Suspicion – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Episode 8 of Suspicion Season 1 begins this finale inside the hotel room ,with Natalie shooting Martin Copeland. Sean is shocked and points a gun at Natalie. As the others rally by her side, Sean grabs his gear and leaves.

When he does, alarms wail as a smoke grenade is dropped in the hallway. Tara and the others just casually walk out together, showing their face everywhere and managing to walk past law enforcement mustering on the streets.

What happens with Leo Newman? Is he killed?

When they eventually make it to safety, an hour timer starts counting down, with a live broadcast of Leo being shown to the whole world to see. Owen Neilssen brings word back to Katherine about this, as she decides she wants to go and see Martin for herself.

With Tara leading the way, the motley band of suspects head inside where Tara reassures Natalie, telling her she *checks notes* didn’t kill anyone. Okay then.

Tara deflects the blame across to Sean, sticking with the narrative that he shot Copeland. But the icing on the cake comes from Natalie, who realizes she left her gun in the hotel room.

Meanwhile, Creswell is interviewed by Vanessa and Sean who clearly aren’t watching the monitors. He knows who Leo Newman is and claims he “knew they’d come.” Whoever this is, they’ve buried all of Creswell’s work.

Creswell’s mention of “them” catches Vanessa’s attention, realizing that this references there’s more than one person involved in what’s happening. One of those, as we’re being led to believe, is Natalie.

Who kidnapped Leo Newman?

Back with the group, they show up at an abandoned office space where they find Leo with the gun himself. He staged the whole event and there was no kidnapper after all. Tara reveals that she’s actually part of Leo’s group.

We’ve seen foreshadowed glimpses of this in the past, given Tara’s close ties with her students, and now it’s apparent she’s working with Leo to take his mother down. Natalie is enraged and claims she’s set them all up. “You let me kill Copeland!” Natalie exclaims.

According to these kids (and Tara), these suspects were chosen specifically because they were part of what allows Cooper Newman’s PR to keep spinning. No one was supposed to get hurt but Natalie killing Copeland has changed all that.

Why did Tara do this?

Tara’s stake in all this is to force Katherine Newman to open up and reveal the truth about Eric Creswell’s work and how she discredited the climate change claims. Unfortunately, they’re also stitching up Aadesh and Natalie to make it seem like they’re the kidnappers.

There’s a whole bunch of discourse here about right and wrong… but Natalie realizes that Eddie happens to be holding her handgun. He picked it up from the hotel room after all. Now, it’s worth noting that Eddie is holding this without gloves, meaning his fingerprints and DNA are all over it now.

Anyway, Tara knows that Eddie is a cop and reveals all to them now, as Aadesh and Natalie are both shocked.

What does Tara send her daughter?

Meanwhile, Daisy opens up an envelope from her mum which happens to have a phone inside, complete with a video message. Within this, she confirms that Eric Creswell is her father and reveals the truth about how Newman and her cronies completely destroyed Cresswell’s reputation.

Daisy remains silent about what she’s seen when Vanessa phones the family, but a snow globe of Times Square on her dresser is enough for her to realize where Sean and the others are.

Back in the abandoned building, Eddie is shot in the head by Sean, who arrives and immediately organizes traffic. He found them all via a tracker he planted on them. He ignores Tara’s pleas to stop and grabs Leo Newman, forcing him down to his knees.

Does Katherine tell the truth?

Meanwhile, Katherine decides to open up and admit the truth to the world, claiming Cresswell did nothing wrong and that the rumours about him are completely false.

She goes on to mention climate change and how those in the upper echelons of society have built up a lack of trust across society. She’s truly sorry for her part in all this, as Tara watches the broadcast and hears her exonerate her father.

The only people who know about what’s happened with the kidnapping are those inside this room, so Tara suggests they come up with a new narrative, something that will save all of them and stop anyone going to prison.

Does Eddie survive? How is Leo found?

Despite being shot in the head, Eddie is still alive…somehow. Anyway, he allows Aadesh, Tara and Natalie to go, radioing in that there’s an active shooter. That shooter, of course, being Sean.

Given he’s with Leo Newman and about to shoot him in the room across the hallway, it’s incredibly convenient to make it seem like he’s the one responsible. Anyway, the police arrive in pretty spectacular form (10 seconds between the gang leaving and police arriving!) and surround the room.

Leo Newman is found in an underground parking lot, as it would appear the room Sean took him in had a stairwell leading down to the basement.

How does Suspicion Season 1 end?

Katherine receives a message from Martin’s phone, reading “Double X Me he goes for good.” This happens to be Sean, who manages to get away without being arrested.

Natalie is taken away in handcuffs though, while Aadesh and Tara both don masks and slip away into the crowd. Despite their facial recognition software, Vanessa and Sean have been unable to find the pair as they walk through the busy streets of New York.

Sean Tillson happens to be on a bus leaving town and he checks his account, realizing he has 1 million now. Aadesh and Tara are on a boat to freedom while Natalie is arrested, presumably for a long time.

