Tale of the Nine Tailed: 1938 – K-drama Episode 9 Recap & Review

Bando Hotel

Episode 9 of Tale of the Nine Tailed starts with Hong-joo asking Yeon about then guardian stone and the golden ruler. He actually shows off precisely where it is, kept in a blue bag…in Hong-joo’s room! He can’t go home without this, which Yeon is quick to remind Hong-joo.

However, he’s also not going run or hide, determined to confront whoever wants this. And he doesn’t mess about either. He goes straight into the forest and confronts Moo-young, which quickly results in the pair trading blows.

Yeon sits with him after and decides this isn’t as satisfying as he first thought and decides he should pour Yeon a drink so they can talk. They discuss reviving Moo-yeong’s brother and Yeon reminds him he needs to do what he can to save Ho-yeong and doesn’t begrudge Moo-yeong for his revenge mission. This is also the last time they’re going to drink together though, as it’s likely these two will end up fighting again for the guardian stone and ruler in the near future.

As for Hong-joo, she actually shows up to see Kato and decides to bargain with him. She proposes that they join hands and she’ll help get what he wants, in exchange for protecting Myoyeongak. “I never start a losing fight,” Hong-joo says, and the pair shake hands.

In reality, Hong-joo wants to try and buy some time but she knows deep down that he’s too clever for that. Kato knows she’s up to something and is unlikely to have fallen for her ruse. Jae-yoo is concerned too, until Hong-joo decides what their next plan is. If all else fails, she believes they can use the trinkets and force a way through to the future using the same means that Yeon does to see Taluipa and switch back to the present time.

Yeon heads back to town and speaks to Taluipa, the past version anyway. Yeon brings up the current issue plaguing Myoyeongak, with the Japanese demons led by Kato, wiping out those native to town. He warns the woman that he’s going to settle an old debt and wipe out Kato. There’s only 4 days left until he heads back home so he needs to be quick, but Taluipa is concerned that this plan may be very foolhardy.

Rang is going to join the fight but before he does, he speaks to his beloved half-mermaid. They spend the day together, walking along the beach and having fun. Yeo-hee reflects fondly on her past, including how she used to have a family. They get along like a house on fire, running in the water and smiling at one another. Rang even suggests that he quit his current gig in the bandit gang and open a record store!

In the morning, Yeon, Rang and Yeon head over to Bando Hotel. They hunker down, all settling into the various different rooms across the floors. They’re not alone though, given our Shinigami Mercenaries are actually staying here too. Interestingly, there’s also a recurrence of a guy handing out flyers regarding the Hypnotic Society performing that night at the hotel.

In the wake of all this, Yeon hands over a set of rings to Yeon, encouraging him to take the next step with Yeo-hee. Afterwards, with 3 days left until Yeon needs to head back home, the pair notice a lot of guests n the hotel. And of course, the Hypnotism gig gets underway too.

Shin-joo is there alongside the Bandit Boss and the girls from Myoyeongak. Of course, all of this is one big scam, but when he messes with the Bandit Boss, Rang and Yeon come marching down and demand the hypnotist reverse the spells he’s cast.

With this solved, Yeon turns his attention to the mercenaries. There’s four of them and Yeon contemplates whether to go out and do this himself, alone. He gives Rang a big task of bringing the two mountain gods, Moo-yeong and Hong-joo, to room 404 that night. However, the lights begin flickering as the Mercenaries go on the hunt.

Yeon shows up at Room 404, realizing that his foes were definitely there. Only… it apears to be empty. When Yeon notices laughter coming from the painting on the wall he touches the frame and is suddenly transformed into a brand new world. This is an Illusion Charm, something that transports one across to a completely different area.

With Yeon indisposed, Moo-yeong shows up and brandishes a sword, demanding that the Mountain God hand over the treasures. He refuses of course, and the pair start fighting.

Back in the hotel, with all the lights off, the demonic Yacha from before (the creature that feeds on humans), lurks in the hallway and almost gets the girls. That is, until Jae-yoo jumps in and saves them. However, it’s shortlived given the Yacha begin to spread.

Back inside the painting, the Mercenaries happen to be there too, as does Hong-joo. In fact, the latter manages to get hold of the treasure bag, prompting Moo-yeong and Yeon to give chase. That is, until one of the Mercenaries arrives and menacingly stares them down, setting up a big showdown in the next episode.

The Episode Review

Everything is hanging precariously on a knife-edge right now, and with only a few episodes left of this exciting second season, not to mention only a few days for Yeon to get this situation under control, we’re quickly reaching crunch-time with our ensemble.

The ties between Hong-joo, Yeon and Rang have been the best part of this drama, while the fantasy elements have been similarly endearing, especially with the inclusion of these myths and legends.

With drama occurring both inside and outside Bando Hotel, we’l have to wait and see what’s in store next for our characters. Roll on tomorrow’s episode!

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