Sweet Tooth – Season 3 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Tail-Tale Heart

Episode 5 of Sweet Tooth season 3 starts with us in the past, learning more about Captain Thacker. The guy had a curious mind but with the never-ending night closing in, the camera pans across to a bottle with the writing “Blood of the Earth” written on the side. So what is this?

Well, apparently this is salvation and he wants to share it with the world. Instead, the others on the ship decide they can’t let the Sick spread and sacrifice themselves. Through all of this, Thacker transforms, with the purple flowers growing out of his chest and setting off the chain of events that have destroyed the world.

Back in the present, Gus, Singh and Jepp make it to Alaska. Just up over the ridge, they find Siana and Nuka, her daughter. Unfortunately, they’re also spotted by Tex, who radios in to Rosie and confirms that Gus has made it to Alaska. However, this rift between Rosie and her mother continues to grow, as the former questions her mum’s motives and just what she’s doing. She still continues to do her bidding though.

A frustrated Rosie heads off to see Becky next, who’s strung up and being antagonized by Jordan. She ushers him away and bitterly retorts over her son’s death. Rosie is momentarily stumped when Becky asks for her deceased son’s name, showing some humanity, but she’s called away before she can do anything bad to Becky.

Elsewhere, Siana brings Gus and the others to the Outpost. Walter shows up to see them and doesn’t want the group to head inside. Thankfully, it’s not his decision but that doesn’t mean the others are pleased to see them. When Nuka mentions the cave to Gus, he immediately perks up – as does Adi Singh. The pair see sketches of this cave inside Thacker’s journal, as they realize all roads lead here.

Gus hones in on a heartbeat, using his super hearing, and he hears it coming from somewhere outside in the wilderness. It goes the same way as the pipelines… and the location of the fabled Caribou Man. There have been sightings of him and according to the rumours, he wears his heart outside his chest. This appears to be hinting toward the person who took Birdie several episodes back. 

While the group get dressed up in their winter clothes, Singh picks up a sketch of the cave and notices a dead deer outside. There are words that hint toward everything starting after sacrificing the deer. Could this be what Singh intends to do with Gus?

Unfortunately, everything turns to chaos when Zhang shows up at the Outpost. She kills Walter and immediately stamps her authority. She plays the tape from Adi Singh, confirming that it all starts with Gus. This “Blood of the Earth” is apparently connected to Gus and potentially the “cure” to all these Hybrids. While Gus, Jepp and Singh hide out, Zhang negotiates with those in the Outpost. She tells them to hand over Gus. If not? Then she’s going to have the wolf pack have their way with them.

With time ticking by, Jepp decides to take a courageous step and allow Gus to step out on his own and continue this journey with Nuka. As they hug goodbye, Gus promises that this won’t be goodbye. He slips through the tunnels and heads off, while Singh is incredulous and wants to follow. Jepp tells him to have faith, and confronts Zhang to buy them some time.

Jepp marches up to Zhang… but then Singh jumps in. He double-crosses them all and decides to strike a deal with the enemy. He’s going to reveal exactly where Gus is going. Just before he’s taken outside, Siana sets off the alarms and chaos ensues inside. In the aftermath, Singh strikes a bargain with Zhang, knowing exactly what he must do when he reaches the cave. And as he burns the documents, he sees that this links back to Gus and the deer.

Meanwhile, the wolf pack catch up with Gus outside. He’s cornered after Nuka heads back to see her mum. A cry from the distance however, brings a mysterious hooded figure holding a torch. When he’s outnumbered by the wolves, Gus jumps in and helps force them away. He comes face to face with this guy, who happens to be a hybrid, and realizes that it’s his heartbeat Gus has been hearing all this time. 

The Episode Review

So Sweet Tooth sees Adi Singh continue to act like the opportunist we’ve always known him to be. Now that he’s working with Zhang, will be actually do the unthinkable and sacrifice Gus?

Quite how Jepp will play into this too is another point to ponder, while there are question marks over exactly how all of this will play out.

We haven’t seen a whole lot of Rosie in this episode either and I’d wager she’ll be a big part of how everything goes down in the coming chapters of the show. With only 3 more episodes left, we’re reaching crunch time now!

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