Supacell – Season 1 Episode 4 “Andre” Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Supacell begins with Sharleen and Sabrina running off. Sabrina wants to turn herself in even when Sharleen reminds her that it was self-defence. While Sharleen is asleep, Sabrina writes her a goodbye letter and heads to the station. However, she runs off when she realises that the cops don’t know about the murder. She heads to the crime scene and sees that the body is gone. She rushes home and takes back the letter.

On to the man of the hour, or well, episode, Andre is getting ready for his big interview. AJ helps him and they even make plans to watch a movie after. However, some debt collectors show up and start creating a scene. Andre is upset when AJ volunteers his new iPhone and clothes to clear some of the debt. Andre stops him and pays off his debt by handing in all the cash he had stolen from the broken ATM.

Meanwhile, Dionne tries to talk to Jasmine’s mother who refuses to share anything. It cuts to Jasmine and the other captives being drugged as the doctors take their blood.

Later, Dionne’s co-worker, Terry shares that Jasmine has called and calls every week at the same time without fail. Just like Kemi, Tazer’s mother… The similarities don’t end there as Jasmine claims she will be back once she is normal. Dionne catches onto this as well as she compares Jasmine and Kemi’s missing person files.

Elsewhere, Michael tries his hand with Rodney once more after he runs away from Onyx. Spud tags along and is excited about the idea of an Avengers team up but Rod is not interested in helping Michael. One reason is that his powers have disappeared.

Back to Andre, he shows up at his big interview and decides to be honest. The reason he can’t keep a job for long is that he hides his criminal records and once the company does a background check, they let him go. And the only reason he has one was because he tried to give a lift to a friend when he was 18. Cops pulled them over and arrested Andre on finding the friend’s drugs in his car.

He hopes his honesty will win him points, especially since the boss is a Black man but no such luck. A disappointed Andre heads to Onyx to meet with John who tells him to rob a trap house as revenge against drug dealers.

While a worried Andre thinks it over, in the next booth, Michael rants to Gabriel about not being able to find any of the other superheroes. Gabriel jokes about going through the delivery database but this gives Michael an idea as he goes over all the parcel recipients. He doesn’t have much luck followed by a call from Dionne who is upset with him over their argument. 

Meanwhile, Krazy tries to recruit Tazer as his “younger brother” but the latter sees through his plans. He calls out Krazy for making him do his dirty work and declares that he will kill him the next time they see each other. More connections are popping up as Andre stands up AJ who decides to take a lift from Braggs, Krazy’s dealer. He entices AJ into accompanying him to a deal to earn some extra money. Of course, Andre stood up his son to stake out the trap house, which you guessed it, belongs to Krazy.

As for Sharleen, she finds Sabrina’s letter to give herself up and picks a fight with her. At that moment, Mike shows up with a package. He recognises Sabrina and tries to tell her about the future but she is busy fighting with her sister who acts petty by heading to…Krazy’s.

Sabrina begrudgingly tags along and so does Michael. He suddenly gets a call from his mother who is in pain and he explains that he needs to leave as she has sickle cell disease. He teleports before the girls can reveal that their father also has sickle cell disease. 

Guess who else shows up at Krazy’s – Spud. Turns out Rod has been selling on Krazy’s turf and he is not happy about it. He sets up bait by ordering a huge amount but with Rod sulking over his missing powers, it is Spud who shows up. While Braggs is beating up Spud, Sharleen drags Sabrina inside to score some weed.

At the same time, the Tower Boys show up to kill Krazy. With Spud being gone for a long time, a worried Rod gets his powers back and shows up as well to check up on his friend. And you know who else shows up – Andre, yeah he chose the same time to break into the safe. While the Tower Boys take on Krazy’s gang, he is nowhere to be seen. 

Andre, Sharleen, Sabrina, Tazer, Rod and Spud all end up in the safe room and are surprised to see each other at the end of Supacell Episode 4.

The Episode Review

Okay, we know we are supposed to feel bad for Michael but it is so hilarious that the rest of the superheroes end up meeting while he isn’t there at the end of Supacell Episode 4. And none of them even know about the whole future. Unless Tazer somehow remembers Mike asking about Sabrina, Andre and Rod.

The characters and how they are weaved in in such complex ways is what is keeping this show running. But it was fine for the first few episodes. Now that we are almost to the end, it feels repetitive. 

Mike is still searching for everyone, we hardly know anything about the facility and the other superheroes are fumbling along. We know the sickle cell disease and Health & Unity are linked to the facility but that’s it. Instead of constant reveals, we now need a move that takes the story ahead.

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