Supacell – Season 1 Episode 1 “Michael” Recap & Review


Episode 1 of Supacell begins with a female patient trying to escape an armed facility. She blasts a door open but the guards kill her. The other captives watch horrified while a man drinks tea calmly. One of the captives, Jasmine Johnson, begs for a phone call but no one pays her attention.

It cuts to South London where we see our protagonists. Mike is a delivery boy who is in a loving relationship with Dionne. Money is tight after buying a house but he gifts her a convertible and is planning to propose. 

Andre works at a call centre and is barely able to scrap enough money to pay for child support. But he does everything he can for his son, AJ like buying him a new iPhone which doesn’t win him any favours with his ex, Aisha. However, he is kicked out of his company because of failing a DBS check.

Next, we have Tazer who is the new leader of a gang after the previous one, Krazy got put in prison. But this has a rival gang, Sixers, led by Chucky picking a fight with Tazer and stabbing him.

Mike’s latest delivery takes him to Sharleen’s house where we see our next hero – her sister, Sabrina. She is a nurse who doesn’t let racism stop her from doing her job. She is kind and all the patients like her. It cuts to Tazer’s friends showing up to check on him. He is still sulking and vows not to party till Chucky and his crew are off the board.

In another hospital room, we see that Mike’s mother, Tina has sickle cell disease but he doesn’t. Victoria from Health & Unity stops by and claims they have the perfect facility to treat her.

Next, another protagonist shows up – Rod who is a rookie dealer, trying to sell weed to our guys but they barely pay him any attention. He works with his friend, Spud but they don’t have much luck.

We are yet to know what Dionne does but she is busy looking for Jasmine (the girl being held captive), who has been missing for a while now. Similarly, Tazer is furious at his mom for abandoning him but we see that she is the captive who the guards killed.

Things aren’t going too great for Tazer as Chucky drops a diss track. At the same time, Tazer’s crew tries to bully Mike into paying a turf fee as he drops by for a delivery but he refuses. Things get violent as they don’t let him leave and Tazer stabs him. Mike’s eyes turn gold and he rewinds to a couple of minutes ago. He thinks it is deja vu as he relives Tazer’s crew approaching him. But he is much more polite and is let off with a warning.

Elsewhere, Rod needs to get somewhere for a big sale but his car doesn’t work. The bus leaves without him and as he runs to catch it, he ends up in Edinburgh in seconds as his eyes glow.

Onto Sabrina’s power reveal – she is super excited for a date with her boyfriend, Kevin who stands her up. Sharleen makes her check his place out and they find him with a new girl. Upset, Sabrina tries to walk off which has Kevin grabbing her. Her eyes glow as she telepathically pushes Kevin away.

Next is Andre who has no money to feed AJ. Turns out the company never paid him before letting him go. His eyes glow as he angrily punches the ATM machine. It breaks and money pours out which a CCTV camera records.

Meanwhile, Mike is disoriented the whole night due to the deja vu incident but Dionne comforts him and makes him laugh. He goes ahead with the proposal, thanking her for being there for him. She is overjoyed and they celebrate by hooking up. However, Mike’s eyes suddenly glow and he disappears.

He ends up in the future where Rod, Sabrina, Andre, Tazer and Future Mike are fighting some hooded figures. Future Mike notices him and pauses time. He takes Present Mike to a graveyard and tells him it all happened 3 months after the proposal. And only Present Mike can fix things. At the end of Supacell Episode 1, they stop in front of Dionne’s grave and we see that she died on 9th July, 2024.

The Episode Review

Supacell Episode 1 has definitely hooked us in with its premise. This new superhero Netflix Original starts off by keeping it vague when it comes to the powers but giving us just enough answers so we tune in for the next episode. There is Mike who can mess with time, Andre is strong, Sabrina is a telepath and Rodney is quick. We do wonder what Tazer can do and if it is related to his mom who also had superpowers.

The way the characters are introduced reminds us of Sense8 with the way they are all unrelated but there is a segue for each character’s introduction as they cross paths unknowingly. It does help that they are all from the same city. A pretty cool format that we might have to bid adieu, once they all get together but hopeful that is not the case.


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