Sweet Magnolias – Season 3 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

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Episode 10 of Sweet Magnolias Season 3 starts with Eric meeting with Dana Sue. She is happy to see him and admits she has been keeping tabs on him through Isaac. Eric congratulates her on her upcoming vow renewal, and she asks him to bake her a cake for the celebration. 

Eric turns down her request to bake a cake or return to Sullivan’s. Dana Sue thinks it is because she failed him as a boss and a friend, but Eric explains it is neither. He is grappling with guilt after finding out the true identity of Kathy. He feels he betrayed the team by running away from his problems and working with Kathy.

Dana Sue is shocked to hear about his involvement with her and finally understands why Kathy trashed her kitchen. It turns out she was mad that Eric quit working with her and took her anger out on Dana Sue’s business. Dana Sue is willing to forgive Eric, but he is determined to punish himself. She feels frustrated that Eric has no faith in their friendship and is brokenhearted. 

Elsewhere, Maddie, Paula and Katie start working on their book. Katie is so good at making up stories that they worry she is having trouble at school. On the other hand, Skeeter and the boys help Harlan after his dad gets discharged. He vents to Cal that his dad is making things hard because he refuses help and Cal asks him to be patient with him. 

Concurrently, Peggy, Charles and Helen meet to investigate Trent’s abuse of office. Charles excuses himself to receive a phone call, and Helen uses this opportunity to try and convince Peggy to run for Mayor. 

Meanwhile, the kids continue their playground revival project and shoot a fundraising video. Ty even brings in Olivia to help with the music for the video. Lily uses this chance to clarify her feelings to Kyle and kisses him as everyone watches and cheers them on.

Later that night, Bill asks to meet with Maddie and sincerely apologizes for hurting her. She is shocked and wonders what brought this on.

Does Eric return to Sullivan’s?

After much reflection, Eric asks for a second chance from Dana Sue. She is glad to have him back, and he agrees to make her the cake for her vow renewal. The Sullivan staff is also happy to have him back. Isaac is beyond the moon even though he thinks he will be demoted, but Dana Sue assures him he will get a new title. 

What happens between Annie and Jackson?

Annie dumps Jackson at the school’s friendly baseball game. She tells him she made a mistake in trusting him. She also tells him she is tired of feeling alone in the relationship and lying to the people she loves to make their relationship work. Afterwards, she runs into Ty’s arms; he comforts her and promises to always be there for her.  Even though they are still friends, it seems like there is a chance they might end up being more.

What does Ty decide about his future?

Ty tells Maddie he will take a gap year, and she promises to support him. She agrees he still has time to figure out his new dream and is proud of him.

Who is Paula’s new man?

Paula starts seeing her close friend Jimmy. He is recovering from his recent divorce but has always had feelings for her. He asks her to help him decorate his new house on the coast. She takes time to think about his offer but later agrees to leave. Maddie is surprised by her mom’s decision and is concerned but happy to support her. 

What happens between Eric and Helen?

Eric and Helen are talking, but there is still some awkwardness and some attraction between them. They try to ignore it and at the party, they keep glancing at each other. By the looks of it, they are both afraid to be the first to speak about how they truly feel.

What happens at the vow renewal party?

The party starts with a few rocky moments when Bill and Kathy arrive uninvited. This time, Kathy apologizes to Ronnie and Dana Sue. She offers Ronnie a teapot from their mom’s collection that he has always wanted, as a token of peace. Bill also reveals that he is leaving town for a while to figure things out. Maddie is shocked but thinks it is for the best. 

Once Bill and Kathy leave, the party starts in earnest, and the people of Serenity come together to support Ronnie and Dana Sue’s love. Everyone regards them highly and is happy to be there for such a monumental celebration in the couple’s life. During the party, we can’t help but notice that Noreen and Jeremy are close. It looks like they are dating, and Isaac is happy for her. 

At the party, the magnolias wonder if CeCe, Annie and Lily are the new them. They wish the three girls will have a great friendship like them. They hope they will be part of their legacy. Unfortunately, Genevieve doesn’t attend the party, and we are unsure of her relationship with Eric. Luckily, for Cal and Maddie, we know they are deeply in love and have a great time dancing together. The Tango dancing lessons came in handy.

The Episode Review

For the past two seasons, something has always gone wrong as the season comes to a finale and this time, it is refreshingly different. We get cliffhangers but nothing too dramatic, and we are grateful for that. 

We still don’t know the true status of most relationships. Are Annie and Ty dating? What is happening between Jermy and Noreen? Will Eric and Helen get back together, and where does that leave Genevieve? Lastly, is Bill serious about Kathy, and how will these new dynamics look for the Sullivans and Townsends? Overall, it is a good finale, and we hope to get these answers in the next season.

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  1. I love sweet magnolia I just hate you have to wait so long to see the next episode I understand it makes interesting but the wait Time really longer then any show I watch season 4 will probably want come out for another year in half that quite long that how people get uninterested I give 4 in half star

  2. I love sweet magnolia I just hate you have to wait so long to see the next episode I understand it makes interesting but the wait Time really longer then any show I watch season 4 will probably want come out for another year in half that quite long that how people get uninterested because of long wait period the show is great. You only watch it over again so many times before you lose interest.

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