Sweet Magnolias – Season 3 Episode 8 “Beat Me at My Own Game” Recap & Review

Beat Me at My Own Game

Episode 8 of Sweet Magnolias Season 3 starts with Dana Sue and Ronnie waking up and finding the restaurant‘s kitchen trashed. Of course, the villain of the story is Kathy, but unfortunately, she is slick and leaves no evidence. The Sullivan team quickly come together to clean up and keep it going. Ronnie is pissed and assures Dana Sue that he will handle his sister.

Elsewhere, Trotter asks for leave to look after a sick friend and his family elsewhere. Maddie has no qualms about giving him all the time he needs and offers her unconditional support. At home, Kyle is excited to share with his siblings about his sustainable playground projects.  Sadly, Ty says he has a study group and won’t be able to help. Kyle suggests he gets a tutor to help him with statistics.

On the other hand, Ronnie meets with Kathy, and she denies trashing Sullivan’s kitchen. As always, it is the same story as she plays the victim. Ronnie has had enough, and he explains that she was the one who ruined the relationship. She agrees to leave after getting what she deserves and he pays to make her leave town. Dana Sue is not pleased and thinks he cowered to a bully, but it is done. They only hope that Kathy will keep her word.

Later, Maddie goes for her usual walk with Pastor June and shares her concern about the magnolias and their upcoming presentation for the interfaith council to discuss food insecurity in Serenity. Meanwhile, Helen returns to Serenity and finds a touching letter from Maddie apologizing and asking to move on. She texts the girls and informs them that she is back. Maddie also wrote a letter to Dana Sue, and they decide to meet later.

Back at the Sullivan’s, they manage to sort out the kitchen. Isaac tries to cheer up Annie since she is grounded. He helps her see that the rules are there to keep her safe. 

Night rolls by, and the girls meet for margarita night at Maddie’s house — Cal volunteers to take the kids out to give the girls their space. Ty decides to skip the outing. Instead, he meets Olivia for some tutoring. She agrees to tutor him if he stops flirting with her and learns how to talk to women. 

Once the girls meet, they all apologize to each other. Helen admits that she let her relationship with Ryan almost ruin their friendship. She tells them about the breakup, and they understand her. She also admits she was wrong; the weekend away taught her to put her pride aside. 

They promise to continue their friendship, each taking responsibility for their mistake. They cry, catch up and pour the margaritas. As expected, Eric comes up in the conversation, but Helen feels it would be wrong to reach out to him. She wants to respect his journey and give him space. They also talk about Dana Sue’s upcoming vow renewal and get excited about planning the party.

In the meantime, Eric and Genevieve are getting closer and flirting up a storm.  Isaac asks Noreen to consider talking to Helen and getting a formal agreement with Bill. It seems like Bill’s impromptu visit shook them up. Noreen agrees to speak to Helen and thanks Isaac for always looking out for them. 

Concurrently, Kathy prepares to leave town and asks Bill to consider coming with her.  She is hoping they can have a fresh start. He says he can’t leave as he is making efforts to make things right. He wants to be around for his kids. Kathy disagrees and tells him sometimes the best thing to do for the people he loves is to leave. 

After school, CeCe shares with Helen her excitement for the school year and being Annie’s lab partner. Helen thinks it is great that CeCe and Annie are getting close. She is also proud of CeCe’s growth and advises her to let herself evolve. 

Speaking of Annie, she confides in Lily that she was hurt by Jackson’s action after her fender bender. She is tired of feeling alone in the relationship. They meet with Kyle and her friends and hear about the playground revival. They decide to help, and CeCe also agrees to help since she has a personal relationship with the Ashgrove playground. Ty arrives too and is convinced to help. He is surprised when CeCe acts friendly toward him.

Elsewhere, Helen runs into Jeremy at the market and invites him to join their new initiative at the foundation. Jermy is happy to help and come up with ideas to tackle food insecurity in Serenity. She also runs into Eric, and they try to be civil and at least say hi to each other. Later, Jeremy asks Eric about his involvement with Kathy. Eric is shocked to learn about Kathy’s true nature. 

Later, Ty stops by Annie’s place to check up on her. She admits it was a mistake to hang out with Jackson and is grateful for Ty being there for her.  They talk and reminisce about their old adventures, and Ty is happy to see Annie smile again. 

On the other hand, Cal and Maddie sign up for fun Tango lessons; we must admit they’ve got the moves. Meanwhile, Kyle meets with Nellie, and she tells him that she didn’t send the carnations and is confused. Nellie has moved on and asks him to do the same. Poor Kyle is heartbroken.

The next day, Ronnie, Cal and Skeeter show up at the Sullivans to parade the tuxes they will wear to the vow renewal. Dana Sue informs Ronnie they no longer have money to cover the party. The money went to Kathy, and they might have to call off the party.

The Episode Review 

Well, it looks like there will be no vow renewal party for the Sullivans, courtesy of Kathy. She has managed to ruin things one last time before leaving town. It is sad, given how much Dana Sue was looking forward to the party. 

On the other hand, it is great that the magnolias have resolved their issues, and margarita nights are back. Helen has learnt her lesson, and we can only hope they will each work on their shortcomings and continue to be there for one another.  

Relationship-wise, Helen and Eric should remain friends. Genevieve looks like a better match for Eric, and Helen needs more time to flush Ryan out of her system. 

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