Supacell – Season 1 Episode 3 “Sabrina” Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Supacell begins with Tazer making a deal with Krazy – a one-on-one fight with Masher, the dealer accusing him of stealing the cocaine. Krazy agrees and despite Tazer not being able to turn invisible, he beats the dealer. As the Tower Boys celebrate, Krazy shoots Tiny since he is the one who set up the deal. 

Meanwhile, Michael experiments with his teleportation but he is not able to change time. As for Dionne, we see that she is a social worker as she heads to Tazer’s to talk to his grandmother about Kemi Amusan. Yep, Kemi is Tazer’s mother and the woman who was killed at the start of the show.

A worried Mrs. Amusan reveals that Kemi was doing inhuman things and wanted to get better which is why she left. Kemi would contact her every week but now has been MIA for the past 2 weeks. 

Elsewhere, Sabrina gets an MRI scam and is surprised that everything is fine with her. However, she is still stunned by her powers which leads to almost killing a patient. Scared, she runs out and almost walks into traffic when Andre saves her. But that’s their only interaction for the moment.

Turns out, Andre and AJ are out having fun. Talks turn to Andre’s dad who had sickle cell disease while he doesn’t. Coincidence? As they head to Aisha’s, AJ sees his friends – Krazy’s gang. Once he heads inside, Andre tries to request Braggs, the second dealer to stay away from AJ. The gang mocks him and he walks away with his eyes glowing. 

He’s not the only one they have angered. The Tower Boys plan on killing Krazy as Tazer feels guilt over Tiny’s injury. Michael shows up at the worst time possible and even teleports to prove himself. But an angry Tazer isn’t interested in talking to him. This has Michael stressed who also needs to book his mom at the Health & Unity centre for her sickle cell treatment.

Next, he sets his eyes on Rodney as we see him ranting to Gabriel about how he foolishly ignored Rod when the boy tried to sell him weed. Michael heads to the place where he last saw Rod and waits all day, asking around to no avail. But as luck would have it, someone finally tells Michael to text Spud if he wants weed.

Meanwhile, Rod is busy showing off his powers to Spud. He even hits his head but immediately heals. He ends up gathering a large clientele as he boasts that he will give his stuff away for free if he can’t make the delivery within 5 minutes. Spud warns him about the government catching him and doing experiments but he doesn’t listen. Turns out, Spud is right as we see the secret facility watching Rod via CCTVs and planning to catch him.

As for Sabrina, she is still shaken. Her problems don’t end there as Sharleen’s abusive ex drops by – Krazy. Guess all the superheroes are somehow connected to each other after all. Krazy showers Sharleen with praises and gifts and she gives in much to Sabrina’s chagrin. They plan to meet at Gabriel’s club, Onyx and Sabrina tags along to keep an eye on Krazy. 

Meanwhile, Andre finally shows his powers to his former co-worker, John by picking up his car. Elsewhere, Dionne tries to tell Mike about Kemi and how she has found Internet posts about people with glowing eyes and superpowers.

Mike worries that she will find out about her death and tries to deter her from looking into the whole thing. But he does it the wrong way as he snaps at her and heads out to meet Rod. He arrives just in time as a hooded man attacks Rod with a fireball. They teleport to Onyx and Rod is shocked. 

Well, you can guess who else is at Onyx. Sabrina is still out of it as she feels dizzy in the club’s bathroom. Meanwhile, Sharleen hits it off with a guy called Kadeem after Krazy stands her up. Sharleen and Kadeem make out outside but when she tries to go inside, he gets violent. His eyes glow and he levitates but Sabrina throws him against a wall which instantly kills him.

A tracker in his arm glows and the facility is alerted that he is dead. At the end of Supacell Episode 3, the CCTV footage shows him last with Sharleen.

The Episode Review

Supacell Episode 3 continues with the ensemble cast crossing pasts but never actually interacting which is pretty entertaining. Poor Mike is trying to find everyone while they bump shoulders every other day. We even get more connections as it turns out Krazy is linked to Sabrina and Andre. Meanwhile, Mike is one step closer to Tazer via Dionne but he doesn’t even know it.

By the way, what is up with the Kadeem dude? Was he a spy sent by the facility to infiltrate Onyx? Or was he never aware that he had a tracker? How much do you want to bet that the sickle cell disease and Health & Unity are tied to the facility? Questions, questions, questions…

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