Tales of Wedding Rings – Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Tales of Wedding Rings Episode 3 picks up where the previous episode left off. Satou travels to Romca, an elf settlement, to tie the knot with Nefritis, princess of the Ring of Wind. A timid Nefritis bolted in the previous episode. Jade Romca, the Princess of the Ring of Wind’s older brother and the eldest son of the former Wind King Romca, has now imprisoned Satou.

Two days later, Satou is rescued by an Elder. For the sake of their countries’ safety from the Abyss, she goes to extreme lengths, such as trapping Satou with Nefritis, in the hopes that he would marry her. After some discussion, we find out that Nefritis is interested in the outside world, but she is too afraid and has too many responsibilities to go exploring.

Jade Romca finds Nefritis and Satou shortly after. After his sister’s parents gave their lives to protect their kingdom, he stops her from marrying him. After this, Nefritis follows her brother’s lead after listening to him. Meanwhile, the wise woman convinces Jade that she will take good care of Satou.

Hime seems envious of Nefritis when she converses with Satou in the episode’s final moments. The elder then proceeds to tell the two of them about the real King and Queen’s sacrifice and the reason behind Nefritis’ extreme fear of leaving the premises.

The Episode Review

Once Satou and his companions reach Romca, the Land of Wind, in episode 3, he intends to wed Nefritis, princess of the Ring of Wind, in the elven kingdom. Since Nefritis is timid by nature, she adamantly declines Satou’s proposal of marriage.

Due to its lack of development, this episode’s mythical plot is just as unimpressive as those of previous episodes. Furthermore, we hardly get to know the characters before being thrust into an unengaging adventure, making it hard to connect or sympathise with them.

The show seems to have potential, so here’s hoping things get better. Having said that, the show is only slightly entertaining at this point.

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