Swarm – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Only God Makes Happy Endings

Outside a club, Dre is seen attempting to ride an Uber while observing a few partygoers leaving as episode 7 of Swarm begins. He sees that her companion is too inebriated to take them, though. As a result, Dre offers to drive them.

Initially the girl declines, but after realizing that she has no further options, she starts asking how much. When they get there, she introduces herself and we find out that her name is Rashida. Rashida goes on to say that she was born and raised in Atlanta. Her friend collapses as she approaches while wearing her underwear. After a while, Dre leaves Rashida’s house and she slowly falls asleep in her vehicle.

The following day, Dre discovers that the cops are searching her van while she is walking around. Rashida spots Dre as she enters a café. Once again at Rashida’s, they begin to make out.

Rashida captures Dre’s attention, and she decides to buy her a bouquet at the store but all of her cards are rejected. Dre and Rashida then go to her family’s home, where they are warmly welcomed. Following story time and embarrassing tales about their children, it continues as family gatherings usually do. Later that evening, Rashida confesses her love to Dre.

Dre gives Rashida a present for their anniversary. When Rashida opens the package, she finds front-row seats for a Ni’Jah’s show. Rashida is furious. She dislikes Ni’Jah and gets angry with Dre because she’s been trying to work two jobs to make sure that they have an apartment to stay in.

Dre snaps at Rashida, and she grabs Rashida by the neck, strangling her to death. Dre wails, “I wanted to love you,” before dozing off next to her lifeless body. She then burns Rashida’s body that same night.

Dre recalls that Rashida placed the passes in her backside pocket, and they’re currently on fire. When Dre arrives at the box office, they demand to see her identification. She then comes across an illegal ticket seller, and Dre stabs him before stealing his tickets.

When Dre finally enters the space, she sees Ni’Jah performing live on stage. Dre scrambles to the stage because she can’t help it and is caught by guards. Ni’Jah orders them to stop as they try to remove her. Dre is then asked to perform for the crowd and as the season wraps up, Dre and Ni’Jah enter Ni’Jah’s limo where Ni’Jah consoles her.

The Episode Review

For the first time since Marissa’s death, our protagonist shows concern for someone in this episode. Up until the inevitable occurs, Dre and Rashida’s relationship is a breath of fresh air. Dre didn’t harm Rashida when she previously expressed her dislike for Ni’Jah, which was unusual for our protagonist to do. But in the end, Dre does kill her, and it’s unsettling and fascinating to watch.

This episode is a pretty good example of how masterfully Swarm blurs the lines between reality and hallucination. We see Ni’Jah comforting Dre as the episode and the season come to an end. At the concert, some pretty strange things occur, such as Ni’Jah telling Dre to sing, which raises the possibility that this is all in Dre’s head. Additionally, the episode’s title, “Only God makes happy endings,” makes it clear that it’s all a figment of Dre’s imagination.

The episode and season come to an end, but Dre has not been interrogated. If you’ll remember in the penultimate episode, our detective was about to meet Dre. Sadly, there is no resolution to that in this episode. Hopefully, if the show is brought back for a second season, that will be made clear.

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