The Episode Review

What an absolute mess. Suspicion has been a really sloppy crime drama and the only thing this show had going for it was its final twist to reveal who’s responsible for everything.

In the end, no one gets their comeuppance, there’s no reckoning for those who have done bad deeds and the fate of half our characters is left unknown. Aadesh and Tara just slip away while Eddie’s fate has some serious question marks around it.

Martin Copeland’s death has gone completely unaccounted for and that’s probably the biggest issue that hasn’t been resolved. Now, given it was Natalie’s gun – or at least a handgun from her family – Eddie’s fingerprints are now all over the handgun so we’re left to assume he’s going to be arrested and charged with murder. And what of Natalie? And who the police believe is the kidnapper?

All of these questions are left completely unchecked and it leads to a sloppy end to a show that’s meandered on and tried to get by based on its twists alone.

The lack of logic and foresight put into this story is pretty surprising and to top it off, the show adds in a crowbarred message about climate change and companies needing to do better. Compared to shows like Mr Robot which tackle the same subject with far more panache and style, Suspicion bows out with a really poor finale.

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14 thoughts on “Suspicion – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained”

  1. I thought the text from Sean to Catherine meant don’t double cross, not double the money. Also, I believe Natalie shot Martin when he casually said something like, “nobody had to get killed.” The insensitivity blew her mind. I think she was basically never came out of shock from her sister’s death.

  2. It’s clear that Leo and the Mother/Katherine was in on it together… Leo inherits the firm eventually (the scene where when he’s appointed head of the charity he says it’s time for a change is just a prelude to what’s to come); the daughter is the CEO of IOP and says she’s responsible for turning the oil company completely renewable energy, and I think she’s one of the random people showing up in the finale… Anyway, it was a way for them to “turn the page” and launch Leo as a new PR guru for the new world as the world is changing, and launch Katherine as a politician, and they needed to rid ties with old oil and scandals. They found Tara and paid Leo’s way to become a student at her university. She was set up to start this whole thing with Leo BY Leo. Sean was paid to fix alternatives and make sure nothing went wrong, and was in on it all along. Why the heck he texts Katherine to double his money I have no idea, who’s going forever? And finally, the look Katherine gives Leo when she sees him after all this was “well done, let’s get to work” and she wheels him to a press conference. Everyone but Leo, Katherine, and Sean got played. Tara especially as it was all orchestrated by the rich for the rich anyway (she says the rich can dictate reality so why can’t they)…

    But yeah wtf was that sloppy messy finale??????

  3. Ok, so I’ve been trying to make more sense of the ending. Here’s my take on it:

    Sean was working for Martin AND Katherine to infiltrate the british suspects in order to get her son Leo back from the inside. That’s why he brought him to her in the end and got paid the 1mio. As she knows Martin’s dead, this message about double xx’ing can only come from Sean so that proves she’s in on Sean’s activities. Also, because Sean was there in the warehouse, he knows that the kid organized it all himself. He probably told her, but I don’t think she’s going to run her mouth about it because it’s bad PR. Hence the scene where mother doesn’t greet or hug him and only replies with ‘we’ll see about that’. But of course there’s Eddie the cop who is going to make a report of everything so eventually the truth will come out.

    Eddie doesn’t know Sean was working for Katherine so as far as the police are concerned Sean’s still a fugitive. But what Eddie DOES know is that psycho Tara en Leo with his groupies were behind it all. Hence the quick getaway by Sean and delivery of Leo to Katherine and the 1.000.000 to disappear. Sean couldn’t have waited until word came out (through Eddie) that Leo was behind it all because then Katherine would never have paid him for the rescue operation because he was never in any real danger. So Sean wanted to make a clean exit (get paid) as quickly as possible. I would have, too. As professional criminal/hitman you wouldn’t want to be associated with this bunch of mentals.

    But who is that girl with Leo who is apparently in on it and so annoyingly explains the whole thing in a childishly ‘they adults are the bad guys’ way? Nathalie even asks “And who the F*CK are YOU?” but we don’t get to hear her answer to that question. Question mark…

    Who are these two kidnapping accomplices you see for exactly 2x 1,5 sec? Leo’s best buddies? Question mark…

    I agree Tara should get some kind of punishment and treatment, she’s a psychopath for organizing all this, The end doesn’t justify the means! And like kidnapping someone’s son is an effective way to (her words) “fight back against the rich and powerful”. C’me on, pull the other one. Like someone said, Nathalie’s remark to Leo “Instead of this, couldn’t you just have gotten a therapist” is, for me, the most sensible and intelligent remark of the entire show. And the funny things is, after she said it, even Leo himself changes facial expression like he’s just gotten the greatest self-help insight of his life LOL.

    Aadesh and Nathalie are the real victims in the story. Ok, Nathalie did something illegal (steal that money) that even the investigating detective understood and laughed at. And of course she killed Martin, more about that later. Aadesh hacked a company as a way of getting noticed for a job. And he might or might not have seen some documents that this company was or was not doing stuff that is unethical (not even illegal, as far as I know). Big deal.

