Sweet Tooth – Season 2 Episode 6 “How It Started, How It’s Going” Recap & Review

How It Started, How It’s Going

Episode 6 of Sweet Tooth season 2 starts with us in the past, with Rani and Adi arriving together on a trip away. The pair get along well, albeit a bit nervously, as we learn it’s their first trip away together. They’re held up in a country house in the middle of nowhere, and the pair reminisce on home comforts and marvel at the new delights in their room. When a bat sneaks in, Adi manages to take it out without killing it, and that’s the start of their solidifying love.

Back in the present, Abbot speaks on the radio which we learn was dropped by Aimee. She makes big demands for Abbot to leave the zoo, going on to belittle him and questioning why he needed a whole army to break her and the 12 kids out. She taunts him with “bug bombs”, claiming that’s all she needs to turn the tide here.

And just like that, barrels full of purple flowers are dropped in the main atrium, as General Abbot realizes with horror that they’re using chemical warfare to break them out. The soldiers scramble to leave and evacuate the area, intending to fall back to Evergreen.

On the way out, the trucks are targeted by Dolly and the other mercenaries up in the air, as they drop various bits of junk like fridges and garden furniture, in what they aptly call Junk Bombs. As one hits in front of Becky’s truck, she busts out with Tiger and turns on Jordan, telling him to let her “friend” live.

Becky admits her real play here is to free Gus from the Hybrid Zoo and that she’s not part of the Animal Army. Jordan is not happy she lied and doesn’t know where he stands anymore. He seems wracked in anger and despair but we cut before seeing exactly what he’s going to do about it. As for Becky, she makes up with Tiger… kinda. They’re at least on the same side, which is at least something!

With the zoo under attack, the guard from before is found by Aimee, of all people, who knocks him out again with his cattle prod. At the same time, Johnny helps break a crazed and maniacal Adi out of his lab to be with Rani, which is the important thing here. Johnny decides not to leave with the couple, believing Abbot needs him.

Rani speaks plainly to her lover, saying her safe word “gargoyle” to Adi and levelling with her partner. She tells him that what they’ve been doing for the past 9 years isn’t really living. To her, it has been prolonging the inevitable. Now though, she wants to live out the rest of her days happily and make the most of what time they have left.

Gus and Jepp are also reunited but instead of leaving, Gus decides they should go off and find the other kids, given they’re like family to him now. At the same time, General Abbot heads up to the rooftop with his best troops in the city and begins his anti-aircraft campaign, destroying one of the bombers in the process.

At the same time, Aimee ends up in Adi’s lab and is shocked to see the devastation around the place. The chickens are all cut open, Roy has been reduced to a vial (which she places in her pocket) and there are documents. In her anger, she lights the place on fire, pouring alcohol everywhere and leaving with it in flames.

Gus and Jepp work together to help save the rest of the kids from the guards, while Wendy finds herself alone, wandering through the flowers in the main atrium. She finds her mum again, as she and Aimee are reunited and embrace. Jepp manages to take out Hulk, while Earl, our little elephant hybrid, slams down on the pair of guards before Gus.

With the coast clear, the group all leave and find a way out, coming in the form of a bus in the main courtyard. Jepp promises to go back for Wendy once they get to safety but thankfully that’s not needed as they make it onto the bus.

General Abbot thinks back over what’s happened and realizes that Aimee and Dolly actually duped everyone, as it turns out the flowers inside are fakes. They’re plastic and the whole thing was one big ruse.

On the way out, Adi finds Gus’ antler on the ground and has a lightbulb moment, believing he can make a cure now. He promises he’ll be right back but Rani whispers “why can’t you just let it go?” And in Adi’s absence, when he goes off to find his lab in smoldering ruins, he heads back and realizes Rani has gone. She’s made it pretty far to be honest, as she looks back at the grey smoke curling in the air above the zoo and decides to live her own life now, at least what’s left of it anyway.

Abbot decides this fight is far from over and prepares for the next step in his plan, but there’s a problem. Aimee’s finger begins to shake. As she sits on the bus, she takes a deep breath. It appears Aimee may actually be infected.

The Episode Review

So the plan to bust the kids out happens to be a very clever one, as it makes perfect sense to use the fear of these purple flowers to drive everyone out. It allows all the kids to be saved and prepare to head off to Yellowstone, but at the same time things are likely to come back to bite our characters, as Abbot is going to be dead-set on getting his revenge.

Rani finally lets go of her past and although it’s heartbreaking to watch, Adi’s dedication and obsessive desire in producing a cure has ultimately led to him losing sight of what really matters here. And that’s love.

Rani has made peace with the fact she doesn’t have long left and unfortunately, Adi was too blinded by his obsession to see that clearly.

This episode serves as a crossroads of sorts, leaving the final few episodes to really lean into the drama. Who knows what will happen next!

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