as Do-Ki heads up to the camera guy and promises to make him famous. With the phone reflected back on him, Do-Ki grabs the camera stand and smacks the man across the face.

Ha-Na meeting Chairman Park in the police station gets nowhere either. Instead, this simply sees them double their efforts with this illicit video scam.

With the ginger camera guy out of commission, Do-Ki shows up late to work and begins systemically deleting all the different videos from the server. After all, these are people’s lives they’re messing with. Unfortunately that’s not the end of it though. It turns out U Data has a defence protocol and the videos head back online immediately, much to Do-Ki’s horror.

Do-Ki is called into Chairman Park’s office but they’re interrupted by Ha-Na showing up with a search warrant and a number of different police officers. The search brings up no clues though, and it seems the data they had has completely disappeared.

Do-Ki uses this to his advantage though, with the erased data issue used as an excuse to hide from Prosecutor Ha-Na. Chairman Park buys into this, believing Do-Ki did all this for the good of the company. He reminds the man who’s boss before eventually telling him to leave.

Outside the building, Do-Ki confronts Ha-Na but it’s a brief chat; Ha-Na is still being tapped of course so he has to be careful with what he says. However, both he and Ha-Na figure out that the server room is a fake and there’S actually somewhere else that’s the real base of operations.

Out on the road, Chairman Park has his men tail Ha-Na, intent on taking her off the road – and out the case forever. What he didn’t bank on however is Do-Ki showing up in his Deluxe Taxi and driving in front of them.

The Episode Review

Taxi Driver returns this week with a decent chapter, one that sees more twists in the tale for this ongoing saga with U Data. So it seems like they have a remote server somewhere and their HQ is not the actual spot holding the videos. This makes sense given what we know about this Chairman, and it seems this case is harder than Do-Ki expected.

I’d imagine this will fall on Go-Eun to eventually save the day, given her technical know-how. The next episode may well begin with Do-Ki taking out these goons on the road and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him slam on the brakes and plough into one of these cars.

Meanwhile, Ha-Na continues to investigate this case too, using the law to her advantage but coming up trumps. In a way, this really shows the advantages and disadvantages of using the law, and the search warrant bringing up no results is certainly a big blow for this case.

Hopefully Do-Ki and the others can take down this awful company but we’ll have to wait and see if that comes to fruition during tomorrow’s episode. For now though, this revenge thriller continues to deliver the goods.

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