Suspicion – Season 1 Episode 6 “Be the Gray Man” Recap & Review

Be the Gray Man

Episode 6 of Suspicion begins at the Park Madison Hotel as Kate walks the hallway and reflects on what’s happened. With all their clients hacked and things heating up, Katherine remains determined to try and find Leo before it’s too late.

Meanwhile, Scott and Vanessa are called out to the aircraft hangar, where they find Monique’s body. Sean deduces that the group were trying to escape and lost the argument, hence why she’s ended up dead. Vanessa is incredulous to his idea and walks away, deciding to get back on finding the group.

While this is going on, our runaways decide to split up again. Sean tasks Natalie, Aadesh and Tara with collecting 80k by 10am. They’ll then rendezvous in Battery Park but when they get there, they need to make sure they change their identity. So what’s the money for? Well, Sean and Eddie and going to meet the former’s contact and bag new passports.

For now, the group move in plain daylight, putting on an alias to avoid being determined. However, at one of the stations, Tara gets off while Aadesh starts money laundering through the pretense of an online game, which he’s using to make clean money. Unfortunately, the signal drops out. This is incredibly accurate for the UK. Fun fact, there’s more signal on top of the mountains in Switzerland than there is on a train from London to the South East. Go figure!

Tara heads back to see her daughter, admitting that she needs to go away for a bit. She also mentions how some of the things she’s heard are true but not all of them. It’s a touching chat and as Tara watches her daughter leave, she prepares to get back to the operation.

Sean and Eddie drive to a shipyard where he finds the former’s contact. Given the train signal from earlier has cut out, Sean finds himself buying time until the transfer comes through. Things are tense, especially when they stall for time.

The money is transferred just in time, as Sean grabs the passports and money for the group. For now, they all split up once more to assume their new identities (and make sneaky calls or visits to their loved ones!)

The gang show up at the park as requested. Aadesh looks very different, as does Eddie. Natalie looks exactly the same, save for some glasses she wears in the airport later on, while Tara has just changed her hair a bit. Sean looks exactly the same.

The group are tasked with heading to 3 different airports from 3 different routes. Tara though, takes Sean aside and tells him she can’t do this. Sean is aware that she’s gone to go and see her daughter and offers some reassuring words.

Anyway, as the gang heads on to the airport, they’ve obviously been compromised. Eddie is actually called
Liam McKenna, and Vanessa tasked him with infiltrating the gang early on. The thing is, he doesn’t have much field experience.

With Scott now aware of this, he decides to give the greenlight and allow international travel nonetheless, unaware that they’re all being watched. Because they have trackers in their suitcases, their representative in the US is not happy with allowing these potential terrorists to fly (understandably so) but this feels like the calm before the storm right now.

As the episode closes out, Sean sneaks over the hotel room in the middle of the night, putting something inside Tara’s boot. Is that a tracker? Either way, he skips out and meets Martin Copeland outside, telling him that he’s “all set.”

The Episode Review

Suspicion returns this week and slows down as we prepare for the final act of this drama. This espionage thriller has been a bit of a mixed bag, especially with the way it’s handled this case and the numerous secrets being kept between law enforcement agents, but the twists have been well worked which at least keeps this one watchable.

Unlike those episodes early on, Suspicion has finally settled down a bit rather than hyperactively flitting between scenes. However, quite who has taken Leo and what’s going on with the kidnapping remains a mystery as we start to gear up for the final two episodes of the show.

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