Superman and Lois Season 1 Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Last Sons of Krypton

Where is Jordan?

Episode 15 of Superman and Lois begins with the family rattled after Jordan’s kidnapping. With Jordan and Morgan gone, John and Clark continue their search. Although Clark can’t hear them, he remains vigilant and determined to track down his son. Well, Morgan is given instructions to resurrect the Defence Council from Zeta, who’s currently controlling Jordan’s body.

They’re not the only ones on the hunt for Morgan. After the car crash last week, General Sam stumbles out the car and rasps that he needs answers. Back at base though, hostilities are high and look to blow over at any moment. When Morgan Edge shows, he uses his powers to grab a handful of soldiers to use as this Defence Council.

How does Clark find Jordan?

With Zeta not fully in control of Jordan, a brief window of opportunity arises when Clark calls out for his Father. Clark hones in on his location and touches down. Face to face with Jordan, Clark does his best to try and get through to Jordan but it’s no good. His son slips from view to be replaced by the red-eyed menace of Zeta. Without much of a choice, Clark eventually retreats back to Smallville.

Realizing a storm is coming, General Lane puts out the order to evacuate town. While the people start to pack their things, the gang reconvene at Clark’s barn. Jonathan is handed a weapon to defend himself while John conjures a hammer that should be able to pierce through the Eradicator’s forcefield.

Who saves Jordan?

John and Clark work together to stage a coup, tracking down Jordan and using John to bring him back with them. Clark meanwhile, is used as bait to lure the soldiers away.

With Jordan knocked out and back at the barn, Lois dives into his subconscious mind in a bid to try and bring him back from the brink. With both of them under, Jonathan stands watch. Unfortunately everything goes awry when Jordan suddenly wakes up, still being controlled by Zeta.

Between Jonathan talking him down, telling Jordan that he loves him, and Lois finding Jordan buried deep in his mind, the pair manage to bring him back and fight off Zeta.

How is Morgan Edge stopped?

John and Clark fight off Edge and the soldiers together. Clark continues to fight, although Edge grows ever-more powerful. His reach begins to spread and he attacks Smallville. In the midst of all this carnage, Kyle shows his true colours as a boots-on-the-ground hero and saves a woman from a burning building.

High above, John Henry and Superman continue fighting off Edge but John is running out of power. With one shot, John throws his hammer while Clark holds Edge back.

John’s suit runs out of juice, but before he falls to his death, Superman catches him and the pair stop Edge once and for all.

“All I wanted was a family,” Edge eventually says sadly, as he loses this battle. Clark simply sighs, “You had it” He replies. It’s a simple but effective in conveying the conflict we’ve been dealing with all this time.

What happens to Smallville in the aftermath of this attack?

With the threat thwarted for now, Clark heads in to give an interview regarding Morgan Edge. He reveals the truth about who he is, his ancestry involving Krypton and exactly what all of this means for Smallville.

It’s a small moment but something that helps set Supe apart from other heroes; he sticks around to take accountability for his actions and is honest enough to go on TV to reveal what’s been happening.

Things are certainly looking up for the Gazette, especially when Lois offers to buy out half of the Gazette.

Meanwhile, General Lane decides to step down from his role. John is pretty surprised, but he’s also got plans of his own. He’s going to reach out and try to contact his sister.

He’s also struggling to look at Lois too, especially given what he’s been through in his world. It’s a small, poignant moment that reinforces just how difficult this has been for him. Anyway, because of this, he’s not going to take Clark’s offer of sticking around.

How does Superman and Lois end?

Clark finally gets some closure too, saying goodbye to his Father and getting ready for another chapter in his life. Well, that next chapter arrives sooner than expected when John’s suit picks up movement from a vessel fast approaching. Scrambling outside, the gang watch as this ship crash lands right outside the barn.

Out of the wreckage steps… John’s sister! Unfortunately this reunion is immediately made awkward when she notices Lois. “Mum?”

The Episode Review

Superman and Lois bows out with an action-packed finale, one that rounds out this surprisingly good CW show with a tantalizing glimpse of the next season. The show has exceeded expectations too, juggling family drama with action perfectly while allowing a larger story to take shape which pays homage to Superman and his illustrious history.

Quite where the second season will go remains to be seen but that little teaser at the end is certainly tantalizing enough to stick around for the long haul.

The focus on family this season has offered much higher stakes for Superman beyond just saving Smallville. This really helps ground the show with some very real stakes – and it’s partly why the series has been so engaging over the weeks.

There’s a fair amount of closure to a lot of the storylines here too, including Jordan and Sarah finally professing their love to one another. John’s arc is nicely rounded out too, although it does suggest that the are extra layers to his persona in the fight ahead.

In the end though, Superman and Lois has been a highly enjoyable show and certainly one of the better CW offerings as of late.

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