Surface – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

It Was Always Going to End This Way

Episode 7 of Surface starts with Sophie back in therapy after her big breakthrough. She apologizes to Hannah and confronts her past, believing once and for all that she really did jump off the pier… but is that really the true story?

Sophie speaks to Baden in confidence after her session, bringing up the evidence he has against her and James. She wants him to hold off for a while, getting cold feet about this as there are “innocent people” about to get caught in the crossfire. Baden agrees to give her 24 hours.

Back home, Sophie is compounded with more problems. James has been called into work by the Financial Crimes Unit. They’ve received a tip-off about the internal investigation and want to look closer into this. James tries to keep a calm head, but Sophie continues to tumble further down the rabbit hole, pointing out that Baden has access and knows about the fraud.

It turns out it was Todd who spoke to Baden and leaked all. Harrison and James confront him about it on the roof at work demanding to know everything he’s told Baden.

Meanwhile, Sophie tries to withdraw $3.1 million in an account under the name of Tess Caldwell. This happens to be Sophie’s alias of course. She heads to the bank but has to answer a series of security questions. And naturally, it seems she gets the first question wrong. It doesn’t look good and Sophie eventually gets cold feet when the clerk decides to go and speak to her supervisor.

Time is undoubtedly running out and Baden gathers together all his evidence and prepares to post it. Sophie deliberates over what to do and believes a solution could be for her to come clean and confess. That way, if Baden sees that it’s her that’s going to get hurt the most, he may hold off. James isn’t so sure.

Sophie shows up to see Baden and admits she’s the one who stole the funds. Baden questions why she’s trusting James so much. Sophie refuses to let someone else take the fall for what she’s done, admitting that she’s getting her memories back now and doesn’t want to live with the guilt.

Baden starts to question his own motives in the wake of all this and eventually decides they should run away together. He urges Sophie to come with him and leave everything behind. Before we hear a reply, Sophie leaves his place. However, there are bigger issues here.

An earlier call from Harrison confirms that Baden isn’t the squeaky clean undercover cop we thought he was (shock horror, right?) Harrison actually hired him to look into Sophie. The only reason nothing came of it is because he started following, stalking and eventually romancing her. James decides to “take care” of this, realizing he can’t trust this dishonest man and forcing Baden into physical submission and not posting this evidence.

After shredding evidence of his stalking, Sophie confronts Baden about who he really is. Sophie demands Baden destroy the evidence otherwise she’s going to tell the police about the blackmail and entrapment. “You can’t do this!” Baden says but Sophie spits back, pointing out that it’s not up to him anymore, she’s playing damage control.

Back home, Sophie speaks to James and admits that she’s been seeing a recurring figure of someone on the edge of the pier. That black figure from way back earlier in the season returns – and James believes her. He suspects that it’s Baden responsible for pushing her in a jealous fit of rage.

That night, Baden shows up at the restaurant with some pretty gnarly injuries across his face. Someone has blown his cover and as a result, he’s a wanted man. Baden promises he’s not there to hurt anyone and hands over a USB stick. Naturally, a fight breaks out between Baden and James. just after this.

On that USB stick though happens to be evidence confirming Sophie fell off the boat. A dark figure rushes to her location but it’s way too blurry to make out exactly who that may be. Rushing up to Baden’s apartment, Sophie finds the place has been broken into. It seems the drug ring has caught up to him and he’s taken outside in a body bag.

The Episode Review

So the penultimate episode of Surface seems to do a bit of a bait and switch, showing that Sophie just jumped off the boat rather than being pushed, which is something hinted at from the very start of the series. It almost feels like we’ve been wasting our time a little with this one if that is the case, with the show making a big deal over the ties between characters and the shifty behaviour.

The truth is, there’s just not enough of a hook with this show to make it one of the more memorable murder mystery shows. It would appear at this point that Baden was killed by James, and Sophie jumped because of her own confliction. Then again, we could also be in store for one final twist – what if Sophie was drugged by James or Baden and she fell off the boat? We’ll have to wait and see.

Either way though, this meandering mystery is almost at an end and if you’ve been following it up to this point, there’s not long left now until we get some solid answers over what’s been happening.

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