Tales of Wedding Rings – Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

The events of the previous episode are continued in Tales of Wedding Rings Episode 2. Hime gives Sato a kiss as she gets him ready to face the dreadful monsters as Ring King and gives him her full support. Alabaster joins Sato in his fight against the monsters.

Suddenly, a knight from the realm of the Abysmal King appears during the battle. The knight is incredibly powerful, and so Alabaster asks Sato to run with him. The one time Sato attempts to attack the knight, he gets severely hurt and is forced to run for his life.

Following that, from the palace, Prince Marse brings Hime. Once this is done, the four of them board a cart and ride out of the palace. While they’re on the road, Alabaster tells Sato that he must wed four additional elemental princesses. Sato is shocked since all he wants is to be faithful to Princess Hime, his wife. Nevertheless, he has to cooperate.

Midway through their journey to Romca, the nation of the ring of winds, the four of them stop for a break. Hime feels terrible about bringing Sato into the chaos with her at first when she looks at his wounds at the resting place. However, Sato then confesses his love for her and tells her that he’s doing everything by his own accord. Following this, the two of them spend private time together.

They recuperate for a while, and then they go to Romca to propose to the Elf Princess. However, as soon as they approach the elf princess, the idea of being forced into marriage and kissing another human causes her to run.

The Episode Review

In the second episode, Satou has married Hime and transformed into the fabled Ring King, destined to protect Arnulus from the clutches of the evil Abyss King. They fight to improve their relationship, but with the Abyss King’s pursuers rushing in, there’s little time to celebrate their marriage.

To sum up, this episode does a poor job of building upon the mystery of the show’s universe. There are some disappointing surprises, and the plot seems to have been rushed in this episode. Additionally, the characters fail to captivate, leading to a sense of boredom halfway through.

The show appears to have potential, so we’re crossing our fingers that it takes off. That said, with only two episodes under our belts, all we can do is wait.

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