Superman and Lois – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Broken Trust

Episode 6 of Superman and Lois picks up right where we left off as Tag confronts Jordan, blaming him for his powers manifesting. Clark arrives up just in time though, giving chase to Tag who hurries off. Thanks to a tearaway train which Supe stops to save, Tag manages to get away.

When Lois finds out what’s happened, she’s not happy. She blames Morgan Edge and believes she should continue investigating. She wants to break this case wide open, intent on doubling down on finding evidence to pin on him. Lois shows up at the construction site with Marcus, watching Edge from afar.

In the morning, Jordan continues to experience some nasty headaches. Clark is worried but Jordan tells him he’s okay. Well, loud noises completely rattle Jordan, causing him to begin manifesting his powers. Jonathan stays by his brother’s side, supporting him before the big game but warning that this could end in disaster.

Well, the game begins and Jordan immediately hears that same piercing, high-pitched whine from before. Clark knows there’s something up but he stands on the sidelines as Jonathan is encouraged to join the game.

Eventually everything crescendos into a nasty play that forces Clark onto the field. He grabs Jordan’s face and takes the brunt of his laser beams as Jordan screams in pain.

With Jordan’s powers kept secret for now, everything eventually spills over into an argument later on back home. Jordan questions his Father over who he is and what his powers mean. Eventually Clark leaves, imploring the kids to stay where they are. They do no such thing, of course, and outside run into the metropolis boys they beat in the football game.

Lois and Marcus show up at the mine later that evening wearing contractor disguises. It works too and they blend right in. The pair head down and find the kryptonite. However, they’re attacked before they can proceed but Marcus is ready, using his weapons to thwart the threat and escape.

Meanwhile, Tag shows up at Sarah’s and tries to speak to her. Only, he loses control and accidentally knocks the girl out. When Kyle and Lana return from their evening out, they realize their daughter is gone. Tag has taken her to Metropolis, as it turns out, and awakens to find Tag standing over her.

He shows Sarah the footage from the party, intent on proving that Jordan is the one with powers who started all this. Before he can elaborate though, soldiers show up to take Tag away. Armed with weapons, Clark appears and stops them from firing. However, that’s not before he receives a blast to the chest. Eventually he controls his rage, telling the soldiers to stand down. Clark sticks up for Tag and eventually confronts General Sam about using kryptonite rounds.

Meanwhile, Jordan’s rage bubbles up and he looks set to hit one of the Metropolis boys in the face. Jonathan senses this is going to end badly and gets in the way. Unfortunately he ends up with a broken arm for his troubles.

The family eventually discuss this moment later on at their house, with Clark confronting his son and telling him he needs to keep his anger in check. It’s enough to get through to him as Jordan questions how to control his powers. Suddenly he begins convulsing and collapses on the ground. Clark hurries and scoops Jordan up, telling Lois he needs to bring him to the fortress.

The Episode Review

Superman and Lois is back and what a great episode to return to! The show does a great job picking up right where we left off, with lots of bubbling drama now just starting to boil over. The Jordan/Jonathan situation has been a mainstay in this show from the first episode and Jonathan’s arm being broken looks to be the catalyst to drive these two to begin a rivalry against one another.

Likewise, the Morgan Edge situation is just now starting to come into the foreground, with Marcus acting suspiciously and Lois finding the kryptonite stash. Quite how this story will develop over time however, remains to be seen.

It’s clear though that something is happening to Jordan and the ending leaves things on a big cliffhanger ready for next week’s follow-up. Will Jordan be okay? We’ll have to wait and see of course but for now the series returns with a really good episode.

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