Surviving Summer Season 2 Ending Explained – Does Team Victoria come out on top?

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Season 2 has been quite the dramatic affair. Summer questions whether she’s right for the Nationals, and contemplates dropping out altogether. Between the Ari awkwardness, the manipulation from Wren, and the fall-out between Bodhi and Poppy, there’s been plenty of talking points here. However, episode 7 sees Ari more conflicted than ever, while Summer and Bax seems to be over, at least romantically.

With Team Victoria’s chances hanging in the balance, Bodhi defies the odds and wins with an 8.4. Tuscany admits the truth about Wren, in a revealing chat. Apparently it wasn’t her who dropped out from Queensland – it was Elo and Wren. The former was busted for toxic coaching and the latter for bullying.

What happens with Marlon and Poppy?

Summer is put in a difficult position at the end of the penultimate episode. She wants to tell Bax the truth but if she does, Wren warns that Elo will bench her and stop Summer from competing at nationals. What is she going to do?

Episode 8 of Surviving Summer season 2 starts with a pre-dawn raid by New South Wales, who have pranked the team by dropping all their clothes outside. Among the items thrown out is Poppy’s goat statue.

This is, of course, a big deal given it’s the last thing her mum gave her before passing away. Elo is nonchalant to the whole thing and shrugs it off, claiming that “it’ll be there when we get back”. Well, Marlon tries to get it down from where it’s stuck in the tree… and it smashes into pieces. Uh oh. Poppy notices after and speaks to him about what’s going on in a revealing chat.

What does Ari choose to do?

At Nationals, Ari starts to have doubts and struggles to get in the zone. In fact, he struggles to score any points, missing his waves. Unfortunately, Elo takes this personally and begins grilling into Ari afterwards. Summer has heard enough and comes clean about everything that’s been going down. Elo claims that it comes down to “harsh truths” and admits that she did this because she was trying to keep the family together.

Of course, this causes Elo to bench Summer, but everyone rallies around her and refuses to let this toxic coach get the better of them. In fact, they turn the tables and drop Elo instead. 

Does Wren redeem herself?

Bax blames himself for not seeing this sooner. Summer though does try and talk him around. As for Ari, he begins to have a panic attack and heads back to his dorm. Wren is there too and she doesn’t help matters, blabbering on and on… until Ari admits that he’s not in love with her and he can’t be with her anymore.

With Wren out the picture, Ari phones home and admits how he’s feeling. Margot happens to be there too, leading to a rather amusing encounter between them. However, they’re all happy that he’s figured out how he feels. As for Ari, he’s finally out of his shell and decides to dance for Summer down by the beach, using the childhood dancing for encouragement.

Asa result of this, Team Victoria turn a corner. Marlon wins his heat, and Summer swallows her pride and decides to go and see Wren, asking for her help. She tries to encourage her away from Elo’s toxicity, given she only coaches as a twisted form of revenge, but Wren isn’t sure whether she’s going to join or not in the celebrations.

Does Team Victoria come out on top?

When they both end up in the water together, Wren and Summer compete over the same wave and Wren makes her choice. Wren bullies Summer out the way and causes our protagonist to drop points. Wren sneers in the water and tells Summer it’s what she deserves.

Summer is not ready to give up though and she waits for the opportune move and manages to ride her wave beautifully. Wren’s attempt to sabotage doesn’t pay off and even worse, she doesn’t celebrate with them. She stands by the side as Team Victoria finish second before walking away. As for Team Queensland, they win the competition. Everyone is happy for Tuscany and the others. 

How does Surviving summer season 2 end?

In the morning, Ari and Summer are now an item, and after a brief kiss, Summer heads down to the beach and catches up with Bax. Wren and Elo have left the country while he’s sticking around for the summer. The real question though – is he staying for Summer Torres or actually staying for the whole summer? We’ll have to wait and see!

The Episode Review

Surviving Summer bows out another season, and this time we see Summer and Ari seemingly tighter than they’ve been before. We’ve had a whole lot of drama involving Wren this year too, and she’s been the spanner in the works for these two getting together. It’s perhaps a little disappointing not to see a proper redemption story for her at the end, turning on her sister, but maybe that’s on the table for season 3?

Either way, season 2 does resolve a lot of the big talking points, while also leaving plenty of talking points for a possible season 3. We’ve seen Team Victoria finish second so maybe the next step here is to try and win the competition and come away with maximum points? We’ll have to wait and see on that front.

Overall, season 2 has been a decent watch and let’s hope this one is renewed for another series.


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