Sweet Home – K-Drama Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Shelter

Episode 3 of Sweet Home Season 2 has Su-yeong dying and Yeong-su crying as they leave her. Ui-myeong finally heals and hides as Yi-kyung finds her fiance, the same MH that Ui-myeong is friends with and breaks down. Her kid moves and she faints as Ui-myeong watches. Lim is brought in front of the officials and the Prime Minister. Turns out, he hid the vaccines from them and refuses to cooperate.

The Green Home residents finally arrive at the shelter. The hitchhiker, Ho-sang is beaten up for not being allowed to take in his belongings. Private Park Chan-yeong is revealed to be a famous baseball player. Sergeant Tak arrives at Bamseom and is told his platoon is dismissed. General Han who created the unit reveals that it is over. However, he warns him not to go to the shelter.

At the shelter, everyone who enters is cut and tagged. Whoever’s cut heals instantly is quarantined. Eun-yu finds something odd with Ji-su who looks like she is about to faint but she is in pain from the injury Jae-hwan inflicted on her at Green Home and then as a monster. However, at that moment, it is announced that all survivors are welcome and Ji-su is allowed to go.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Kim warns one of Tak’s men, Jin-ho of the sergeant’s ruthlessness. It cuts to Tak standing in front of a shot General Han. However, Han shot himself instead of answering Tak. 

At the lab, the Prime Minister shoots Lim’s hand and threatens to wipe the shelter before the humans have a chance to turn. Lim simply agrees and the Prime Minister starts bombing the shelter. As the first rocket hits, the survivors start running. There is a stampede and the Green Home residents are separated. Ji-su finds Yeong-su and runs to him.

Tak and Kim separately arrive at the lab and stop the Prime Minister from killing Lim. He turns out to be an MH and Kim kills the Prime Minister. They also stop the remaining bombs from destroying the shelter and burn down the Bamseom lab.

Yi-kyung runs out while Ui-myeong opens all the MHs’ cells. He thinks about leaving Hyun-su who doesn’t give him a chance as he escapes on his own and attacks. Hyun-su is able to control his arm wing and they fight. However, he is no match as Ui-myeong takes over Hyun-su’s arm and turns him into stone.

Outside, Yi-kyung’s water breaks while she is on a frozen lake and she screams. The ice breaks and she falls underwater. Eun-yu wakes up amidst debris and finds Ji-su whose leg is pierced with a rod. A pipe creaks and is about to fall on her and Yeong-su. He cries and runs while a teary-eyed Eun-yu watches. Ji-su smiles at her and a crashing noise is heard.

Yi-kyung wakes up above and sees that her child is an MH eating the umbilical cord. The military and the remaining survivors head to a stadium nearby and realise that there is already another group of survivors. But they are welcome at the end of Sweet Home Season 2 Episode 3.

The Episode Review

Hyun-su’s tragic flaw of being super righteous is now getting annoying. If he’d played it smartly, he wouldn’t have turned into stone now, would he? Though we doubt that’s the last we see of him. Who knows, maybe he has another secret power we don’t know about.

Ah, does Ji-su die in Sweet Home Season 2 Episode 3? Is that why she doesn’t have a poster and is not in any of the promo content? But the actress, Park Gyu-young is said to be in season 3 as well, so what’s up with Ji-su’s storyline? She’s probably turned like Hyun-su for all we know.

There are a lot of questions from Lim’s endgame to the hitchhiker’s status but there is no real overarching conflict yet. But that may be corrected in the next episode when the stadium survivors clash with the Bamseom survivors. 

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