Sweet Home – K-Drama Season 2 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Cocoon

Episode 8 of Sweet Home Season 2 begins with Chief Ji approaching Seung-wan for help. Elsewhere, Dong-jun checks on Tak whose eyes go black for an instant. They find Ye-seul’s ring and realise she cut the wire for the blackout. When they confront Ji, she just slaps Ye-seul and feigns ignorance.

She goes back to Seung-wan and reveals she knows of his turning. She promises to help him and takes him to the tunnel below her room. There she pushes him down the stairs and locks him. A monster growls and he screams.

Does the rescue squad find Sergeant Choi?

Kim and Seok-chan search for Seo-jin and Jong-hyun who are fine. They see different groups of monsters and find it odd. They are attacked and someone called Chi-seong pretends to save them and locks them in a room.

Kim and Seok-chan follow a girl and end up in a clinic. Seok-chan helps her and she reveals more humans live there. She also leads them to Choi who has been quarantined and shares that symptomatic people and monsters live together. But they realise something is amiss as Choi has no symptoms. Seok-chan keeps guard while Kim tells the girl to lead him to her leader.

Are the trio able to save Yi-kyung?

Hyun-su, Chan-young and Eun-yu take Yi-kyung to an abandoned hospital but since she has carbon monoxide poisoning there is nothing to be done. Hyun-su points out that she wanted to die so she deliberately stayed on the burning boat. He and Eun-yu catch up and he tears up on hearing Hye-in, Su-yeong and Ji-su are dead. He doesn’t know if Eun-hyuk turned and she is just thankful Hyun-su returned to her.

What was the issue between Chief Ji and Eun-yu?

Chan-young asks Hyun-su if he is the one Eun-yu was searching for. He says no and tells him to take care of Eun-yu and Yi-kyung as he searches for Mystery Girl. Chan-young then asks Eun-yu if Hyun-su killed Ji’s husband.

Turns out, the husband was showing symptoms and attacked her. She kept stabbing him but he didn’t stop till Hyun-su intervened and killed him. Confused, he asks why she let people call her a murderer. She confesses that she and Ji never liked each other and she also couldn’t tell the military that a monster chose to save her.

Does Yi-kyung turn into a monster?

Hyun-su finds Mystery Girl but is unable to convince her to say goodbye to her mother. She wonders why he can’t save Yi-kyung and he says it’s the end. So that she doesn’t regret her actions, all she needs to do is stay by Yi-kyung’s side to the end. They arrive as Yi-kyung gains consciousness. She thanks her daughter who holds her hand till she stops breathing.

Mystery Girl leaves and instantly informs the trio that Yi-kyung won’t die and they realise that she has turned her. Yi-kyung cries as she tries to stop her monster self even when Chan-young shoots her.

She stabs Hyun-su and he sees her memories as she says all monsters should die. He goes into her head and sees her running from monster hands. He tells Eun-yu that he can see the human side living in a happy dream when one becomes a monster but Yi-kyung is stuck in a nightmare loop. He throws her in a pit and blacks out. Eun-yu looks after him while Chan-young wishes her farewell as he returns to the stadium.

Why does Ho-sung keep Ha-ni around?

As Ho-sang and Ha-ni drive away, she wonders why he keeps her around if he hates humans. She wishes for a fun life like Eun-yu and Chan-young and he is upset. He liked how she was empty so he wouldn’t have to worry about her turning. This doesn’t convince her and she poisons his flask. After he blacks out, she says she can’t live that way and turns them around.

What is up with the Bamseom people?

Lim is about to touch the glowy cocoon when Ui-myeong lures him out. He corners him and reveals that he is his friend and first test subject, Sang-won aka Yi-kyung’s fiance.

Seok-chan keeps talking to Choi who cries as he only found one bottle for Ji-na who is HIV+. He reveals that the Bamseom survivors have no intention of letting them go as they are lab rats. Seok-chan runs to warn Kim but is attacked by a boy with tentacles. The boy also attacks Jong-hyun while Seo-jin looks stunned.

The girl, Ja-yeong leads Kim to her leader Chi-seong. Kim shoots him when he refuses to let Choi go and says he is just giving him a chance to be moulded. Before Kim can make another move, Ja-yeong attacks with her tentacles.

What happens at the end of Sweet Home Season 2?

Something possesses Hyun-su and his eyes turn blue. A scared Eun-yu tells him to bring back human Hyun-su but he mocks her. He says he is letting Hyun-su recover and blames humans for their downfall. At the end of Sweet Home Season 2 Episode 8, the cocoon at Green Home breaks and Eun-hyuk walks out.

The Episode Review

Sweet Home Season 2 Episode 8 leaves us with more questions than answers. Chief Ji’s mystery feels childish in front of the Bamseom neohumans. Her husband turned and Hyun-su killed him to save Eun-yu. As for the tunnel thing, her son probably turned too and she feeds him symptomatic people like Seung-wan. She also probably wanted to feed Mrs. Oh to her hungry son. But why did she need Ye-seul to cut the lights?

And is there something to Seon-hwa’s pretence and Peter’s shadiness? Chan-young and Ha-ni may show up at the stadium though, to take down Ji’s son and Tak if he loses control. We also get the answer as to why someone as deranged as Ui-myeong doesn’t hurt Yi-kyung when she goes into labour. But this plot twist was possibly not thought of in season 1 which is why he treats her like a stranger at Green Home.

It also gives us a small explanation of why their kid is so powerful, she was possibly conceived when Ui-myeong had already started turning. It also seems that Ui-myeong convinced monster Hyun-su who had blue eyes in the mall in episode 1. This is why Hyun-su changed his mind when he came back to his human self after the car crash.

But there is one slow buildup we don’t mind – the cocoon monsters. Like Mrs. Im and the Bamseom monsters, they can control their monsterization. This means Eun-hyuk is more or less himself but powerful. They really blindsided us by not adding Eun-hyuk’s actor, Lee Do-hyun to the cast. Does this mean we will also get monster Ji-su in season 3? We don’t see her die either. The Crow Platoon has grown on us too and hope they are not all dead.

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