Swarm – Season 1 Episode 6 “Fallin’ Through The Cracks” Recap & Review

Fallin’ Through The Cracks

Detective Greene introduces herself and describes the challenges that come with being an investigator as episode 6 of Swarm begins. She’s now investigating the growing number of mysterious deaths. She shows up at the residence of one of the survivors in Nashville, Tiffany Long, to investigate the incident that occurred. She then discusses how she has been aware that a “sister” was carrying out these murders. We experience Dre’s murders all over again as she reveals each tale.

Detective Greene begins to realize that Ni’Jah is a recurring theme in these murders. To find out how crazy a bunch they are, the investigators talk to a “bee-hive” follower, otherwise known as the Ni’Jah fan club.

Detective Greene finds pictures of Dre whilst sorting through a few old pictures, and then decides to talk to the Jacksons. Mrs. Jackson tells a tale about how the family’s attempt to adopt Dre failed. She elaborates on the bond between Marissa and Dre, which Harris found difficult to comprehend. They inquire as to whether Dre and Marissa were Ni’Jah diehards, and Mrs. Jackson responds that they were obsessed. Detective Greene requests one of Dre’s pictures as she leaves the house.

Detective Greene then decides to talk to Gwen Guillroy. We find out that Marissa has known Gwen since they were young. She reveals that she doesn’t like Dre very much. She claims that when they were younger, Dre stabbed her in the middle of a game.

The Department of Family and Protective Services is our next stop. The detective has a conversation with the adoption caseworker in charge of Dre. The caseworker grows frustrated since she feels like the detective is fishing for information and trying to force answers from her.

The detective’s suspicion grows as a consequence of discovering that Dre went by the name of Carmen. As Detective Greene begins to examine the case, she realizes that she needs additional proof. She wants to speak with Dre — and possibly attend a Ni’Jah concert. When Dre is discovered, the Detective calls and requests that they hold Dre until she arrives in Atlanta.

The Episode Review

This episode has to be the least exciting of the bunch. Given the premise of the show, the episode is far more dramatic than it needed to be. The detective in charge of the case tried far too hard to entertain. While a little bit of that showmanship would have been enjoyable, it happened quite frequently, which didn’t quite fit the show’s premise.

The episode concludes with the detective directing that Dre be held until she arrives in Atlanta. The detective has major doubts about Dre. Given that the season’s finale is only one episode away, it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

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3 thoughts on “Swarm – Season 1 Episode 6 “Fallin’ Through The Cracks” Recap & Review”

  1. I loved this episode. After all the high intensity throughout the previous episodes this was perfectly timed and executed. And the detective Green character I love her I want to see more of her she needs her own show. Considering how the series ended on episode 7, we needed this episode because I was very unhappy and frustrated when the show ended the way it did. But it is an awesome limited series and there should be multiple Emmy nods coming it’s way

  2. i thought episode was 5*…acting, humor, writing, etc. i liked the darryl interview (hive) so much, i searched and searched for the actor. he needs more work.

    without this we would never have realized what happens to dre ultimately. episode 7 ending would have left us hanging.

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