Sweet Magnolias – Season 3 Episode 7 “ Somebody I’m Longing to See” Recap & Review

Somebody I’m Longing to See

Episode 7 of Sweet Magnolias Season 3 starts with Helen and CeCe preparing to leave town for Tampa. CeCe is having a minor panic attack as she is scared of flights since it is her first time. Helen calms her down and gifts her a necklace for good luck. 

In the meantime, Maddie takes the kids to a playground but finds the place a mess. Kyle suggests that they come together with his friends and fix the playground. She worries they are putting a lot on his plate and cautions him to find a balance. 

At the Sullivan’s, Annie gets her driving license and is excited to drive to Castlewood and see Jackson.  They end up having a great time until Annie gets in a fender bender, and Jackson hides when her parents arrive. Dana Sue is glad that she is safe but angry that she lied and has been sneaking around to see Jackson even after Mary Vaugh asked them to stop seeing each other. She grounds Annie and takes away the car keys. 

On the other hand, Helen safely arrives home and is welcomed by her mom. Her mom is not shocked to hear that she broke up with Ryan. She is, however, surprised that Helen came all the way to Tampa to cry her heart out. Throughout the weekend, Helen tries to collect herself and spend some time with her family.

Of course, it is not easy and her brother Zeke worries after seeing her crying. By the end of the weekend, Helen starts to worry that she has ruined her relationship with the girls but her mom encourages her to fix it. 

Back in Serenity, Bill stops by the spa and is surprised to find out Noreen works there. Genevieve senses the awkwardness and steps in to help Bill get a gift certificate for a special friend. It is probably Kathy and he has no idea about the history with the magnolias. 

Meanwhile, Paula stops by to ask Maddie what is going on with Helen after her breakup with Ryan. Maddie is shocked as she had no idea that Ryan left Serenity and Helen fled town. She visits Dana Sue at the restaurant and delivers some paperwork for the foundation for her to sign. She also informs her about the Helen situation. Dana Sue says she understands that Helen wants space. They get into another mini-fight and Maddie leaves.

Later, Maddie confides in Cal that she thinks she might be a bad friend. He asks her to be patient and let her friends come to her when they are ready. He tells her to balance how much she can help or let other people help themselves. 

At the market, Noreen meets with Jeremy to get some goat milk. He is happy to help and they seem to get on mighty well.  He later meets Isaac and tells him he is glad to meet Noreen. He also accidentally tells Isaac about Eric working for Kathy. Isaac is worried that Eric is making a mistake hanging out with her. 

He tries to tell Eric the truth but he shuts him down before listening and an angry Isaac leaves. Eric tells Cal he doesn’t understand why Isaac is angry and Cal tells him maybe it is because he feels disappointed in him. Eric regret being short with Isaac but clarifies it is not Isaac’s duty to fix his problems. Cal suggests he takes his own advice and lets other people help him. He also informs Eric about Helen’s break-up. 

After school, Ty approaches a girl named Olivia, who is in his statistic class and asks for her help with their homework. Night rolls by, and Bill pays Noreen a surprise visit. He tells her that he respects her choice to keep his name out of Rebecca’s certificate. He, however, wants to be there for her. Noreen clarifies that she will protect Rebecca until she is old enough to choose if she wants her dad around.

Isaac asks him to leave after Noreen is done with him. She is still hurt by Bill and needs her space. Isaac feels the same way, so he makes an appointment with Bill and warns him to stop pushing Noreen’s boundaries and showing up unannounced at his house.

The next day, Paula talks with Dana Sue and advises her to consider fixing things between them. Maddie also makes an effort to be supportive of Dana Sue during the food outreach. 

While at the outreach, Kyle gets angry after learning that Annie and Jackson didn’t break up like he and Nellie. He vents to Lily that he has been wasting his time when he could have been with Nellie. He asks her to drive him to Castlewood and he leaves a flower on Nellie’s bike with a sweet note.

In the meantime, Cal and Ty talk about carpentry and how fulfilling it is to work with their hands. Ty hopes to make something meaningful in the future, like the table his granddad made. Cal is supportive and offers to help. On the other hand, Katie asks Maddie for help in writing an apology letter to Kyle. This inspires Maddie to also write an apology letter to her friends.

Later, Genevieve and Eric meet up at the Z’s place and he leaves a note for Kathy to let her know she is quitting. The episode ends with Dana Sue walking into the restaurant and finding Maddie’s letter. However, the biggest surprise is seeing someone trashed her kitchen and wrote the name Trish on the door. Dana Sue wonders who Trish is and what beef she has with her.

The Episode Review

Obviously, Kathy trashed Dana Sue’s kitchen because Eric quit. It is possible that Eric heard Isaac and decided to end his partnership with Kathy. That was for the best, but unfortunately, Dan Sue paid the price. 

It was also nice to see Helen’s mom. We have heard so much about her; she is a wonderful, wise woman. She took her time to listen to Helen and help her through her pain. Her advice was also spot on. Now that Helen is ready to admit she overreacted to Maddie’s question let’s hope the gang can get back together.

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