Sweet & Sour (2021) – Netflix Movie Review

One Almighty Twist Adds Some Spice

Relationships are hard. Like anything else in life, a healthy relationship requires hard work, love and attention. Of course, all three of these traits are made ever-more difficult when you take those same relationships and add in the dimension of long distance love.

However, there is hope. Statistics claim that 60% of long distance relationships last– and that certainly sits well for Netflix’s latest Korean film.

Sweet & Sour is a simple and sweet Korean rom-com, one that explores the idea of long distance relationships and the trials and tribulations that brings.

Our two lovebirds here are Da-Eun and Jang-Hyeok. Their first meeting occurs in hospital, with the latter suffering from jaundice and kept in for treatment for the foreseeable future. Da-Eun however, happens to be his nurse and the two form an unlikely bond.

This soon takes an unexpected turn though when Jang-Hyeok leaves for a lucrative work gig while promising Da-Eun big changes.

Given the close bond they have, the pair try to make things work – with Jang-Hyeok sticking to an exercise routine to get in better shape. However, a serious spanner is thrown in the works in the form of Jang-Hyeok’s work colleague, Bo-young.

She’s tasked with working long hours in close proximity to Jang-Hyeok, and their boss does his best to try and set the pair up too, shutting off the lights late at night. The more time they spend together, the harder it becomes for Jang-Hyeok to resist temptation.

Just when the film feels like it’s going the conventional rom-com route, Sweet & Sour throws in an unexpected twist an hour into the run-time – and another near the end that really spices things up. This will undoubtedly catch you completely off-guard too.

It’s around this point where the film changes tone, adding some pretty thought provoking ideas about overworking and the mental strain of the never-ending rat race. A few seemingly amusing observations early on – a fellow worker tipping a bottle of water over his head before work – now takes on a lot more meaning and helps to tie everything together visually.

Lovers of Korean content will notice a fair few familiar faces along the way, lending cameo roles throughout the movie. That’s great to see but of course the real stars of the show are Krystal Jung, Jang Ki-Yong and Chae Soo-bin who all give excellent performances.

Sweet & Sour is a sweet little Korean rom-com, one that’s packed with good acting, interesting ideas and one almighty twist. While the ending doesn’t quite land as smoothly as one would hope, there’s enough here to make for an enjoyable watch.


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  • Verdict - 7/10

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