Taking Back Sunday – 152 | Album Review

Track Listing

Amphetamine Smiles 
The One 
Keep Going 
I’m The Only One That Knows You 
Quit Trying 
New Music Friday 
Juice To Me 
The Stranger 


Taking Back Sunday sound rejuvenated on this album, though it’s a dark listen, wrapped in melancholy and bound in emotional moments and cathartic lyricism. Lead singer Adam Lazzara breaks into song, adapting to these lyrics that tell us tales of strife and inner turmoil. While he’s hurt, he gives his all to the concept and cause, saluting the sky as he bellows.  

152 sounds fresh and daring, and every song has a story, a fable created by a mind unhinged. Lazzara sings with urgency and measure, as he’s always done on the band’s other works. But on this record, he seems angrier and emotionally connected to it. This shows his true determination to make Taking Back Sunday the go-to band, an act that many can confide in.  

‘Amphetamine Smile’s opens the record with an acoustic chime and Lazzara sounds refreshed, though he’s also stuck in despair. The song eventually lifts up and the riffs become this pleasing contrast as the lyrics convey a brush with death.  

‘S’old’ is another gem. It begins with crushing riffs and Lazzara uses his voice beautifully here, telling us that old age will come. It’s a blast of rock this song and Taking Back Sunday sound energized.  

‘Quit Trying’ is a soft inclusion until the chorus bursts in. Lazzara again sounds emotional, and the riffs are clear and loud. The band is angry here.  

Taking Back Sunday has created the album of their lives. 152 is a blast of rock and emotional words that resonate on a massive scale.  

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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