Sweet Tooth – Season 2 Episode 7 “I’ll Find You” Recap & Review

I’ll Find You

Episode 7 of Sweet Tooth season 2 starts with more flashbacks, as we see Gillian pushing her research at Fort Smith into dangerous territory. However, it’s Birdie who manages to find the breakthrough, as she discovers a heartbeat in one of the unfertilized eggs. She’s the only one who carries on research and developing while everyone else parties outside.

This ultimately leads to a big chain of events that ends with Richard taking care of Gus and busting him out of the compound. This time though, we see things from Birdie’s perspective, as she breaks back into the lab, evading guards and grabbing as much gear as she can. She watches Richard leave with Gus, promising to find him. These words play over and over again in her mind like a heartbeat – like Gus’ first heartbeat – as she remains determined to find him.

The microbe that she and Judy were working on has been broken out, which the latter confirms while ringing in a secure area. She’s worried that this is the end, while Birdie opens a locker, finds the envelope to Yellowstone and decides they need to start packing. Unfortunately, Birdie is caught before that and taken away by several guards who show up at the door.

Back in the present, the bus drives through the wreckage of numerous flaming cars, all brought about thanks to Dolly and her troops. Unfortunately, they’re ambushed by the Last Men tank. As we soon find out, all of this is the Animal Army, who show up like knights in shining armour on motorbikes. They’re led by Becky once more but this time she works hand in hand with Tiger. As for the tank, it’s being controlled by Rufus and Bobby. Bobby shows his face and declares “Bobby am back”. Yes Bobby, go on my son! This alliance is finally secured, as Becky allows Tiger to lead the Animal Army against the Last Men, while Becky joins the bus full of kids.

After a brief pitstop, Gus speaks to Aimee outside who walks away from them all. She tells Gus that she’ll be right behind them. As she raises a cloth to her mouth, she points out that she’s infected. Now, one could deduce this is because of her being in the lab but we’ll have to wait and see. Aimee doesn’t want the kids to know right now, clinging to the notion of letting their road trip be fun and to make it to the cabin before it’s too late.

When night turns to day, the group make it to Yellowstone and hold up at Gus’ cabin. With a much slower pace now and bits of humour seeping in, everything has a bittersweet tinge to it given Aimee is infected and could well pass soon.

As for Gus, Jepp heads in to see him and hands over the cassette tape that Becky had. This happens to be more context over what happened in the past, including how the pandemic started with hubris rather than bats (another subtle nod toward Adi and Rani’s past encounter there!)

Gillian happens to be Patient Zero. She infected herself to try and progress science but in doing so, she basically doomed the world. She goes on to mention her grandfather, Captain James Thacker (explaining those moments in episode 1), and how he led an expedition up in Alaska. He also had a rare degenerative disease, and sailed off in search of the “fountain of youth” that could cure him. Gillian has been searching for this too and believes Gus is their solution to shut this Pandora’s Box and save everyone.

Birdie allows Richard to live a life with Gus and try to keep him safe, and it explains why she never came looking for him. She actually went off to Alaska to continue James’ research and find a cure to all of this.

Unfortunately, General Abbot is not done with the kids just yet, and he manages to capture Tiger and her Animal Army brethren, determined to find the cabin and all the kids, who are shacked up in Yellowstone. Gus has set his sights on Alaska though, wanting to try and find Birdie. Jepp convinces him not to, telling him she’d want him to be here, safe, in the cabin. All the kids are going to need them now, especially as Aimee’s time is coming to an end.

In the middle of the night Jepp hears the sound of someone heading off into the woods. It’s Gus, and he’s gone all the way to the perimeter fence. The pair sit together and marvel at the sky as the Northern Lights appear.

Anyway, that’s not the most important thing here. The biggest issue comes from Abbot, who’s ready for his final crusade against Gus and the others. Tiger manages to escape in enough time to warn them all, but she’s also exhausted, cut up and bruised. Abbot has retaken the zoo and next, he’s going after Yellowstone.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode to Sweet Tooth sees the drama finally crescendo into what otherwise feels like a deep breath before the final plunge. It’s interesting to see exactly how all or characters are going to handle Aimee passing away, although it could be that we uncover a cure before all of this takes place.

Interestingly, Adi and Rani are completely missing from this episode and it could be indicative of how their storylines have now effectively ended. We could still see the pair in the finale of course, but for now it does seem like their relationship has ended. It is nice to see the hybrid kids involved a bit more these part few chapters, as it always felt like a part of this story that hasn’t been fully explored.

General Abbot has continued to be an intimidating antagonist though and his threats pose a very real danger for those in Yellowstone. Will Gus and the others come out on top? We’ll have to wait and see!

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