Sweet Magnolias – Season 3 Episode 9 “A Game of Telephone” Recap & Review

A Game of Telephone

Episode 9 of Sweet Magnolias Season 3 starts with Kyle throwing away the carnations he saved, thinking they were from Nellie. Ty feels for him but advises him to investigate who sent him the carnations if Nellie didn’t.

Meanwhile, Paula stops by the spa and asks Maddie to sign her up for a membership. She also tells Maddie about the sweet letter Katie sent her. Maddie is proud that Katie is turning out to be an amazing, thoughtful kid. Paula says the letter inspired her to start a new project. They talk about the other kids, and they are beaming with pride.

Elsewhere, Noreen meets with Helen to ask about a formal agreement with Bill. Helen asks if she is sure she wants to do this as it is cumbersome. She suggests that Noreen talk to Bill. Noreen feels the past is hanging on to her and wants to put it behind her. She is glad that the people of Serenity have been helpful and hopes she can do better.

On the other hand, Cal gets a text from Vicky asking to meet. He asks Maddie to come with her, and she agrees. Vicky informs him that she will make reservations for four implying she is bringing someone too. Maddie is unsure what to make of Cal’s reaction to Vicky’s text but remains calm.

At margarita night, Dana Sue tells the girls there will be no grand vow renewal party.  Helen and Maddie are shocked to hear the money went to Kathy and offer to plan an intimate party for Dana Sue. She gives them only one condition — keep it small. The only problem is who will bake the cake. With Eric gone, they will need a new pastry chef to come through. Helen and Dana Sue are unwilling to ask him because they want to give him space. 

They also discuss their upcoming proposal for the interfaith council. Maddie says she can’t make it to rehearsal as she has a date with Cal and his ex. The girls are curious and make Maddie promise to tell them how it went.

The following morning, the kids meet to discuss their playground revival project. They have so many ideas, and things are getting more expensive. Kyle suggests they film a fundraising video and inspire people to contribute. They delegate duties, and everyone steps in to do their part.

CeCe and Ty offer to visit the Mayor’s office and get a permit. CeCe is unsure why Ty wants to help her, but Annie explains that it is his nature, like his mom. Lily also feels the same and can’t help but gush about Kyle being a good leader. Anyone can tell the girl has got it bad for Kyle! 

In the meantime, Helen and Maddie plan Dana Sue’s vow renewal party. Most vendors offer their services for free out of respect and gratitude for the Sullivans. Their only request is to be allowed to attend the party. By the end of the day, an intimate party is no longer an option. 

They inform Dana Sue, and she decides to have fun and let go. She also invites Peggy and her new friend Charles. Charles is in town to help Peggy investigate Trent. The magnolias agree to give him an interview on the matter. At the spa, Jeremy stops by to meet with the magnolias about the food insecurity programme. He brings goat milk for Noreen, and they seem to be flirting. We gotta say, they would make a cute couple. 

In the evening, Ty meets with Olivia for his tutoring class, and she helps him understand data through music. Maddie and Katie have a wonderful mom-daughter moment. Maddie shares that she is proud of her for writing a thoughtful letter to her grandma. 

The following day, the kids meet, and CeCe informs Kyle they got the permit. CeCe and Ty talk honestly and finally have closure on their past romantic relationship. It looks like they will be good friends in the end.

Night rolls by, and Cal and Maddie have dinner with Nicky and her boyfriend, Drew. Nicky wants Cal’s blessing following her engagement to Drew. Remember, Drew is the guy Cal fought with when his career spiralled. The dinner flows smoothly, as you can imagine, but things get worse when Vicky tries to corner Maddie in the ladies’ room. She tries to make Maddie feel insecure and demean Cal’s new life. 

Maddie diplomatically puts Vicky in her place with the Southern lady charm. Vicky was not prepared for it, and she is shocked to her core. Once they return to the table, she finds her manners, and the night ends quickly but on a friendly note. Cal is grateful that Maddie’s talk with Vicky changed the course of dinner for the better. 

Meanwhile, Lily visits Kyle at home and confesses her feelings for him. Kyle is glad to solve the carnations mystery and gladly agrees to go on a date with Lily. 

At the Sullivans, Dana Sue talks to Annie about the consequences of her action. Annie is sorry for what she did and admits she has had time to reflect on her mistakes. She has been watching her parent’s relationship and knows what she wants in hers. Dana Sue is touched by how fondly Annie looks up to her and Ronnie. She tells Annie she is proud of her and hopes she will find a good man. 

The following day, the magnolias’ presentation for the interfaith Council goes well, and their efforts are much appreciated. Later, Bill has dinner with the kids, and it dawns on him how much they have grown. The kids have their own things going on, and he sadly wonders about his place in their lives as he feels lost. 

After school, CeCe and Annie talk about Ty, and CeCe subtly hints that he is a good guy. On the other hand, Ty visits Helen, and they talk about not letting fear keep them from their dreams. They also talk about the importance of slowly asking for help and figuring out their dreams. Ty realizes he shouldn’t be in a rush to find his dreams. He decides that he doesn’t want to go to college just yet. Helen asks him to tell Maddie about his plans. 

Ty is not the only one with new plans; Katie’s letters inspire Maddie to write a book and share all the marvellous stories she wants to gift to Katie. She asks Paula to help her illustrate the book, and Paula is excited to join the project.

At the end of the day, Dana Sue confides in Annie that she is feeling stressed about the cake for her party. Annie advises her to reach out to Eric and determine where they stand. Dana Sue feels hurt that he has not told her about his plans and whether he is returning to the restaurant. The talk with her mom also helps Annie realize that maybe Ty is not entirely out of her heart.

She is not the only one with an epiphany about a close relationship. After her conversation with Howie, Helen contemplates reaching out to Eric and starting out as friends.

The Episode Review 

As we come close to the finale, we can see who might end up with whom. Our bets are on Ty and Annie. They would make a great couple and have loved each other for a long time. We are also curious about the fate of Eric and Helen. I hope he ends up with Genevieve but continues his friendship with Dana Sue, and Helen. Let us see how things will go in the next episode. 

Secondly, Helen is an amazing godmother; she is always willing to help the kids realize their full potential and be there for them. She is doing a fantastic job with CeCe. She would make an amazing mom, and we hope she gets a chance to fulfil her dream of being a mom.

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