Sweet Tooth – Season 3 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Road Ends Here

Episode 7 of Sweet Tooth season 3 starts with us in the past once more, this time with a flashback of Jepperd. It’s his last game and he’s about to step out onto the field. The media aren’t sure if he can do this but Jepp, at the end of his tether, knows that when things get tough and you reach the end, you need to really pull it out the bag and give it everything you’ve got.

Back in the present, the banging at the door brings Jepp inside! He and Gus are reunited but Jepp is in a rough way. He’s shivering and struggling but he does reveal that Nuka pointed him in the right direction. He sees Birdie and immediately recognizes her too. He hurriedly reveals that Singh is with Zhang and has double-crossed them. With all roads leading to the cave, Jepp looks at Gus and tells him “Lead the way, Sweet Tooth.”

While they head out, Wendy, Becky, Siana and the others concoct a plan to try and get their Outpost back – and stop Zhang’s goons. They know that not everyone will make it back in one piece, but they realize that the clicker (which controls the wolf pups) is a crucial clue to all of this and they need to sabotage their vehicles (ie. The Beast) too.

At the same time, Rosie and her sister, Ginger, talk. The latter points out how Rosie speaks to Tex is very similar to the way their mother antagonizes everyone. When Tex leaves, the two sisters discuss the past. Rosie points out what happened with her including how she was given an ultimatum to get rid of the wolf pups. She refused, with the love for her children too strong. So she decided to leave the community, and that’s how she left.

To Rosie, she believes she made the right choice deciding to come back, giving up freedom for security. Ginger is confused though and thinks differently. She believes Rosie chose wrongly, pointing out that she’s not as safe as she believes she is.

Meanwhile, Gus, Birdie and Jepp continue on their journey across to the cave. Gus sees a vision of a deer while stumbling through the tundra and follows it through the darkness, all the way to the mouth of the cave.

Birdie and Jepp follow and eventually they head on inside together. Birdie though worries that they’re looking for a cure to a world that shouldn’t really be saved, and wonders whether they should even try to “fix” anything. Still, they continue on their journey all the same.

Inside the cave, they find a route across the ice but it involves stepping on various stones across an icy passageway. It’s touch and go for a while as the ice starts to break. Everyone makes it across, although Jepp almost slips. As they continue, unbeknownst to them, Zhang and the others are hon their trail outside.

Deeper in the cave, Birdie and the others find a route through… but unfortunately this final mile sees them heading right through a bunch of frozen purple flowers. As long as the ice holds then they won’t get sick. But if it breaks? Game over. No pressure then!

Inevitably, the ice starts to melt but they do make it through to the other side before they get caught. When they emerge through, Gus finds a huge tree with branches that look like skeletal remains of antlers that rise up into the sky. It’s massive, and as Gus touches the remains, it appears that this is where the Blood of the Earth originates from. Thacker is actually part of the tree, attached to it like a corpse, and Gus believes that if he pulls this out, it will cure the Sick.

Birdie is not so sure but as they discuss the best way forward, Zhang, Singh and the others show up, right at the heart of the tree.

While this is going on, Wendy, Becky and the others work together to head back into the Compound. They snatch up the Clicker and work to subdue the pups and stop Zhang’s goons. Rosie comes face to face with Becky in the middle of this operation, who tries to talk her down and not do this.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work and as everything looks set to kick off, gunshots sound out around the compound. A huge explosion turns the tables as the power in the facility shuts off… but their plan is unsuccessful when Jordan and Rosie manage to get the Beast started and leave, heading for the cave.

Back in the cave, Jepp looks set to sacrifice himself for Gus…but it’s Birdie who jumps in the way first of Adi Singh’s blade. She takes the knife blow meant for Gus, and he watches in horror as his mother passes away.

The Episode Review

We knew there would be a sacrifice this season but odds were on the Big Man being the one to bite the bullet. Birdie however, has lived out her purpose in the show but it’s definitely a sad moment to see her leave, especially as Gus worked so hard to get here and see her again.

All of this is now geared up for a dramatic finale where all roads must come to an end. Whether we’ll see a decent conclusion for this series remains to be seen but there’s lots to like with this one.

The characters have been well written on the whole, although Singh’s inclusion has been pretty obvious that he as going to double-cross Gus for a while now, given his clear motivations. Rosie has also been a bit under-utilized but she could redeem herself in the finale here. Either way, everything is set up for a dramatic conclusion to come.

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  1. So many plot holes in this episode. The whole saving the outpost / Beast thing was absolutely pointless, and unbelievable.

  2. How did Zhang and her crew pass through the broken Ice, and get through where the purple flowers are now melted?

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