Sweet Magnolias – Season 3 Episode 2 “Meet Me Where I Am” Recap & Review

Meet Me Where I Am

Episode 2 of Sweet Magnolias Season 3 picks up with Erik and Helen talking about Ryan’s proposal. Understandably, Erik feels disappointed that Helen needs more time to decide whether she is kicking Ryan to the curb.

In anger, he tells Helen that he won’t be compared to the ghost of Ryan and leaves. Helen tries to stop him, explaining that she would like them to remain friends, but Erik says there is no chance of that. 

Ty misses his PT appointment and goes to confront Cal for shaming his mom. After running into Lily at the spa, he hears the rumours about Cal and feels his filial duty is to defend his mom’s honor. The confrontation with Cal doesn’t do much to calm him, and he finds it hard to accept Cal’s apology. 

In the meantime, Erik does his best to move on and handle his frustration over his failed relationship with Helen. Isaac tries to cheer him up, but Erik is having none of it. 

Unaware of the trouble he has caused, Ryan is still in town, delivering his aunt’s final messages to her friends. This time he gives a box to Paula, and she asks him about his intention with Helen. She wants him to be considerate and make sure he won’t break Helen’s heart again. 

At the Sullivan’s, Ronnie warns Annie about Kathy but doesn’t explain why they have no relationship. Annie tells him she has already had an unpleasant run-in with Kathy and promises to stay clear of her. Dana Sue interrupts this conversation and excitedly tells Annie about their plans to throw her the fanciest birthday party ever. Annie feels overwhelmed by all their over-the-top ideas but finds it hard to speak up. 

Later, Cal and Maddie go for a walk and discuss their plans. Cal wants them to rebuild their relationship, and Maddie suggests they try being friends. Maddie is hoping open and honest communication can strengthen their relationships. She starts by telling Cal about Ty’s decision to quit baseball. Cal is sad to hear this but is willing to help. They also agree that they will abstain from physical touch for two weeks. 

Meanwhile, our sneaky young lovers, Annie and Jackson, meet at the cemetery again and catch up. They brainstorm about Annie’s birthday theme, and she realizes she wants a small intimate thing. 

Later that evening, Maddie and Pastor June have another friendly date and go out for bingo. Pastor June meets a new male friend, David, and they seem to get along fairly well.  While Maddie is out for a bingo night, Kyle tries to convert Ty into a Shakespeare lover. However, Ty gets a new perspective after watching the movie, which Kyle fails to relate to. 

As the night wears on, Ryan tries to reach out to Helen, but she refuses to open the door for him. Meanwhile, Isaac shares a beer with Eric and tries to be there for him during these trying times. 

The following morning, Bill stops by Maddie’s house out of concern for Ty, who missed his PT appointment. Maddie wonders why Ty failed to make it to his appointment. Bill offers to take Ty to his new appointment and talk to him about it. Maddie is surprised that Bill is helpful but happy to have help.  

Bill talks to Ty and tries to understand what is wrong. Ty insists he is fine, and Bill admits he is also trying to learn and grow from his mistakes. In the end, Ty promises not to miss another appointment.  Later, when Bill drops Ty home, he tells Maddie that he could not get to the bottom of the issue. Maddie says she will look into it, and Bill assures her that he is only trying to be there for the kids too and will respect their boundaries.

Annie visits Helen and asks for advice. She is worried about how to break the news to her parents about not wanting a big party. Helen assures her that won’t happen and advises her to speak her mind.

Norreen stops by Sullivan’s restaurant and thanks the team for helping her with the baby. She brings them some homemade cookies, which they appreciate.

That evening, the magnolias have their margarita night and discuss who they believe can be their next mayor. They pour it out and spill what they have been through during the week.  The girls are also surprised to learn that Maddie and Pastor June are getting close. All things considered, they are all doing well in their respective relationships. 

Helen says she is sad to lose Erik’s friendship but understands his reaction. She also feels regret for not giving Ryan another chance. The girls promise to be there for her, and Helen can’t help but appreciate their friendship. 

Speaking of friendships, the boys meet at the basketball court and inform Cal that they have his back. They ask Cal to lean on them, and he is surprised but touched by their support. 

After margarita night, Maddie goes home and talks with Ty. Ty confesses that he went to meet Cal and missed his appointment. He is still angry and feels it is unfair for his mom to be humiliated. Maddie takes this time to teach him about genuine apologies and putting in the work to get better. She apologises to him but clarifies that this is a battle she must fight on her own. She doesn’t want her troubles to impede Ty’s journey.

The following day, Isaac meets with Peggy and discusses Bill’s effort to reach out. Peggy tells him it is okay if he doesn’t wish to talk to Bill or tell anyone else about his business.  Isaac is glad Peggy supports him, and they decide to be friends and get to learn about each other.

Speaking of new beginnings, our thespian lover, Kyle, musters his courage to meet Mary Vaughn and ask her permission to date Nellie. Sadly, not even the beautiful words of a young boy apologising and claiming love for his daughter moves Mary Vaughn. She sends Kyle on his way without a second thought.

Kyle is not the only Townsend having a hard time in his relationship. Maddie and Cal learn that it is hard to keep their hands off each other as days go by, but they are not ready to throw in the towel just yet. They go for walks and try to distract themselves from the sexual tension between them. This leads to Maddie fixating on all the things that Trent failed to do as a Mayor, and she starts making a list of what needs to be fixed around town. Cal offers to help her with this new project. 

Back to Helen, she sits down with Ryan and asks him if he is ready to commit to Serenity and her. Ryan promises to give up his job and stay in Serenity. He is hoping they will figure things out, and Helen is ready for them to make the necessary sacrifices for their relationship.

The Episode Review

Well, Ryan has made up his mind to stay in Serenity but it is a bit concerning that he changed his mind so fast. Just a few months ago, he didn’t want kids or a life in Serenity but now he is down for everything. It is suspicious and we can only hope that he won’t trample all over Helen’s heart again. If we are being real, Erik deserves better than this but we can also understand where Helen is coming from. 

Meanwhile, Maddie and Cal may be on to something and it looks like these two weeks of “strictly friendship” will do them some good. On the other hand, we can’t help but wonder if Bill will keep his promise this time and be more present in the children’s life. As for his relationship with Isaac, putting all the blame on him feels unfair. He never knew he had another son and can’t be blamed for something he didn’t know. 

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