Suspicion – Season 1 Episode 7 “Questions of Trust” Recap & Review

Questions of Trust

Episode 7 of Suspicion picks up in Gloucestershire, England. Eric Cresswell is being chased but he scrambles up to a stray police car with an officer inside,pleading with him for help.

Sean and Vanessa continues to liaise with their contact in the US, tracking our suspects while Eddie communicates with them intermittently. Last episode we saw them preparing to head across to the United States and this episode picks up in the heart of New York.

Eddie skips away from the others and communicates with Vanessa loudly in the bathroom, talking about the operation. He doesn’t even try to be discreet. Well, that’s a problem because Aadesh follows and overhears him. Eddie claims he’s working undercover for Katherine Newman and not the police – but Aadesh isn’t so sure.

For now, Aadesh doesn’t tell the others, covering for Eddie for some reason when Sean catches up and asks what he’s doing with a little bullet phone. The phone Eddie has been using to communicate with Vanessa and Sean. When they take off, Sean crushes the phone under the tyre as they head down to an abandoned warehouse on the shoreline.

While the bag with the tracker is still in their possession, Sean and Vanessa watch them on the monitors. Tara worries that this has been too easy up until this point, but she’s the only one with the wherewithal to think this. The others just blindly follow.

Now, it seems like Sean also has ties with Copeland too, although he plays his cards close to his chest and doesn’t let on how or why.

After forcing all the gang into the car, telling them to wait it out, he shuts the doors to the warehouse and begins patrolling the perimeter, realizing that they’re not alone. And that materializes when a gunman shows up. Sean gets the better of him though and kills a second man who looks set to take the UK suspects out. Covering the bodies in a tarp, Sean finally opens up about what’s happening.

He made a deal with Copeland, intending to bring these suspects all together into this secluded area. There, Copeland would should up and interrogate them about Leo’s whereabouts. Depending on their answers would determine whether they survive or not. Sean gets paid when Copeland arrives but his earlier text message, “all clear. Tilson too” was actually sent to Copeland to lull the man into a false sense of security that they were all taken out.

Sean gives the gang an ultimatum – either join Sean and head out to find Copeland or they all go their separate ways and wash their hands of this. The choice is up to them. With the tracker still in their van, Vanessa and Sean keep track of it as the van drives all the way into the heart of the city and straight to the FBI headquarters.

Officers surround the vehicle, including the army too, demanding that the driver throw out the keys. He does just that… as it’s revealed that he’s actually the guy in a digger back at the warehouse. Sean paid him off to be a decoy, paid $200 to drive off and lose them. And it’s worked an absolute treat.

With eyes off them, at least for now, the gang check in to a hotel room, where they listen as Katherine conducts an interview with a woman named Nancy on her show.

While on-air, she’s grilled over her involvement with Cresswell. Now, it turns out Cresswell was actually hired to do a study about the environmental impact of her companies. Cooper Newman’s first and biggest client happens to be an energy company, so it’s obviously a bit of a conflict of interest there.

25 years ago Cresswell actually predicted correctly about climate change causing a devastating effect on the world, and even offered a solution – put 5% of the world’s GED into de-carbonization. With the whole world just stopping and watching on their phones and in bars, Nancy’s words hit hard as the interview ends with Katherine scowling and leaving.

In private, Katherine confronts Martin Copeland about what he knows but his pleas fall on deaf ears. When he leaves, Sean and the others pick him up and demand answers. He claims that one among them knows the truth and is responsible for taking Leo. But who? Well, a gunshot from across the room reveals all. Holding the gun up, the camera pans to show… Natalie.

The Episode Review

It makes sense that Natalie is the one responsible for taking Leo given what we know about her. She’s been involved in corporate fraud and funneling money for herself for months, so it’s not much of a stretch to think she could be behind the kidnapping, getting greedy and wanting more money.

This is a lovely little twist actually that’s been foreshadowed earlier in the season and now comes to fruition – at least if what we’re seeing is to be believed. Beyond that though, this thriller has been rather average most of the way through with some haphazard editing earlier on only now starting to settle down a bit.

It’s not been the best show but the ending at least promises a bombastic finale to follow next week.

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