Sweet Tooth – Season 2 Episode 4 “Bad Man” Recap & Review

Bad Man

Episode 4 of Sweet Tooth season 2 starts with us over at Factory Town. With the villagers believing they have a cure, they all start partying like there’s no tomorrow. The irony here, of course, is that there may not be given the cure is a lie. Anyway, Aimee and Jepp know the real deal here, as the former meets with her contacts, the Air Lords. These guys are mercenaries and for them, money talks.

Jepp and Aimee head down to the dock but unfortunately, they’re ambushed and taken away in a van, out of Factory Town.

Meanwhile,. the kids confront Gus about lying regarding Roy’s death. Gus admits he did lie but only to protect everyone and to try and keep them safe. He does his best to persuade them but unfortunately, they’re done with him. In fact, they no longer want him to be part of their escape and they’re going to do so without his interference. The way they see it, Gus is special given he keeps getting time with the scientists so he won’t be harmed.

In the lab, Adi Singh works like a man possessed, desperate to find out about the chickens, eggs and how all of this works together to create a potential cure. The reaction to the antigen seems to be successful after preliminary tests, and when he processes the results, it seems like the virus has been eradicated from the subject!

Rani shows up in the lab and Adi excitedly whispers to her that he’s found a real cure. He needs to process the fist dose and then he can give it to her and she’ll be completely free. However, it obviously comes at a cost. Adi has blood on him and after the pair embrace, Rani is concerned, believing he’s killed a hybrid to get it. And we soon find out, that’s precisely what he’s done.

Jepp and Aimee are taken to Dolly, who’s in charge of these mercenaries. Aimee gives an impassioned plea to use their help to get the kids back. However, Dolly refuses to do so until they come up with something tangible to sink their teeth into and make the journey worth taking. Jepp is the master at persuasion here and brings up the spoils of war, including how they could get their hands on everything inside the Zoo. Oh, and there’s a tank there too. That’s enough to convince Dolly and the others to play ball and start their operation.

Rufus ruffles Jepp’s feathers the entire time they come up with a plan, and even demeans Aimee too. This is enough for Jepp to lash out and beat him down, until Dolly brandishes a gun and forces him outside. All of this pent-up aggression stems from the Big Man’s past, where he’s haunted by the ghosts of his past, given he was one of the men listed as a “Hybrid Catcher”. He doesn’t know if it was actually him that took the kids, but he has to live with the fact he tore families apart to get his own in check. Aimee is not happy when she learns this truth from him and walks away.

Becky arrives at boot-camp for the Last Men. Lou is the one in charge here and he starts to organize traffic for these new recruits. Becky keeps the cassette hidden as she prepares for training too. She immediately takes Lou’s eye after he sees her excellent shooting skills and tells her she’s going to make a fine soldier one day.

Back in the cages, Bobby sits with Gus and admits that he trusts him. In fact, he manages to take off his collar using the pliers that Gus managed to nab last episode. Bobby decides to sneak through the tunnels to find help.

General Abbot returns to the Zoo and tries to keep his anger in check when he learns what’s been going down while Johnny has been in charge. “Why do you make me regret trusting you?” He growls, before walking away. Johnny tries to find solace with Rani, who’s still spooked about what’s happened with Adi. In fact it’s here he admits that General Abbott is his brother. Even worse., she’s going to need an escort from now on.

As for Abbott, he speaks to Adi and learns that he’s found a cure, using Teddy as well and breaking the promise to Gus. However, Abbott takes the cure and decides that Adi isn’t free just yet. In fact, he prolongs the agony and invites him to dinner that night.

Whilst there, Rani encourages Johnny to join them, given this is a dinner for family. The group toast and eventually eat together, although the mood is undeniably awkward the entire time. In fact, Abbot stokes the flames here by mentioning the importance of family and how one must do what they have to to survive.

Their dinner is interrupted as destiny intervenes. The Three, the people whom Abbot tried to meet with earlier in the season, have finally agreed to meet. Rani is convinced Abbot is a complete lunatic, and she’s even more shocked when Adi tells her that he’s starting to come around to his way of thinking.

Meanwhile, the guards decide to taunt the kids in the cages with tasers. However, Gus intervenes and rushes into one of the men, breaking free from the cage and attempting to run away. He’s stopped when he bumps into General Abbot though, who smiles evilly, the fire reflecting in his glasses, “It’s so nice to meet you Gus.”

As for Bobby, he makes it out the drains, doing a little “Shawshank Redemption” satire in the process before leaving. At the same time, Becky joins the soldiers as they prepare to rush into a home that presumably holds hybrid children.

Jepp’s confession comes back to haunt him as Aimee decides to leave Jepp behind on her mission to get the kids. She thinks Gus is better off without him and she takes off in a helicopter ready for the mission ahead. Jepperd is not about to leave things lying down though, and decides to travel out on a van.

The Episode Review

So the Big Man’s confession has repercussions for the characters, specifically that of Aimee and the big mission that’s about to take place to get the kids back. I’d imagine they’ll end up crossing paths with Bobby, given he’s just escaped out the sewers, although it’ll be interesting to see what direction that takes.

Less interesting though is Becky. Her entire subplot is so redundant at this point and beyond giving the cassette to Gus, she seems to have absolutely no purpose or direction. The Adi and Rani subplot does fare better, although it’s clear Adi is starting to lose his mind and struggling to rationale anything.

As for our other characters, all roads lead to the Zoo, and with the impending meeting with The Three about to take place, it’s anyone’s guess which way the story will go next.

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