Tales of the Jedi – Episode 5 “Practice Makes Perfect” Recap & Review

Practice Makes Perfect

Episode 5 of Tales of the Jedi begins back at the Jedi Council but also some time in the future. Anakin shows up late to watch Ahsoka in training. She’s a fast learner, having had a good deal of practice over the years. Anyway, there are new training droids in effect and with a closing forcefield over time, she does well to stave off the attacks and come out on top. Anakin is not impressed.

Anakin shrugs off her training, telling her the test she’s taken isn’t anything like the real world. In fact, Anakin intends to give her a crash course and show her a real challenge.

Ahsoka is taken before Captain Rex and a platoon of other soldiers, in a test to help her hone the skills needed to be in a real battle scenario. And naturally, Ahsoka is knocked out almost immediately. With Anakin serving as her Jedi Master, Ahsoka gets a crash course in tough love, forced to continue training until she gets the hang of a real combat scenario.

This whole training shindig continues until we cut forward in time and see Ahsoka in real combat, alongside Captain Rex and the others.

The Episode Review

There’s not much in the way of content with this short and with it being the shortest episode of the bunch, it’s disappointing not to see it pack more of a punch. Instead, what we get here is a pretty perfunctory episode that just shows Ahsoka training…and that’s it. Hopefully this episode will work alongside the finale, which appears to be another Ahsoka short judging by the thumbnail.

Ultimately though, the episode peters out at the end but it’s a small blip in what’s otherwise been a pretty enjoyable anthology series.

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  1. Yeah worst review ever, This entire episode had me choked up.. First of all did anakin know about order 66? It seems like it’s implied and he wants her to live through it. So he trains her to. They showed the clip from clonewars that never made sense.. I hope all that training paid off, Right before she steps into the hanger. That line was always out of a place, Most people figured it was based on the war. So did the show writers have this “tales show” planned from then? Was this a dropped clone wars episode? The whole thing was totally EPIC, I think it was the best episode of the series.

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