    So, Nathalie is basically screwed, unless Eddie manages to plea for her since he knows her true story (which is unfortunately still illegal, but could potentially be seen as a ‘in the heat of the moment’ crime, which could at least get her manslaughter instead of homicide sentencing).Tara destroys her own family; she will either be a wanted criminal who can’t travel/show her face anywhere or she’ll be in jail. Anyways, her husband will most likely want to get a divorce and her daughter will grow up without a mother and inherit her psycho legacy story. So basically to exonerate her father from something he’s already lived with at peace all his life, she sets the foundation for ruining the life of her daughter that’s still ahead. Good job! And Aadesh runs of with her to do what? Another question mark…

    Oh and the annoying girl who was with Leo magically disappears, as do the two juvenile accomplices. Where did they go? Another question mark…

    I have to say I really enjoyed watching the series, but the season finale was everything but a ‘finale’. It felt more like a sloppy wrap-up, like they had to put the content of 2 episodes into 1 and cut corners. I really believe if they had room for another episode they could have tidied the story up in a credible and satisfying way because the rest of the story seemed captivating anough and the acting was also fine (not excellent but just fine). Put that aside I enjoyed the show a lot.

  4. What happened to Leo’s friends that showed up with him at the old Time Square office? How did Catherine know that it was Sean texting her from Martin Copeland’s phone? How did she know Martin’s bank account info to wire him all that money? Why would she have any incentive to pay him? Does that imply that she was part of this whole set up? Was Sean one of these “chosen” ones to frame for the kidnapping? If so, how does he get paid at the end and why? While the others are “escaping”? On that note, why did Tara and Aadesh get on the Staten Island Ferry?? How did the police not notice Natalie yelling at the other suspects and arrest them too? This was a horrible, sloppy ending.

  5. Untidy ending, unless in some bizzare way the producers were thinking of a follow up where they show the viewers what happened to all the participants. Unfortunately that won’t happen because they ended the series with all being revealed & no way to go back & tidy up the unaswered questions.

    It appears that with the exception of Natalie, the perps all wandered off to live their lives.

    The producers & writers ruined what might have been an okay series
    with lavk of vision. Horrible for us viewers.

  6. Horrible ending though a small thing the actors portraying Tara and Adesh on the boat in the very last scene were not the same original actors!! I’ve replayed this a dozen times and they are not even close in looks. What is up with that? Also Tara and Adesh don’t get away where are they going to go??? They got nada!!!! Tara is guilty as sin so she will go down for it all and it will all get exposed. Makes no sense. Plus rhe undercover cop who was shot in the head knows the entire story! What a horrible ending to what started out to be a good pretty good

  7. Worst movie I’ve ever had the misfortune of watching, started well but turned out to not make sense at all

  8. I really enjoyed the actors, and was drawn in to the story, until the ending. The writers were trying to make a political statement, instead of tying up loose story ends. I have no idea why Natalie shot Copeland. Were Leo and his mom working together? Why was he in a wheelchair? Doesn’t anyone, like the producers, watch their shows before they’re released?

  9. Probably the worst British crime show I’ve ever seen, and I love British programing. Plot was rubbish, ending was worse; what the bloody hell actually happened??!? Complete waste of time, sad to say.

  10. I was gripped to begin with wondering who is guilty and why am I suspicious of everyone? What have these folks been hiding? What is there secret? But the last episode was the strangest plot I’ve ever known, if someone was to ask me how did this show end, I couldn’t answer because I’m not sure who is good or bad? Or what I actually just watched! I’m confused, and now my head hurts!

  11. Honestly I’m still confused and really disliked the lack of tight writing. The “message” about climate change was ham fisted at best. Who paid Sean? Was he hired by Leo? Katherine? What the heck is going on with Natalie, why did she shoot Copeland before he could talk? What’s the back story to how Tara and Leo are connected? Since Daisy lied about having a phone, she now gets to just talk to grandpa?! This show was way too loose on exposition and narrative and super dumb. A waste of talent and budget because of writers with zero common sense.

  12. Can’t think of another series I just bailed on during the finale. Trimmed down to maybe 4 episodes with a better ending, I might have earned a B-.

  13. Wow that she’ll really sucked. There were times when it was sort of interesting in a twisty sort of way but by the end it just ended. What happens to everyone? There’s dead people left and right dead sister dead old guys. Fake kidnappings that the police are going to figure out. What a dumb show

  14. Agreed/ really poor ending. Tara should have gone away to jail for all that she did. She says people weren’t supposed to get hurt, but people got killed & lives were ruined. And, Leo gets his Mother tell the truth but he should go to jail too for the way he handled the entire issue. He’s a spoiled brat & as stated by Natalie he should go to therapy for his Mommy issues- best line in the last episode.
    Sean should been exonerated because he was accused of kidnapping Leo along of something he never did.
    Ultimately, the series ending was convoluted & ruined the entire series.

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