Sweet Tooth – Season 3 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Here, There Be Monsters

Episode 6 of Sweet Tooth season 3 starts with us in the past at a church. A woman called Iqiah is not allowed to join the group as her child is a hybrid. This hybrid child is Munaqsriri and she’s left all alone to raise him. She loves her son and vows that one day the world will be ready. However, this marks the start of the hybrids, it seems. Their story could be the crucial component to all of this.

Munaq is actually this Caribou Man legend and as the storm blows, we return to the present. He leads Gus over to the church, the same ones from the flashbacks. He has some bad injuries from the wolf pack, and Gus does what he can to help him. However, Birdie suddenly comes rushing out the door and finds herself face to face with her son. She’s shocked to see him and the pair embrace.

After, Birdie is surprised to learn that Gus has been dreaming of the cave all this time. He believes it’s calling him there. Munaq though grabs his arm and warns that Gus should stay away. He doesn’t trust nor like humans, but the only reason he’s kept Birdie alive is because she has a hybrid son (ie. Gus). This hybrid has been alive for over 100 years and has spent all of his time working to try and keep people away from the cave. However, he’s injured and it looks fatal.

While Birdie concocts something for Munaq, Gus comforts the Elder and talks about his past, including his love for maple syrup and how good Pubba was for him. He also recollects his journey away from Yellowstone. Elder believes this reinforces how awful humanity is and tells Gus that he needs to bring a tusk as that will apparently tell the full story. Birdie and Gus find it nearby and after unwrapping it, Elder encourages them to hand it over.

Back at the Outpost, Jepp and Siana hide out and work to try and save Gus and Nuka. They bemoan Singh’s deception and try to formulate a plan. However, they’re not the only ones lurking about. Wendy and Becky reconvene and work together to try and escape as well, grabbing a snowplough and heading outside.

In the middle of the frozen tundra, Wendy speaks courageously to Becky, telling her that she shouldn’t blame herself for killing the wolf pup. Wendy doesn’t even blame the wolves for their behaviour either. Instead, the person she blames is Zhang and how she forced them to act this way.

While this is happening, Zhang and her group set things up to ride out, with Rosie showing exactly what direction Gus has travelled – and where he’s going. Adi Singh backs up this theory and points out that they’re heading for the cave. And its where they need to go too. 

Singh is convinced now that he needs to sacrifice Gus, reinforcing what we theorized in episode 5. His vision – and Thacker’s journal – is all part of the prophecy to fixing everything. And he’s the one to land the killing blow. 

Jepp and Siana make it out to Birdie’s house, where they find Nuka holding out waiting for them. Odell and the others show just after, having been forced out the Outpost by Zhang and her cronies. Whilst there, tensions reach fever pitch as they blame Siana for getting them involved and endangering their home.

Jepp eventually speaks up. He mentions his journey with Gus and how he’s taught him the value of community and what it means to fight together. If they can do this, then they may well have a home to go back to.

His pep-talk works well and everyone decides to team up and follow him. Just like that, Wendy and Becky burst through the door and join the group before their big fight.

Back at the church, Thacker explains that he had a mission to find a cure for all illnesses. And apparently he did! The cure was found in the Sanctuary but unfortunately, he took the Blood of the Earth, believing there would be no consequences. Of course there was, and that’s what caused the Sick.

Thacker’s crew sacrificed themselves to make sure the Sick died with them (explaining the scenes during the opening of episode 5). The humans found Elder when his mother passed and took his antlers, experimenting on him. This explains why he hates humanity so. He’s convinced that the Sick is actually the cure and that humans should all be killed off.

Gus tries to argue against this, claiming that some humans are good and deserve to be saved. However, this fight is Birdie and Gus’ alone as Munaq passes from his injuries.

Gus checks out the tusk and examines it, realizing that it’s part of a map. The missing ingredient was always Gus and alongside Birdie, they work to set out and make this cure a reality. As the final fight is upon us, the sun sets and everyone gears up for the next leg of this journey. Singh and Zhang ride out to the cave, while Rosie contemplates her sister’s words, who tells her (in no uncertain terms) that she should stop pretending not to care about her wolf pups.

As the episode ends, an ominous banging at the door rouses Birdie and Gus.

The Episode Review

Who’s at the door? My guess is probably someone friendly but we won’t jump to conclusions here! We’re reaching the end-game now and with all roads leading to this cave, it remains to be seen exactly what’s inside and what part this has to play in the overarching story.

The antagonistic threat has not been as strong this time around compared to The Last Men though, which is a shame because there’s been a lot of potential with Zhang and co. Unfortunately, it feels untapped in its current form.

There’s enough to like here though, including the action an the mythology around the Sick and how its spread. Quite whether the world will be fixed or not is a mystery right now but with two episodes left, we don’t have long to find out.

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