Sweet Tooth – Season 3 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Beyond the Sea

Episode 4 of Sweet Tooth season 3 starts with us over on the Whale Song. Captain Stafford briefs those who have made it aboard and promises them there’s a new hope awaiting them… in Canada. They’re safe for now but for how long?

As those onboard the skiff celebrate and party the night away, Gus, Singh and Jepp make it to the ship. As they hop aboard, the music is still playing but the place is abandoned. Unfortunately, their makeshift boat sinks so they’ve got no choice but to hang around. The engines are off, the place is a mess and there’s no sign of the cabin crew either.

Jepp finds evidence of the Sick on the ship with the purple flowers and he’s not sure if it’s contained. Jepp is shocked and in a state of panic, and even more so when Singh hints that the Big Man may be infected. Gus locks Singh and Jepp inside the engine room (at least it looks like it) and decides to go find the bridge himself. Given he can’t get sick, he promises to find out what’s going on. He also tells the pair not to kill each other in his absence.

Up at the bridge, Gus uses a radio he finds and speaks to someone called Darwin. He’s back in his cabin after getting super drunk. It appears he’s okay but everyone else is dead. Gus points out that he’s a hybrid that stowed away. He doesn’t mention Jepp or Singh, which may be for the best.

Meanwhile, Becky apologizes to Rosie for what happened to her son and that she didn’t know he was a hybrid. Rosie is obviously grief-stricken but before she looks set to kill her, Zhang shows up at the compound. She decides they should use Becky to get information. While Zhang sets things up for an interrogation, she scathingly tells Rosie to look after her boy. However, Wendy is still here as a wildcard.

Zhang is convinced that Becky will talk, given she knows about her history with the Animal Army. She offers her a family and claims that “blood is thicker than water”. Becky though realizes that Zhang is ignorant and calls her out to her face. Zhang’s pleasant demeanour changes after this and demands she think it over and either do this the easy way or the hard way. One way or another, she’s going to talk.

When Becky refuses a second time, she looks set to suffer torture… until Jordan shows and decides to bust her out. He’s been part if Zhang’s group since they picked him up and he sneaks out through the back. Unfortunately, Zhang spots them and it turns out Jordan set her up. He’s got crucial information about Gus heading to Alaska and things don’t look good as all roads lead to this frozen wasteland.

Back on the ship, Singh is convinced that Jepp won’t make it to the end of this journey. Whether it be the Sick or his war wounds, either way he’s going to fall. As things look set to kick off between them, Singh points out that he recognizes Jepp and they met 10 years back at Crescent City. We actually saw this flashback back in season 1, and it’s a good way of tying the past and present together. The pair finally get on the same page, as Jepp explains that he helped bring him back.

While they talk, Gus reads through the log and decides that he may be able to help Darwin. Specifically, through throwing the purple flowers overboard to try and clear the ship of the sick. He also finds the passengers too and immediately has a crisis of confidence. He’s not sure whether he can do this and radios through to Darwin explaining as much, mentioning Jepp and how scared he is of losing him. However, Gus manages to be brave and honours the memory of the passengers, throwing the Sick overboard. One after another.

It takes him all night but after throwing everyone overboard, Darwin shows up and agrees to get the engine running for them. He uses his key and gets the boat back up and running once more. Unfortunately, Darwin is actually sick given his hand is shaking. He decides to sacrifice himself and leaves a note for Gus, thanking him for what he’s done and points out he’s determined not to let the Sick leave the ship. He’s set a course for Northern Alaska and they should be there in two days’ time.

Meanwhile, Zhang decides to bring Becky along with her as they pack up ready for Alaska. As a consequence, Rosie is forced to leave behind her son, whom she shoots as an act of mercy. This act breaks something inside her, as she struggles to contain her grief. Through it all, nobody notices Wendy, who sneaks aboard the plane.

As the episode closes out, we cut to Gus on the boat once more. Just before Jepp and Gus have a heart to heart (following Singh testing Jepp and discovering he’s Sick-free), the radio crackles. It’s Siana and she points out that they’re en-route to Alaska and close now.

The Episode Review

As we reach the halfway point of Sweet Tooth, everything is set up nicely for a dramatic second half to ensue. Seeing Rosie forced to kill her own son is heart-breaking and she’s definitely one of the more interesting new characters in the show. Seeing her journey and what will (presumably) be a turn to the light is going to be an intriguing revelation to follow.

Meanwhile, the drama onboard the ship helps to see Singh and Jepp get closer after realizing their paths have been entwined all this time. Their heart to heart is definitely a memorable moment, and it helps to solidify their faith in Gus to find the cure. But where is Birdie? What happened to her? We’ll have to wait and see!

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