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Primal Instincts

Episode 12 of Taxi Driver picks up with us seeing more of the skirmish between Mr Wang and the Goo twins. He’s blindsided after trying to save Woo-Sub, stabbed in the stomach and left for dead in the warehouse.

Fast forward slightly and Goo Young-Tae is arrested for the murder of Mr Wang. He laughs all the way to the prosecutor’s office, especially as they’re technically unable to arrest him without sufficient evidence. He tries Ha-Na’s patience in the interview though, laughing uncontrollably and eventually witnessing Ha-Na snapping. She grabs a chair and looks set to strike him in the face.

This desperate action sees Goo released with a lack of evidence and Ha-Na reassigned to a different case. She’s not happy and eventually heads to Wang’s funeral, desperate for Goo to be punished. She breaks down crying after speaking to Wang’s family and eventually runs into Do-Ki outside. She remembers their chat from before about the victims, and he tells her they can get revenge.

After driving her to a karaoke hall, complete with an envelope holding a room number, Do-Ki promises to do just that for her. Ha-Na even fills out the details on the arcade machine and prepares to work.

With no blind spots at the scene of the crime, Go-Eun sits in the control center while the others head out to check those in more detail. Well, it seems they may have been wiped.

When they dive into the financial records they notice that Namsan Industries are quite cozy with Baek’s company and they seem to be buying a lot of Sulfuric acid.

Inevitably, this brings Ha-Na in to confront Baek, questioning the woman’s resolve. As they talk, she realizes that Namsan Industries is just a paper company for the chairman’s bigger business ventures.

Kyung-Koo and Jin-Eon front the operation, being sure to deliver the goods but lacing these barrels of acid with a tracker so Do-Ki, in his deluxe taxi, can figure out where Young-Tae is going.

He follows them to a warehouse, and after taking out the guards, notices Woo-Sub tucked away in a fridge. He’s dead, and clearly they’re about to dispose of the body.

Do-Ki starts having a panic attack and scrambles away from the room, breathing heavily into a paper bag outside. He speaks to Go-Eun and realizes the entire company is involved in organ trafficking.

As police get involved and ransack the area, mainstream news confirms the operation. Chairman Baek is genuinely shocked by what’s transpired. She sits with Sang-Chool and realizes, to her horror, that the Goo twins have been conspiring against her all this time.

Enraged, she decides to take care of Suk-Tae herself. For Young-Tae, Do-Ki deliberates over whether to make his life hell or not. Sang-Chool speaks to him and implores Do-Ki to do the right thing; his desire for revenge is too much.

With Baek by his side, the operation goes horribly wrong when Suk-Tae realizes what is going on and dupes them all. The operation has been pre-recorded while Baek orchestrated all of this to trick them.

As Sang-Chool and Do-Ki scramble to find out what’s happened, Baek laughs maniacally down the phone to them as it’s revealed she has been working with the brothers this entire time!

The Episode Review

Taxi Driver returns with a follow-up to yesterday’s dramatic episode. We ease up a little on the revenge drama this time around, with more emphasis on Ha-Na’s conflicted feelings and Mr Wang’s funeral instead. The decision to have her join the Deluxe Taxi and eventually engage in the revenge she’s tried so hard to avoid is an interesting direction for this show to take.

It’s always been on the cards for this team to square off against Baek, and as such she happens to be the ringleader in this whole operation. It’s hardly surprising though, given how shady her character is, but it still hits home for our players, who have tried hard to stop these brothers no matter what.

With four episodes left, this has been a really well written revenge thriller and the ending certainly leads in nicely to next week’s follow-up.

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