Take 1 Season 1 Review – The magic that happens when legends take the stage

Take 1 is a new Korean musical series where 7 artists from different genres take the stage but they only have one chance to give the performance of their lifetime. It is a pressuring task and a huge undertaking as they put their all to deliver their best performance yet.  

Netflix made the right choice by letting South Korean musical legends and icons be the headliners for the show because they didn’t disappoint and it just proves that Korean music is taking over the world. 

Who Accepted The Challenge?

Sumi Jo was the first one to accept the challenge and she did it while also being on tour. I was awestruck by her dedication to her craft and captivated by her effortless performance. It is no wonder that she remains a revered Korean lyric coloratura soprano and the first Korean musician to win a Grammy.

Next up on stage was Akmu, a sibling duo consisting of Lee Chan-hyuk and Lee Su-Hyun who decided to go hard and do an out-of-this-world performance that will leave your jaw on the floor. Their artistry is mind- blowing and it’s enjoyable to watch their chemistry and diversity shine through.

Yim Jae Bum is a rock ballad singer and renowned for being one of Korea’s best vocalists. His last performance was in 2016 as he took a personal hiatus and this was his first time back on stage. The emotions in his voice as he sang will undoubtedly leave you in tears. I for one wish him better days ahead and I hope he will keep singing because his beautiful, healing voice has so much power.

Later, Rain takes to the stage and he reminds us why he is a living icon. He came in with a plan and ideas that left even the producers shocked. Of course, alongside these guys we also get performances from Lena Park, Yoo Hee Hyul and lastly Mamamoo, who rounds things out by taking to the stage and serving a dose of girl power, with a heavy slice of nostalgia as they perform a mash-up of their songs. As always the four queens delivered and fans will undoubtedly be elated to see them.

This show is not like other reality shows we see from Korea. This isn’t a competition per-se but rather a celebration of amazing Korean artists who have been in the industry for years. This feels like a special gift to the fans and one can’t help but develop a deeper sense of respect for these artists as you watch them work so hard to make it work.

They all have one goal in mind and that’s to be the best artist they can be for their fans and the performance. This  is what true artistry is about. They convey their feelings and emotions on stage and it pays off because the audience will really feel it. 

Everything from the interviews of the stars, to the process of preparing for the final performance, is on point. You could feel the nerves and the anticipation as the deadline got close, and the build-up to the final was done perfectly. It’s also worth pointing out that the visuals on this are also breathtaking. 

If you love music, this is a great show to binge-watch. Take 1 is all about the talent, and the showcased performances are top-notch. This is a refreshing take on musical variety shows and extremely entertaining.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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  1. I’m watching this right now and I’ve got to say how impressed I am. Not to mention all the hard work that goes into production of this project. Well done everyone.

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