Supacell – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Episode 6 of Supacell begins with Mike freezing the hooded guys. However, Tazer uses the chance to stab one of them and they unfreeze. Reminds us of a certain Starlord who just couldn’t wait till the Infinity Gauntlet was off the bad guy.

To stop Tazer, Mike teleports him away as he doesn’t want any bloodshed. Sabrina and Rod are outnumbered with the latter being hit by a fireball. Mike returns just in time and teleports everyone to Sabrina’s place. They are worried for a burnt Rod but he instantly heals. 

What is the mysterious facility?

Ray, the one who runs the facility watches the attack via the hooded guys’ bodycams. We then see him ordering Jasmine to heal Andre and offer him a job. Ray will let Andre see AJ as long as he works as one of his agents aka the hooded guys. Ray explains that supacell is a mutation of the sickle cell and his facility hopes to “help” the patients with supacell control their powers. Andre is to work with the other agents to bring in all these infected people dead or alive.

Why does everyone head to A-Town?

Meanwhile, Mr. Johnson shares the last call he had with Jasmine to Dionne. We hear Jasmine crying for help as the facility is hurting her. Turns out Johnson had put a tracker on her which led him to Ashington Estate. However, the facility forced him to leave by threatening Jasmine.

He hopes to get Michael to teleport and save Jasmine. Dionne agrees to pass on the message but she cannot get a hold of Mike. Worried that he’s been kidnapped, she looks up Ashington Estate and heads to the site.

At Sabrina’s, Tazer is at odds with everyone as he only cares about taking revenge on Krazy who calls him to A-Town that evening. Confident that Krazy kidnapped Sharleen, Sabrina tries to find A-Town’s location. Rod tells her that A-Town is Ashington Estate and they head there.

Meanwhile, Mike finally calls Dionne who is being harassed by Braggs and the rest of Krazy’s crew in A-Town. Mike instantly teleports to her location while the dealers leave. Guess the final showdown is about to happen in A-Town, huh? Well, they have a tearful reunion and Mike tells Dionne about her death.

At that moment, Sabrina and Rod also show up, looking for Sharleen. The four of them get into Dionne’s car and head deeper into A-Town which is a dump, full of junkies, dealers and homeless people. They notice a young boy dealing and it turns out to be none other than AJ.

Are the superheroes able to take down Krazy?

Krazy finally arrives and Sabrina tries to torture him into revealing Sharleen’s location. He taunts her by sharing that the facility took the wrong sister as they believe Sharleen is the one with the powers. They are interrupted by an invisible Tazer who plans to kill Krazy. Meanwhile, Dionne notices the agents arriving via a portal as she waits in the car. She tries to warn them but it is too late.

The agents attack, led by none other than Krazy. Yep, he has powers too – he can steal other people’s powers. Our guys don’t back down and in the melee, the agents lose their masks and we see that Andre is one of them. However, he isn’t fully onboard as he doesn’t agree with Krazy’s violent tactics. Mike recognises Andre and tries to convince him that they are the good guys.

At that moment, Krazy chokes Tazer and is about to kill him when Andre stops him. Sabrina takes down the other agents and it is now our guys vs Krazy. Cornered, Krazy tries to strike a deal – he needs to take them to the facility, and since they want to go to the facility to save Sharleen, they can all head there together. Rod falls for it as he reaches out to take the portal clicker from Krazy. 

Once he is close enough, Krazy slits his throat with a hidden knife and steals his power. With the super-speed, he stabs everyone. Rod, Andre, Tazer and Sabrina die instantly while Michael slowly bleeds. Krazy makes his way to Dionne and Michael screams for her. He suddenly rewinds to Krazy striking the deal. Before Rod can get close, Mike stabs Krazy much to everyone’s surprise. 

Why can’t Michael change Dionne’s past?

While the superheroes are distracted, an injured Krazy shoots in Mike’s direction. Rod pushes him away in time, which means the bullet travels farther and hits Dionne who is waiting behind the group. Michael loses his powers and runs to Dionne who bleeds to death.

A couple of days later, Michael finally gets his powers back but it is too late for him to go back in time and save Dionne. As vengeance, he tells the rest that he will go into the future and learn how to take down the facility.

How does Supacell end?

In the epilogue of Supacell Episode 6, we see Sharleen being held captive. The facility fixes up Krazy only to kill him since he failed in his mission. We learn that it was Ray who took Krazy out of prison and let him play the drug lord in South London. As Ray heads out, Victoria from Health & Unity (the sickle cell treatment center) shows up. She is disappointed in Ray and says they will be doing things her way.

The Episode Review

And with Supacell Episode 6, the Netflix Original show comes to an end. It seems like everything and nothing happens in this finale. The prolonged fight between our guys and Krazy seems fit for a mid-season finale or a penultimate episode. We get answers to a lot of questions like the purpose of the facility which is to experiment and control superheroes, its location and who actually runs the show. 

But we are left with even more questions which set up Season 2. But this makes for a poor finale as we are far from getting closure if the show isn’t renewed. The showrunners should have added a couple of more episodes to give us the complete story which will now drag onto the next season, if we ever get one.

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  1. This genre is getting tiresome. The genre being, a collection of people have been biologically altered, usually by some sinister organization. This glosses over the fundamental fact that there’s nothing you can do to a human body to allow it to bypass the laws of physics. You can’t alter a person to be able to fly, or time travel, or shoot lasers out of their eyes. I thought this series got off to a good start, but by episode 4 or 5 it became a mess and I didn’t care about any of the characters anymore. Even though I saw ep 1-5, I’m not even bothering with the finale.

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