Superman and Lois – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

A Brief Reminiscence

Episode 11 of Superman and Lois starts with an origin to Clark’s powers as he finds himself out in the icy wasteland with the fortress. Here, we see Clark honing his skills and learning to become the hero he’ll soon become.

After being raised in solitude and learning how to be a hero, Clark is encouraged to head back and reconnect with humanity. He does just that of course, heading back to the farm with Martha and reconnecting. There, he mentions Krypton and his mission to be Earth’s champion. It doesn’t take long before he receives the symbolic cape and is called into action within Metropolis.

Clark is hired at The Daily Planet, encouraged to tag along with Lois Lane. She helps show him the ropes, but she’s not impressed by Supe’s exploits.

It turns out Nazi symbols have been popping up all over town and there’s a metal man running around. Clark decides to help, doing his best to help cover this story and find out more.

While everyone else fawns over pictures of Supe, Lois and Clark remain dead-set on finding the one responsible for these symbols.

Well, that brings Lois along to Henry Miller, a man running a hardware store. He’s also the man sporting a flamethrower and our mystery metal man. He comes at Lois with his weapon but Clark makes short work of his gun, thwarting the threat as Superman and shooting a sideways nod in the process.

The Daily Planet interview Superman on the back of this, including exposition about his history with Krypton and impressive array of languages. Off-air, Lois admits to being in love with Clark Kent, which sees him struggling to hold back a grin when they return given his super-hearing. When she realizes this too, she finds herself embarrassed.

After meeting Martha for the first time, Clark reveals the truth about his identity to Lois. One thing leads to another and the pair wind up marrying. They also end up pregnant with twins.

However, these happy moments are immediately quelled when Clark realizes he’s being played. These are all memories and Edge is controlling everything. As he finally awakens, Clark finds himself in the icy fortress with Morgan Edge

The device he has on his head was created by Ter-Loc, one of Krypton’s greatest scientists. After the solar flare, Supe was weakened and Edge took advantage of him, walking through his memories and finding out why Earth is no important. Edge is incredulous at his brother’s choice, believing he’s betraying his true heritage.

Back home, Jordan apologizes to Sarah about what’s happened. However, she leans forward and kisses him, deciding they should be more than friends from here on out. Kyle also apologizes for what’s happened too, believing he was too reckless and should have listened to Lois/

With everything seemingly on the up, it’s the perfect time for Morgan to come shooting down from the sky. When Clark appears not long after, he’s taken away to the desert where Morgan’s fortress happens to be held. Unfortunately Clark has submitted to Morgan in order to save his family.

Lois realizes what this means and glumly phones John, telling him she thinks Supe has been turned.

The Episode Review

Aside from the temporary visual effect shot kept in, Superman and Lois does a great job with this story. Everything is stripped back for an origin of Lois and Clark’s love, which is enough to raise the stakes for what’s likely to be a very dramatic episode next week.

Following last week’s chapter, Superman and Lois continues to deliver compelling drama and it’s a nice throwback to see Supe’s original suit here too. These little touches help to make this an enjoyable series, although the episode is a little heavy-handed with its exposition at times. That’s a minor gripe though in what’s otherwise a very solid chapter and one of the strongest of this season.

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