Supacell – Season 1 Episode 2 “Tazer” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Supacell begins with Dionne being shocked and scared when Mike returns. He frantically writes down everyone’s name and Dionne’s death anniversary. Finally, he tells her everything apart from her death. 

In a flashback, we see Future Mike telling Present Mike that the hooded guys killed Dionne. Present Mike needs to stop the hooded guys and also unite the other 4 superheroes if he wants Dionne to live. At present, Mike is worried and tells his friend, Gabriel who doesn’t believe him. Mike tries to prove himself but he cannot teleport or stop time.

Next, we have Andre stealing the money from the ATM and getting ecstatic. He takes his son, AJ on a shopping trip but is disappointed when the kid befriends some shady guys. 

As for Rod, he tries to run back home but he is stuck in Edinburgh. He spots a stoner and is able to make just enough money to buy a train ticket to London. Back home, he tries to prove himself as well to Spud, but he fails. Alone, he spots a cop giving him a parking ticket. Rod tries to stop him but ends up in another part of the city.

Meanwhile, cops are called at Kevin’s and Sharleen drags Sabrina away who is worried. At home, even Sabrina has a tough time convincing her sister about her superpowers. 

Onto the turf war, Chucky keeps provoking Tazer and his gang, the Tower Boys. They are lured to a vacant lot and ambushed. Tazer is cut off and cornered. However, as his eyes glow, he turns invisible and kills everyone including Chucky. The armed facility watches him from the CCTV.

Elsewhere, there is trouble in paradise as Dionne insists on going to the cops regarding the hooded men but Mike refuses. While he is showering, he hears about Tazer’s gang war on the radio and he teleports for a second. Wanting to help, Dionne takes Mike to the park to get some fresh air. She wonders why he is hellbent on finding Future Mike’s group but he doesn’t tell her. 

Tazer finally tells his friends who are pleasantly surprised by his powers. We are told that he got his powers a week ago and he can finally control it. He dreams big and decides to get into drugs as Krazy and Chucky’s turfs are ripe for the taking.

While the Tower Boys set up the deal, Mike shows up, requesting an audience with Tazer. To make him leave, Twosie takes his number. However, the Sixers show up and shoot Mike, thinking he is a Tower Boy. Well, it can’t end here, can it? Mike accidentally pauses time, grabs the bullet and teleports home. Dionne is worried and warns him to stay away from Tazer. Mike promises but after she leaves, he texts Twosie to set up a meeting.

At that moment, the Tower Boys pretend to do a botched drug deal. Just before the annoyed dealer drives off, an invisible Tazer steals the cocaine. Tiny is upset as the contact is his cousin and he may get in trouble but Tazer assures him that he will protect everyone. At the end of Supacell Episode 2, Krazy shows up with the drug dealer and his gang and asks if Tazer is robbing him.

The Episode Review

Supacell Episode 2 kicks things up a notch with the focus on Tazer. Dude was an enigma previously and he continues to do so. But it makes sense that at least one person would use their superpowers for something selfish. But he doesn’t really think ahead, does he? Who told him it was a good idea to rob Krazy’s drug dealer? And by risking Tiny’s cousin who helped them get the deal… Bad move, Tazer.

The other characters are relegated to the background as this episode focuses on Tazer and Mike. Guess that means each episode will likely focus on a different superhero as Mike goes about recruiting them. We can’t wait to see who is next!  

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