Supacell – Season 1 Episode 5 “Rodney” Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Supacell begins with everyone running away from Krazy’s trap house after seeing each other’s powers. The facility watches them and is worried as four of their targets have been in contact. They decide to follow Rod in hopes that he will reunite them.

Meanwhile, Tina is in pain and the nurses take forever to come. After they do, Michael is kicked out. Not suspicious at all… Once he wakes up, he gets a worried voicemail from Dionne. He apologises for everything and promises to tell her everything.

As for Spud, he is admitted to the hospital and Rod is worried as he may never wake up. He runs into Sabrina and begs her to take care of Spud. He then visits his mom who is a White woman. We learn that her second husband, Gregg is a racist, he only took in Rod’s little sister, Rachel and made Rod live in a hostel since he was 16. He asks to stay with them till Spud wakes up but she refuses as Gregg won’t like it.

Next, we see Sabrina finally getting promoted to senior nurse as her superiors claim her hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Meanwhile, Krazy breaks Grandma Amusan’s arm in retaliation which makes Tazer furious. Krazy then hooks up with Sharleen before heading out with some girls. Feeling foolish, she calls him out but he chokes her and takes back the watch he had gifted her.

She angrily calls Sabrina that she is going after Krazy as she takes a kitchen knife and follows him out. Elsewhere, Dionne finally convinces Jasmine Johnson’s parents to help as she tells them about Michael having similar powers. We learn that Jasmine healed her dad’s sickle cell disease after which some men took her away.

Shocked, Dionne tries to tell Mike who gets upset as she keeps investigating on her own. At that moment, Rod arrives and is ready to take him to the other superheroes. Dionne overhears and is upset that Mike lied about giving up his search. He simply promises to tell her everything and leaves which the facility watches via the elevator CCTV.

Elsewhere, the Tower Boys spot Veronica, the one who had the Sixers ambush them at the beginning of the show. She is cocky that they won’t do anything to her as she is a Sixer. She is proven wrong as Tazer takes out his anger on her and beats her up before the Tower Boys drag him away.

Instead, they decide to stake out Krazy’s mom’s house as he checks on her every day. The boys make a pact not to hurt her but to wait for Krazy to show up. However, she spots them and calls the cops. Tazer hides the guns in the car by going invisible but the boys are arrested as the cops find some coke.

Meanwhile, Andre locks himself in his apartment and is deeply asleep which has AJ thinking that his dad is ignoring him. Rod and Mike catch John but they are unable to get Andre on the phone either. Finally, they convince John to go check on Andre who wakes up and lets him in. They open the safe and see it is empty which has Andre disheartened. With nothing to lose, Andre agrees to meet Mike.

While Rod and Mike wait, the former reveals why he is helping – he wants Mike to go back in time and save Spud. Michael also comes clean on how he is doing everything to save Dionne. The facility continues to watch them while their agents wait nearby. Before the meeting can take place, the agents aka the hood guys show up and knock Andre out. Elsewhere, Mr. Johnson calls Dionne as he knows where the facility is. He will tell her but in exchange, she needs to rescue Jasmine.

Back to the superheroes, Mike and Rod get worried as John tells them that Andre left hours ago to meet them. They head to Sabrina’s who cannot find Sharleen and we see that her phone is abandoned. They figure that the hooded guys must be after them and decide to look for Tazer who goes back to his turf. The hooded guys jump him and it seems they can see him even when he is invisible. He fights back but before a second hooded guy can attack, Sabrina, Mike and Rod show up at the end of Supacell Episode 5.

The Episode Review

Okay, Michael needs to stop being so indecisive and let Dionne do what she wants. She is a grown woman who actually has the information to save him and the rest. But no, he just keeps trying to coddle her and keep things from her which isn’t helping anybody from what we can see in Supacell Episode 5. By the way, is it just us or does it feel like Mr. Johnson might be luring Dionne into a trap?

And why is the facility simply waiting and watching? The bad guys aren’t really bad guying, come on, it’s getting boring. We only have one episode left and we are yet to know about their motives, their end game, or just how evil they are. There are barely any high stakes which is mostly coming from Krazy. How much do you guys want to bet that the finale will be super rushed since there is no time left now?

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