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Episode 2 of Sweet Home Season 2 begins with a flashback of Eun-hyuk telling Ji-su that if Hyun-su loses his memories, he will become a monster. He then requests her to protect Eun-yu and the rest.

At present, Eun-yu takes the truck to Green Home and searches for Eun-hyuk while Ji-su keeps an eye on the superior. Eun-yu sees Eun-hyuk’s broken glasses and the CD he was listening to. In it, he had a photo of them and a list of infectees which had his name; he was turning before the building fell. 

Outside, the superior lures Jae-hwan who tries to take the gun from Ji-su for vaccine and shelter. In the confusion, Chan-young gets the upper hand while the superior runs to Eun-yu and beats her up. Chan-young stops him but is ordered to tie everyone and leave them.

They all suddenly notice a dead platoon and realise a monster is around. Ms. Im shows up and seems to have come out of a cocoon. The superior runs her over and tries to burn her but the headless season 1 elf monster shows up and kills him. The residents make a run for it but Chan-young is caught by another monster. Jae-hwan tries to leave in an armoured van but Eun-yu stops him till Chan-young escapes and reaches them.

Elsewhere, Sergeant Tak and Sergeant Kim butt heads as Tak wants to forge ahead and find the dead platoon. He finally gives in and lets the UDT and wounded men go to base with Kim while his men collect all the fallen men’s tags.

As Chan-young drives back to Bamseom, the residents bicker with Jae-hwan that Ms. Im was a special infectee like Hyun-su. Ji-su warns Eun-yu not to let others’ sacrifice go in vain but she is adamant that Eun-hyuk is alive. On the way, Chan-young picks up a hitchhiker which scares the the residents.

Meanwhile, Hyun-su is brought to Bamseom in a cage. He agrees to cooperate with Lim and the first experiment begins. He is covered in blood and left with a monster who thirsts for blood.

Hyun-su is beaten but as the monster bites him, he is able to see its memories and remind the monster of it. The monster human suddenly says he doesn’t want to hurt anyone and begs Hyun-su to help as the guards kill him. Hyun-su cries while Lim points out that there is no guarantee the monster would have stopped as it had killed many in the past. He also reveals that they made a vaccine but it is over. Hyun-su tells Lim to use him to make more even if it kills him. 

Ui-myeong is considered dead but he wakes up and kills the doctors. However, his wounds aren’t healing and he can’t walk. He crawls and hides in a cell where he sees a comatose infectee that he knows. 

As Lim is leaving, he runs into Yi-kyung and agrees to help as he knows Sang-won, her fiance. However, he warns her that he has become a monster. The soldiers find them and taze Lim while Yi-kyung escapes to Sang-won’s cell.

On the road, Yeong-su wants to pee but is scared, so Chan-young accompanies him. As the rest sleep, Jae-hwan turns into a monster and chokes Yeong-su’s sister, Su-yeong. The hitchhiker wakes up and shoots him as everyone runs out. However, Jae-hwan’s scream renders everyone immobile. Ji-su bears the brunt and her ears start to bleed as she burns him. At the end of Sweet Home Season 2 Episode 1, everyone realises that Su-yeong isn’t waking up.

The Episode Review

Sweet Home Season 2 Episode 1 finally gives the Green Home residents more screen time and a proper storyline. But is anyone else unable to see Eun-hyuk and Eun-yu as brother and sister after seeing them as a couple in Youth of May? Is he alive though? We see another cocoon like the one Ms. Im was stuck in so that could be him. However, about time Jae-hwan got what was coming to him.

By the way, it looks like Sergeant Kim is going to be a problem while Sergeant Tak might just be the one who may side with Green Home and Hyun-su. Similarly, while the trailer showed Lim as this deranged scientist, there is more than what meets the eye. And while Season 1 doesn’t really show the full extent of what the MHs can do, maybe this season we will. That was pretty cool the way Hyun-su could bring back the monster’s consciousness.

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