Tales of the Jedi – Episode 2 “Justice” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Tales of the Jedi offers up a serious change of pace from the last, with two Jedi setting down on a desolate planet. It’s Dooku alongside his Apprentice, who shall remain unnamed until the end of the chapter! The place is a complete wasteland, save for the remnants of a village in the distance. The pair press on quietly, where villagers remain reserved and shut up shop, unwilling to talk to the two newcomers.

The Jedi arrive in the bar, where Dooku immediately throws around his weight, wanting to find the Senator’s son. They’re there to resolve the ongoing issue, and with the Senator currently running the place into the ground, responsible for turning the place into the desolate wasteland it has become. It turns out everyone in the bar are all the kidnappers for the Senator’s son, whom they intend to use to bargain for better terms for themselves.

The two Jedi are brought before the Senator’s son, who has been humbled by what he’s seen and understands their point of view. He’s largely stuck to the confines of the capital and had no knowledge of how damning the Empire could be.

Unfortunately, they’ve been sold out by one of the villagers, a hungry loner who shows the Senator and his armed guard precisely where his son is being kept.

With a stand-off about to ensue, the idea of justice is thrown into the fold, as Dooku switches allegiance and joins the free people of this village to fight back against the Senator. A flurry of gun blasts take down some of the villagers and injure others. The Senator vows to destroy the town and make an example of them all… until Dooku force-chokes the man and almost kills him.

When the Senator’s son is returned to him, courtesy of Dooku’s Apprentice thinking fast, Dooku stops force-choking the official and lets them go. Before the Senator and his son leave, the latter promises to better their way of life and not leave the villagers in disrepair.

The soldiers begin to help rebuild the village while Dooku turns to his Apprentice and thanks him for a job well done. And that Jedi? Why, it’s Qui-Gon Jinn!

The Episode Review

A simple but effective episode of Tales of the Jedi helps to reinforce the suffering the Empire will inflict on these wide-spanning planets, as well as the notion of rich and poor, which is a common theme through much of the recent Star Wars content, especially Andor.

The end reveal is a good one (hence why we left it until the last sentence!) while the chapter has a simple but effective narrative rippling throughout. Ultimately, this has been a really enjoyable watch and certainly leaves the door open for the next chapter!

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  1. This is not during the time of the Empire – this all happened under the Republic. Which of course means that it is worse, perhaps – the pleasant and benevolent Republic allowed this to happen in the territory of one Senator who abused his power and position.

    (And we knew that Qui-Gon was Dooku’s apprentice – they tell us in AotC, I believe.)

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