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Taken By The Sky
Hustle Dust



Split across four energetic, head-bopping tracks, Cloudchord’s latest EP is a deep dive into the world of chillhop, boasting a variety of instruments, ideas and tones across the mix. Whether you’re a fan of this style of music or not, there’s enough in this EP to recommend, making for a relaxing and highly enjoyable listen.

The EP itself opens with ‘Monsoon’, a track that shows off some slick guitar work, harmonised beautifully against some rising chords and a good drop that’ll almost certainly have you nodding your head along. It’s a wonderful way to open the EP, and it’s followed up by the title track – ‘Taken By the Sky’.

‘Taken By The Sky’ slows the tempo down slightly but more than makes up for that with some uplifting chords backdropped against a pulsating bass that kicks in perfectly to crescendo another solid chillhop record. There’s some gorgeous guitar work in this one too, and this leads in nicely to the psychedelic, joyful detour of ‘Hustle Dust’. This track embodies a lot more of a Soul flavour, with neo soul guitars and a joyous tone throughout.

The EP itself then ends with ‘Sleet’, a record that slams on the brakes and allows those feel-good vibes to wash over you, bowing this one out nicely.

There’s a good array of instruments used across the EP and you can tell from the opening track through to the end of ‘Sleet’, there’s a conscious effort to inject as much variety here as possible to showcase Cloudchord’s talent. From flutes and guitars through to airy chords and pulsating bass drums, Taken By The Sky embodies a unique slice of chillhop that’s hard not to love.

Whether you’re a fan of chillhop or not, the four tracks showcased on this EP are different and unique enough in their own rights to give you a wide-spanning taster of this genre, while also boasting some good compositional work in the process. The four records complement one another nicely and if you’re in the mood for something a little bit different, a little bit chilled and a whole lot of fun, Cloudchord certainly delivers just that with this latest release.


Cloudchords’s latest EP is now live on Bandcamp! Click the link to check it out: https://cloudchord.bandcamp.com/album/taken-by-the-sky


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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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