Sweet Tooth – Season 3 Episode 1 Recap & Review

The Beginning Is Also the End

Episode 1 of Sweet Tooth season 3 starts with us over in Alaska. It seems like the story is going to end where it began many years ago. On a ship called the H.M.S Simpson, their captain, Thacker, seems to have gone mad. He believes he’s found a cure to end all cures. He wants to set sail for England immediately but his first-mate, Burke, disagrees and believes it will bring death to the world. Thacker seems to have found something big in the cave but quite what, remains to be seen.

This then cuts us forward in time, where Birdie pores over the documents and papers she has pinned up. The same ones that appeared in Thacker’s office.

Meanwhile, Gus, Wendy and the others continue to drive toward Alaska. Jepp wants to stick to the highways and continue safely forward, although Becky wonders whether Canada will even let them in. Despite the Last Men gone, there are others out there, and with the Doomsday strain still out in the open and winter coming, things don’t look good. 

For now, the gang take a detour at the local casino. They find a flyer for Idaho there but before they can even think about leaving, they need to stock up on supplies. Wendy and the other hybrids can smell food so they rush to the back. Unfortunately, they walk right into a trap and are stuck in the pantry.

Thankfully, it’s only temporary as it turns out there’s a bunch of old people that have taken over the place. Ever since the Sick they just hunkered down and decided to mess about. The Bingo Bandits are what they call themselves. They refuse to let Gus and the others stay or take their supplies either.

Becky is livid and tries to talk her way into getting the food. Just as things look set to turn hostile, Gus decides to bet with the old guys over their supplies. And specifically, they’re going to play roulette. Great wok Gus, Jepp says, as he points out that this is the hardest game in the casino. Unfortunately, Gus loses and as a result, he also loses his last jar of syrup which were the stakes of the bet. 

One of the women, Bridget, stops by and points out there’s a boat that’s heading up to Canada shortly from Nag’s Reef. She suggests they head over and catch it. In their absence though, someone shows up at the front door…but we don’t see who it is right now.

Back with Gus and the others, they run out of gas and are forced to continue on foot. Jepp is pretty grumpy and Becky struggles to get through to him. As for Gus and Wendy, they hear explosions in the distance and unfortunately, find themselves scrambling to escape an avalanche.

Meanwhile, Birdie drowns her sorrows at the local bar with her friend Siana. She brings up the phone call and how Gus is looking for her. She’s decided to go and meet him. However, there’s a problem. She’s confronted by a strange man who demands she follow as his “boss” wants to talk. When she struggles to get away, Birdie is hit with a tranquilizer dart and eventually collapses in the snow.

Elsewhere, Gus and the others survive the avalanche but Jepp is in a rough way. He despairs over their predicament and believes they need to go back. He’s not sure he can make it and starts to lose faith in their mission. Thankfully, Gus manages to talk him around and the gang continue forward.

As the episode closes out, we cut across to Zhang, the antagonist at the end of season 2. She’s at home with her two daughters, and they’ve been working to find someone. As the elder daughter heads out to check, we cut back to Gus and the others. They find an abandoned building and camp for the night. Unfortunately, someone shows up. And that someone? None other than Dr Singh! He’s alive and wants to talk about Alaska.

The Episode Review

Sweet Tooth is back and the first episode eases us back into this post apocalyptic world. It’s clear that there’s a rift growing between Jepp and the others, mainly due to the intensity of this journey and how much of a toll it’s going to take on him.

At the same time, we see more drama involving our antagonists, who are working for Zhang, the new baddie from season 2. This should set up an interesting dynamic although this early in the series, we could actually have a rift between the elder daughter, Rosie, and Zhang, given the different bonds she has with her girls.

Either way, everything here is set up nicely for the rest of the series, and with all eps dropping at once, we don’t have to wait long to find out!


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