Swarm – Season 1 Episode 5 “Girl, Bye” Recap & Review

Girl, Bye

Episode 5 of Swarm begins with Dre entering the room to get her phone repaired. The attendant is watching a chat show concerning the iconic bite.

Harris Jackson, Marissa’s dad, temporarily disabled her mobile number, which causes Dre to panic. She then demands they repair the mobile and takes out some cash. However, the cashier orders Dre to leave because things are getting too shady.

Dre meets a former coworker of Marissa’s at the mall. She talks about meeting Ni’Jah’s mother and getting along with her. Following that, she adds that she met Ni’Jah over lunch and gave her a hug. Thereafter, Dre proceeds to walk to the Jackson home. She first searches through some nearby items before getting a ladder and climbing up towards one of the rooms to enter the house.

Once inside, she searches through for some items, and discovers a weapon in one of the closets. After taking a shower, we observe her settling in and sleeping.

When the Jacksons get home, Dre appears unexpectedly and points a weapon at Mrs. Jackson. She requests that the lady turn on the phone. Dre is instructed to drop the weapon by Harris, who appears out of nowhere openly carrying a shotgun.

Harris ended up losing his oldest daughter recently, and we learn that he also lost his young boy previously as well. He had been the one who ordered Dre to leave Marissa’s funeral after he assigned her death to her.

Harris starts verbally attacking Dre, accusing her of being responsible for Marissa’s passing. He then asks his wife to walk out of the room. Dre attempts to leave too, and Harris fires, missing her. Dre enters Marissa’s space and hears the bee buzzing once more. Harris proceeds to break the door down but Dre hops out the window as he does so.

The scene ends with a hurt Dre, walking down the sidewalk and yelling, “He tried to kill me,” as Harris sobs aloud declaring that he never wishes to see her.

The Episode Review

Swarm has an extremely natural, minimalistic aesthetic that gives off an indie film vibe. Although there is violence present, it is executed very artistically, revealing only the necessary details to the viewer.

The show’s unsettling narrative is interwoven with scenes that merge fantasy as well as actuality. For instance, when Dre tells a lie about hugging Ni’Jah, we can see that she actually believes the lie while telling it because tears are streaming down her cheeks.

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