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The Pack

Episode 3 of Sweet Tooth season 3 starts with us back 135 days since the government has fallen. Inside a solitary caravan is Rosie Zhang. She never wanted children and had dreams to be an artist. However, life got in the way. She gave up everything to be a mother. Interestingly, she rewrites the story of the Three Little Pigs while talking to her kids, claiming that the wolf is the misunderstood creature and the pigs are the villains.

Just then, Mrs Zhang shows up to see her. It turns out Rosie has been ostracised from their pack. They’re unhappy with Rosie giving birth to hybrid children but she retorts that she needs her family. She has four children… and they happen to be wolf pups. This explains the wolf story, and they’re taken out, thrown into cages and taken back to the colony… but wearing muzzles.

Rosie’s decision to see Zhang then cuts us back to where we left off in episode 2. Seeing Ven’s family in the pictures reinforces what she herself doesn’t have and after killing Ven and leaving Theo and her mum alive, she lets the wolves kill them and takes off for Nag’s Reef.

All of this is unbeknownst to Gus and the others, who discuss Zhang’s empire. She’s the last Warlord and she wants Gus because he’s the key to the Cure, given he’s the first Hybrid. So how does this tie in with the cave? Well, Singh believes that whatever Thacker found in the cave caused the Sick and the eventual Crumble that followed.

Back at the compound, Zhang buys a contraption which happens to be Stem Cell extractor. She’s going to use it on Gus, and kill him. It’s touch and go for a while, especially as the ship is about to set sail , and the gang need to make it there before it’s too late. And before Mrs Zhang captures them.

They do eventually make it to the coast… but there’s a problem. The boat isn’t there as it left an hour back. They do find one survivor called Coral, who points out the ship is packed to the brim and there’s no way they’d be able to get a place on there, even if they swim out. Gus manages to convince her to help, and they find a little boat outside that’s been turned into a flower bed. The thing is a mess and they need to move quickly. So with time of the essence they… work on fixing up the boat, patching up the holes, painting it and getting the engine to work.

Elsewhere, Siana tries to organize a search party to help find Birdie. They have 3 days until the sun goes down until Spring. She knows that Birdie is on borrowed time and tries to convince the other scientists to help. Very few do, believing it’s a suicide mission. While she heads out, Becky convinces Jepp to take out Singh so he can’t get on the boat. Given Jepp is the bigger man here, she agrees to keep the kids away while he “takes care” of the scientist.

Singh is not stupid though and confronts Jepp. He defiantly claims that he’s definitely getting on this boat and has had visions with Gus at the cave so believes it’s his “destiny”. Jepp is not the same man now and he can’t hurt Singh. While they’re down on the coastline, Becky and Wendy say their goodbyes to Coral. Unfortunately, the radio crackles and it soon becomes clear that Rosie is inbound. She shows up on the coastline and shots are fired at the group. It would appear that Jepp has been shot in the leg and even worse, Wendy and Becky are left behind.

Rosie comes up short again but this time, she refuses to talk to Zhang. Instead, she has Tex leave and go back home, while she and the pack are going to hang out here for a while. There’s definitely something triggering her memory and one would assume that Coral’s brother may actually be Rosie’s partner in all this.

As the episode closes out, Wendy and Becky stick together and decide to set out and find their family. Unfortunately, the pack close in on them. Becky holds her own against one of the pups and stabs it in the side. She tells Wendy to leave, and as she does, Rosie catches up. She knocks Becky out, and tries to save her son. At the same time, Gus, Jepp and Singh make it to their ship.

The Episode Review

There’s definitely an intriguing amount of friction growing here between Rosie and her mother. It wouldn’t surprise me if Rosie turns on her mum and we see a redemptive arc play out for her. Rosie’s story is pretty interesting and learning more about her past may just be the ticket to complete her turn to the “light side”. However, Becky killing one of the pack is not going to go down well.

Meanwhile, Gus has now lost a couple of his companions and that doesn’t pose well for his journey, especially with both Singh and Jepp hardly seeing eye to eye.

One things for sure, the midway point of this show is just starting to tighten the screw and set things up for a dramatic second half to this series.

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